My Library Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The boys lines in this poem came to me in a dream last night and are STILL buzzing around my head. I haven't written a poem in five years and I was so excited that the side of me who loves poetry and writing seems to be waking up again.

There was a boy I loved in the library

Stranded among the books

I asked him to come with me

As I ran my hand down his cheek

He smiled at me sadly

And with a lilting tone and a cracking voice

The boy I loved in the library said

“I live in a house that’s not a home,

I don’t know what’s wrong

I hate doing homework

Please don’t look at me like that

My brothers make me laugh

I can’t promise forever

But if you want to try then…maybe?”

I looked at the boy I loved

And smiled broadly as I said,

In a voice of sunshine and rain

“I live where my heart is,

I can’t fix what’s wrong

I want to help with your homework

I want to be lovingly exasperated

When you say the homework can wait

I want to wage wars with your brothers

I’m not asking forever,

Just for as long as we can”

His sad smile was replaced with rays of light

As he twined our hands tight

Then my library boy and I walked out

To find our happily ever after

Submitted: June 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ellsn11. All rights reserved.

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Steven P. Pody

May your personal renaissance continue. Everyone deserves a 'happily ever after' and, per your poem, love is both the ever-renewing story and an eternal note of optimism that it flourishes everywhere - inclusive of a library! Thanks for sharing. SPP

Sat, June 19th, 2021 5:18am

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