The Nobel Purpose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Nobel Purpose

In the middle of a huge open ground, there is a banyan tree. An old banyan tree, with its branches covers huge area around it. There are trees, birds and squirrels visible in some distance but those are keeping themselves away from this tree. It is all-alone, standing there, as if someone gave it punishment.  Suddenly a bird approaches towards it and come near it. Slowly, the bird sits on one of the branches and stops its wings movement. It seems that the bird is very tired by its journey, it needs some rest. There are some small, tomato-colored fruits on the tree, hanging from the branch, on which the bird is sitting.  It slowly approaches towards the fruit to eat some and hear a voice, “How are you doing today, my friend?” It gets sacred, there was nobody around them. It rotates its head and observes the entire surrounding, but it notices nothing suspicious. Again, it tries to eat the fruit and moves its head towards the fruit and again it hears the same voice, “go ahead, I sense you are hungry.” This time the bird gets so scared that it immediately jumps of the branch and starts flying, within no time it gets disappear into the sky. “Friend, it’s me, the tree, you don’t have to…” the banyan tree realizes the bird is gone, so it stops its words in the middle. It thinks in its mind, it would be better if it doesn’t has this ability. What’s the point of being a tree that can communicate to any one with its mind? This property of it only scares everyone who comes near it; although long time ago, the tree made a friend, the one only friend, who talked to it.

A teenage girl who came into the nearby forest to collect the fruits, came near the tree, she was the only living creature that talked to the tree. They became friends for little time. Initially the girl also was scared but she stayed there for some time and the tree told her about its fruits, the girl became very curious to hear about the fruits. Then the girl started coming to the tree every morning, they chatted about many things. The girl told the tree about the village where she used to live and about the rumors she heard about the tree.  “Actually, they think that there’s a ghost in this forest, that’s why they don’t come here”, she informed the tree. “But I never observe any ghost here” the tree innocently replied to the girl. “You are so naïve, they think you are the ghost”, the girl cleared the matter to the tree. Then the tree asked the girl, “What’s a ghost?” The girl explained the concept and the tree became more upset by the people’s opinion about it. The girl often asked the tree when she could have its fruits and the tree used to assure her that in spring season; it would be able to give her as many fruits as she wants. They used to talk about many things; the girl informed about the colors of different things, tree didn’t know that its leaves are green in color. From the girl’s description it adds the details, in its mental picture, of the surrounding. It also told the girl, about the experience it gathered, how everyone ran away from it, except for her.  The girl assured that they are friends and she is not at all scared of it. Then, on one spring morning when the tree was full of the fruits, the girl arrived as usual. She at first became very happy to see the fruits and the tree was very happy that it finally it was able to give its ‘creation’ to its beloved friend. But banyan fruits are not tastes good. The girl became angry on the tree, after tasting one of the fruit. “These are not fruits, you liar, you lied to me the whole time” She screamed. The tree became frightened; it didn’t know what its fault was and why its friend was behaving like that. It mumbled, “ you didn’t like it?” The girl screamed again, “No, its garbage, maybe that’s why nobody wants to talk to you, you are useless.” The tree didn’t know what the meaning of the word ‘garbage’ was but from the tone of the girl’s voice it realized that it was a bad word. “Friend, don’t say like that, I only could produce this kind of fruit, that’s how nature created me” The tree requested the girl. “Shut up, you liar, I’ll never come back again, I wasted my time,” the girl shouted for the last time and went away from there. “But you told me that we are friends” the tree mumbled again but the girl already was gone by then. Since that day the tree don’t like human, whenever some human comes near it, it screams and makes noises and they ran away thinking that there’s a ghost.  

But it was lonely, that’s why when birds or any other animal comes near it, it tries to talk to them, share some thoughts but they also don’t understand that it is him. They usually run away out of fear.  Sometime, it blames the nature; it asks the nature, what’s its purpose? why nature gave it this kind of properties? It feels the emotion but can’t express it to anyone, that girl told it that when people get sad, they use to cry to express the sadness and in that way they reduce the pain what they feel inside. But nature didn’t give him that option also, it has to just feel the pain, again and again, no way to reduce it. Still it doesn’t stop trying, it tries to talk to any bird that comes on its branches, but it notices that these days there aren’t too many birds coming in this area.  

One evening of spring, the tree notices that a bird has landed on one of the branch of the tree. Initially, tree stays quite. After a few moments, the tree tries to have a communication, “Hello friend, are you hungry?” Tree says and immediately notices that the heart beat of the bird is increasing, so it tries to comfort the bird and says, “Don’t worry my friend, I am the tree, I have this special power, I can have communication with my others using my mind, if you concentrate a little and want to say something, the just think of it, I’ll be able to understand your thinking and we can have a communication in this manner.”

“Hello” hesitantly the bird replies.  The tree become very happy, after so many attempts, finally there is someone who is talking to it.

“Are you tired of your Journey?” asks the banyan tree.

“Yes, actually a little hungry, there are no fruits on the other trees, I searched the whole forest”, the bird replies.

“Yes, human took the fruits.”

