"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 5 " MINUTES APART"

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*It had been several hours now Dexter and Executer and Nessie were trapped upstairs of the church.* Thunder roared as rain came crashing down outside. Lightning lit the skies.*

*Executer looked down below at the sea of lunatics.* “There’s got to be a way to get out of here. We need to use our heads together think outside the box.” Executer says. “We don’t have any weapons to use against the hoard. Even if we did we can’t just take them out just us.”

“Bullshit. Remember back at the cemetery you rescued Jeremy and fought a hoard you both managed to kill them. Now we can do the same.” “It’s not the same we had grenades and more ammo here all I have is a bloody knife.” Dexter said. “Here.” *Executer takes out his pistol and hands it out to Dexter.*

“You had a pistol?” “Well yeah I kind of used it already maybe you forgot? Anyhow Kramer gave me it before this happened. Dexter we need to talk after this.” “Why don’t we talk now? I mean it seems like the two of us are not going anywhere anytime soon after all so what do you have to say?” Dexter says to Executer.

“Well shit you don’t make this easy do you? Any way ok Kramer is a bad man. The whole reason we are out here is because he wants me to somehow change your mind about Kramer and have you agree to work with him. He’s expecting us on our return to both agree to work with him.”

“And why did he ask you about this?” “He said I was a villain and once a villain I’m always a villain and as a villain I know best. But I’m trying to redeem myself all the good I did with the fight with Kathleen I have Nadine’s trust now and I’m getting that way with Jeremy. I hope I have yours.”

“It’s hard but I do believe you. But I can’t agree to whatever terms Kramer has I just can’t and I won’t me and Kramer won’t see eye to eye not now not ever. So I have to tell you right here right Now it doesn’t matter what he says I’m saying no.”

 “Ok I will stick with you.” Executer says. “Now we really should figure out a way out of here.” Thunder roared again. *Dexter ran to the balcony and looked down.

 He saw the hoard were all growling. *Dexter suddenly lost his balance and went over the balcony.* *Executer grabbed his hand right before he went over and pulled him back up.* Dexter looked down and saw the little girl again this time she was staring at him and she didn’t have any eyes. She yelled and disappeared. *Dexter sighed and took some deep breaths.* He turned to Executer and said “Do you believe in ghosts?”

“Huh?” This caught executer off guard. “I guess a little I mean they could be. But why?” “I swear I keep seeing this little girl at first I didn’t feel threatened by her but now I do. This church I really think is haunted or I am being haunted.”

 “Were in a messed up situation it’s probably just your mind playing tricks on you.” Executer says to Dexter. Trying to calm him down. “Maybe but it looks so real.” Dexter says. *He looks around and sees a window looks like it could be smashed.

 “If we time this with the thunder we can break the glass and escape without alerting the hoard.” Dexter says. “Genius.” Executer says. As Dexter removes his shoe and waits for the thunder. *Thunder roars as Dexter hits the glass.* Executer looks at the hoard who are unaware. Executer gives Dexter a thumbs up. As another roar of thunder hits and Dexter hits the glass again.

By the third time of thunder Dexter manages to break the glass.* *Executer looks at the hoard and there still unaware.* Executer silently makes his way to Dexter and Nessie and says “Let’s go.” Dexter peaks his head out and it’s safe as he and Executer help to get Nessie out of the window and on the ground safely.

 Dexter goes next and then Executer. Executer and Dexter both barricade the door of the church by pushing a car that was close bye right in front of the doors. The group silently but quickly makes their way away from the church and go the direction of the Riviera Theater. A couple minutes later Dexter and Executer arrive at the theater. “Dexter quietly opens the door peaks inside. He then motions for Executer and Nessie.

Who enter the building. The theater was huge they entered the actual stage room where rows and rows of chairs were there abandoned. “The last show that went on was a Bronx tale.” Good play I miss it. “Executer says.”

 “I saw that up in New York it was a great play.” Dexter says. As they continue to walk. They see a blood trail. Dexter takes his gun and gets it ready as they approach a door they see a young man around his late twenty’s was dead sitting on a chair. With a note.




“I see it.” Dexter says to Executer as he takes the note and puts it in his pocket. Well we need to take care of this asshole. Executer says to Dexter. “We will in time we have to make sure everybody is safe first. They have Jeremy, Nadine, Tim Miles and Chuck. We need to play this smart before we go out and attack them.

 Dexter says. As Executer shakes his head in agreement. You are correct. Ok.” Executer says. “So that was our scout.” Executer says. “Time to return to Kramer and report.” Dexter says. Executer was acting weird. “Dexter this would be the part where Kramer is expecting…” “Expecting what?” “Me to kill you. That gun I gave you its purpose was to be used on you hear.” “We already talked you don’t have to listen to Kramer.”

 “Oh but you do both of you do.” A voice said. *Dexter and Executer looked up as a man who had his face covered behind a hoodie and a robe had a gun in his hand and he shot it at Dexter. Dexter ducked out of the way at the last second.

 As Executer ran after the man. Executer jumped on the man. The man managed to knock Executer off with his elbow as Executer fell to the ground. The man jumped on executer and started to punch him. Dexter ran and tackled the man. The man started to punch Dexter as Nessie used her tail and flipped the man over. Executer spun the man around and started to punch him. As Dexter told him to stop.

 Executer ignored and kept punching him. “I don’t know who you are but I am the goddamn Executer and I will kill you.” Executer says while punching the man. “STOP.” Dexter yelled. As Executer stopped.

 Him and Dexter heard a loud noise that sounded as if running water was headed our way. *The man got up and ran away while Dexter and Executer were distracted. A second Hoard were now approaching “the Riviera Theater.” In a matter of moments we were about to be surrounded by a second monstrous hoard.

Submitted: June 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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