The Last Dragon Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic



Once upon a time there was a mystical world with a special mermaid and a dragon. There was a girl named Ariana, she was 12 years old and lived in a place called fantasyland so she lived with Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, goblins, fairies, and much more.  Ariana was 6 when all the dragons went extinct because people wanted to kill them for their skin to make jackets. Ariana’s parents died when she was 5 because they were trying to protect the dragons and she was on her own ever since.  Dragons were Ariana's favorite and her best friend was a dragon named  Simon. On her 7 birthday she got a notebook and then she decided to write about all the dragons but mostly about Simon. 


At the age of 12 Ariana heard about a dragon said to be the last dragon on Earth.  Ariana loved dragons so much that she packed her bags for a journey to find...THE LAST DRAGON


Ariana was traveling on a boat on her journey. She got stuck on an iceberg and she was there crying for hours but a mermaid was passing by and heard her cry so at first the mermaid was scared but then she felt bad so she helped Ariana to get out. Ariania gave the mermaid a tight hug and could not stop thanking her.  Ariana and the mermaid Gabriel went on the journey together but halfway through the journey Gabriel got captured by an Ice Cyclops.


Ariana was rowing away very fast from the gigantic Cyclopsis. The boat broke and water was splatering in the boat and the boat sank.   Ariana swam as fast as she could. Luckily she escaped from the Ice Cyclops by going under water and waiting for the cyclops to leave.  Ariana had to swim to the nearest iceberg to make a house out of the ice and snow. Ariana was making the igloo for a while when she was done she gathered

all the resources that were in the water and on the iceberg she made a bed out of it and when she was done she instantly fell asleep. She only got to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours when she  woke up.   She remembered Gabrial so she immediately made a boat and took off to find Gabrael… Ariana went back to where Gabrel got captured and saw big ice blocks so she followed it because when ice cyclops walk they leave a trill of ice blocks. After 30 minutes Ariana was in front of a gigantic ice castle Which was the ice cyclops den! With fear she went into the ice castle and saw many more cyclops.






Then all the cyclops heard her and formed a circle around her but luckily they were too big so Ariana slipped under there legs and ran to a room and saw Gabrial stuck in an ice block. Ariana was so happy she could scream but she didn't because then the ice cyclops will hear her. So she took an icicle and james it on the ice chains. The ice block broke because of all the impact but Gabreal was knocked out so Ariana brot Gabriel to her igloo and put her on the bed to rest. Gabriel was asleep for the rest of the day. While gabriel was sleeping Ariana was getting resources to live on the ice ( igloo ) when gabriel woke up she saw Ariana collecting her stuff to make a giant boat so they could fit the bed on it which took a very long time. Moments later they continued their journey to go to Mesteceae… Ariana was going to go by herself but when Gabreal woke up she asked if she could come with Ariana and Ariana said 

“yes” so they went on the journey. Areanan and Gabreal were talking about their life like where they were born and what their favorite food, drink and color was because they were bored. But then the lake rose. There was a big wall of water in front of them but it was very cold so the water froze to ice immediately. Ariana and Gabreal spent a long time trying to break the ice with the metal rods they brought but when they dug a hole it froze so they were walking on the frozen lake and they were trying to find the end but it was infinite.After a good nights rest on the boat Gabreal tried to dig down into the frozen lake and she got down but then she was swimming for 30 to 35 minutes but it was sooooo thike. When Gabreal got back she wondered how the wall was there so Ariana and Gabreal sat down and got to work 5 hours later Gaberal had a theory that the ice cyclops did it but Ariana did not believe her because the ice calcul was not near and even if it was near the ice cyclops can't do that. Gabriel said 

“Why do you think the ice cyclops can't do it “then Ariana Said 

“because if he can do it then when he was chasing us he would have killed us with his powers but he didnt why you ask because he does not have powers." Ariana said

powers but he didnt why you ask because he does not have powers'”. Ariana said

“what if you did it you ( Gabriel) did it you may have powers but you don't know you do and you did it by accident” ( Gabreal said ) 

“no if I had powers I would know because I am a mermaid and I live for eternity and if you didn't know I am over 1000 years old”. Ariana had her suspicions but they continued the journey but Ariana was very careful with Gabriel. further into the trip they could see Mestecea and were SOOOO excited . Gabreal said, 

``Alright, I can't do it. I am what you think I am. I cant hold my act for so long. Then she made another ice wall but little did they know that the ice cyclops was following them the whole trip and was waiting for Gabreal to flip. So he came running to her and tried to trap her into a little ice bubble but it didn't work so he destroyed the ice wall that Gaberal made and quickly threw Ariana to Mesteceae. So then Ariana started to think and then she finally got it the ice cyclops was trying to protect her he captured Gaberal because of what she is and because she is bad so she continued the hunt for Simon so he can help fight Gabriel. After hours of searching Ariana heard a roar in the mountains so she got an ax and went in fear but then the roar tried into a weep like whatever it was it was sad  and in danger Ariana was going to the mountain but something wasn't right so she turned around and saw Gabereal running away from the ice cyclops so she tried to hide but Gabereal spotted her and tried to attack but then the ice cyclops got grip of her and then simon came jumping from behind the mountain and ready to fight and protect Ariana… She was so surprised and happy but there was no time to talk. Because they had to beat Gabriel with the ice cyclops and simon. They fghot and fghot but they couldn't beat her. She would keep on making ice walls and the ice cyclops had to break them until he got so weak he could barely even walk. So that meant it was finally time for simon to fight he would use his fire breath to melt down the wall until he also got tired and started to lay down so it was now up to Ariana to finish the fight but she couldn't she was toooo scared. Gabriel got away and Ariana thut that it was all her fault but then simon and the ice cyclops said 

“don’t worry it is not your fault we all let her escape but it is ok we will track her down and beat her when we our done training” 

“what training” Ariana Asked 

“the training to beat Gabriel someone had to tell you O sorry I was the one who had to tell you” 

“it is ok'' then they started their training and Ariana was better then she taught and she thought that she was ready until and icicle hit her and it was Gabreal but then she took

the icicaland went away with the icicle with Ariana blood?” Ariana asked Simon, Simon said no you're not special but little did she know that she is special and but simon knew and would not tell her. Then Gabriel showed up in the middle of training again but Ariana could not fight because she was injured so Simon and the ice cyclops got ready to fight while Ariana went to hide and wait. But then suddenly when Ariana took the bandage off of her leg it started to heal.she gets concerned but happy at the same time so she went out to fight. She saw simon and the ic cyclops fighting but she didn't see Gabriel until there was a huge ball of water coming at her and if it would hit her she would get stuck in a water ball and die so she put her hands up and the water stopped and then she found out that she has powers…  She saw Gabril and wanted to use the powers against her and went towards him to fight in the middle of Gabriel's training place and fight her and Ariana  and made a tsunami and it crashed down on her knocking out for 1-2 days. but she wakes up in a water ball thinking she can get out but can't because she is trapped in seshal water that can’t break unless Ariana open’s it. And Ariana gets mad at Simon for not telling her she has powers but Simon puts on puppy eyes and Ariana has to forgive him 



Can see part 2 on Booksie Part two is coming in 2-3 weeks on Booksie

 Finished on Thursday January, 16th 2021




Submitted: June 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 fantasy and adventurous. All rights reserved.

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