“Your fruits are here, why didn’t they take your fruits?”

“I guess these are not tasty and they are fearful of me.”

“Oh! Can I have one of your fruits?”

“Sure, you can have as many as you want.”

“Thank you”, by saying this, the bird starts eating one of the fruit.

“What are you doing here at the evening, my friend? Usually birds went back to their nests in the evening.” asks the tree.

“I lost the track of the route, actually I am migratory bird”, the bird replies while eating.

“Oh! So sad, how you lost the track.”

“Actually, my parents told me about the entire path, where to land, where to take rest, which direction to go and which land marks I had to follow, but we encountered a cyclone and I got injured and fell on a roof. When I was fully recovered, I started my journey again but humans changed the landscape completely, they cut the jungles and made their own nests with concrete, I am directionless and searching for the right direction for last few days,” the bird explains its problem.

“Humans are like that, they don’t care about anyone apart from themselves”, the tree expresses its anger.

“No, no, that’s not true for all humans; one of them cured me when I was injured,” the bird says.

“Really? That’s nice.”

“Yes, by the way, I love this fruit.”

“Thank you, my friend, it’s all yours.”

“Can I stay here tonight?” asks the bird for permission.

The tree become very happy to know that someone wants to stay with it, it instantly gives the permission.

At night, all of a sudden, rain starts with thunder and lightning. The tree is very scared of the sound of thunder. Every time when it is getting a sound of thunder it is asking the bird, “Are you there?” The bird is assuring, “Yes, you have nothing to worry about, it will stop in a few moment.” And under the leaves of the tree the bird is also managing itself in way so that it couldn’t get wet. With each other’s help they survive the night.

After that night the bird goes to find the right direction and every evening it gets back to the tree and tell it about the day’s experience. In the meanwhile, the bird told the tree a little more about itself. Like, people call it Blue-throat, so the tree started calling it, Blue.  The bird also gave the tree a name; it calls the tree Brown, because of the color of it. Everyday Brown eagerly waits for Blue to come back to it and the discuss their day, their experiences, Blue shares it’s memories, Brown doesn’t have much to share, so it mostly tells Blue about the girl and how she misbehaved, Blue consoles Brown and gives him hope.

“You are not a normal tree, you are banyan tree, and you are the king of the trees”, says blue.

“But, they don’t like my fruit”, upset Brown informs Blue.

“So what? You have properties that no other tree has, I am proud to be a friend of yours”, Blue comforts Brown.

Brown loves to hear these words from Blue, that’s why at least once they talk about this.

One day when Blue wasn’t there, some other Blue-throat birds come to the tree; they landed on the branch and start eating the fruits and talking to each other.

“We have to eat quickly; our other friends wouldn’t wait for so long at the mountains”, One Blue-throat bird says to another.

“No need to worry, we just have to go to the north for one day, that’s it,” another bird replies.

The tree is quietly hearing their conversation. They leave after eating sufficient amount of fruits.

At the evening Blue arrives and sits on the branch, “I need to ask you something, “Blue asks to Brown.

“You came back soon, today, you ask first, and then I need to tell you something very exciting,” says Brown.

“I was thinking today, can I make my permanent nest here? I don’t think I could find my family and right now you are like my family.”

Brown doesn’t know what to say, inside brown is filled with joy but, it knows the direction of the mountains where Blue’s family could be at. So, the joy doesn’t stay for long time.

“Blue, I can’t express to you how much I am happy with your decision but I think I know the right direction for you to be followed”, Brown Says.

“What?” Confusedly Blue asks.

Brown explains everything and says, “My friend, if the information is right then you will meet your family soon and I can’t be happier than it. When you will reach them, please send a message via someone that you fulfilled your journey.”

“But I am your only friend, if I leave you; you’ll be all alone again.”Blue says with tears in its eyes.

“Don’t say that, all my life I wondered that what’s the purpose of my properties? Why nature provided me such properties? What’s the purpose of these? Now, if with this information you would reach your family, then that would be the justification of my existence. I wouldn’t be a useless creature anymore. You have to do it for me.” Brown says in a shaky voice.

In the morning Blue starts its journey after saying goodbye to Brown, and Brown wishes Blue good luck.

Day after day, comes and goes alone Brown waits for a sign that it’s dearest friend fulfilled the journey.

A summer evening, one sparrow landed on a branch of the tree and whisper, “are you brown?”

“Yes, are you a friend of Blue?” asks Brown with excitement.

“No, but I met them few days ago, Blue is safe and their family found a new route, they abandoned this route because of the change in the landscapes. Blue says thank you to you.” Says the sparrow.

With those words, the tree finally finds so much peace inside its mind that can’t be described. “So that’s what my purpose was?” Brown says inside its mind and then asks “Was Blue smiling when you met?”

“Yes” replies the sparrow then asks, “Can I have some of your fruits?”

“Yeah, sure” says Brown, and inside its mind says, “Putting smile on loved one’s face, what would be more Nobel purpose than this?”











Submitted: June 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 IamSarthak. All rights reserved.

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