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Matrix of Love

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Most times we are in the matrix of love. One may say well, what is the matrix of love? Well let's break it down. In this case a matrix is a society in which a tradition or idea grows by the enhancement of its people. Anything or anyone who goes against whichever particular ideal is known as the outcast or the rebel. A fine example of this is the current pandemic we’re living in. Anyone who does not wear a mask or take serious caution is seen by society as careless, and many people do not really look forward to being around them. Another example would be someone who decides to break away from their family’s traditional religion. They are often seen as rebellious and the outcast as well.

Now, it gets tricky because of the energy of pressure. Pressure can be confused as the feeling of being lonely. One may question their stance due to the fact that maybe not everyone might understand their point of view. There are some cases where people abandon their own beliefs because of what others may take away from them having their own sense of judgement. People aren’t comfortable with being pressured which is apart of our own nature. That’s why it's important to watch and monitor our vibrations.

Our vibrations play a magnificent role in how we react and conduct ourselves in this life. That’s why I strongly encourage each and everyone of you to step into your spiritual awakening. If you’re there already, step deeper. It has its loops, no doubt but its highs are heavenly. Once you begin to learn yourself you’ll start to see the world through your third eye. God willing your third eye will witness way more than what your two cannot. Please stay in your seats, I’ll leave a marking on that also.

One thing we need to innerstand clearly, is that what people do and say are not a reflection of us but a reflection of themselves. What people do and say are not a reflection of us but a reflection of themselves indeed.

If our people are treating us mean and nasty, it is because they feel icky in their soul. Their innergy is sour so their choice of expression follows. You innerstand? Sit and think about any toxic relationship you’ve had. They had something else in their lives in which they were battling alongside your relationship. If I’m wrong, write me.

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Stay off social media for a second. See what it does to your brain and way of thinking. Your perception of life and love will follow. Social media affects our mind in ways of yearn and baseless desire. We see with our two eyes our favorite rappers, singers and actors all snuggled  up and Cinderella happy. Subconsciously we place that in the backs of our mind as “happy.” Why do you think so? Well, here’s the musician of the year/grammy award winning so & so. He must have all the answers right? I mean he has all the fanciest clothes, biggest most fanciest mansion and don’t get me started on the amounts of money he spends on jewelry. I just hope your third eye can capture more than what your two are designed to. Let eye candy be what it is. Do you know celebrities signed those contracts for their own personal reasons? Do you think there’s a section in the contract that says help elevate the minds of the majority? Is there anything in their deals that include the health benefits of the middle & poor class? If I’m wrong, write me.

We have to begin to find our own happiness within. We can’t rely on our partner to change any way we feel about ourselves, or outside hardships we’re fighting. I actually suggest that we idolize ourselves rather than outside innergies. We shouldn’t worship anything outside of our minds, hearts, and wellbeing as individuals. It's not healthy. Even religion limits our power we have. That limit is clear once you start looking for problem solving through hope.

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You want better? Do you want better for your relationships? Do you need the tools and strength to prosper with your partner? If you’re hispanic or black you’re already carbonated beings. You identify with the sun and every piece of nature on this planet. You are the God you’ve been looking for all your life. If you’re a woman, whew dear Goddess you don’t know the half. You are the most powerful of us all. You literally give us life. Fellow Gods, we must learn to uphold our Goddesses. We must learn to stray away from what we were taught in our communities on how to treat and conduct our significant others. We must stop looking to our favorite celebrities on what to tolerate from our partners, we must stop judging their lifestyles as the “right way” and look inward and ask our souls which way is the right way. Our hearts know what we want in life. Before we developed into mature human beings, we knew what we had to achieve in this life. So anytime you feel that you’re going against your heart, you are. It’ll be an inward feeling. You’ll be your main concern. Listen to yourself. Love yourself and put yourself first. We must know self love before we know it outside of us. Write me if I’m wrong. I once saw a message on the gram that said you don’t necessarily have to know yourself in order to find or be in true love. To each his own, no doubt. I’ve tried that approach, and as a man of my word I’ll let you know you can do whatever your mind drives you towards but that doesn’t mean you’re not swimming with bricks on your arms.

Try dating someone while you feel you’re in your highest vibration. You’ll feel love. Not necessarily from your partner but it’ll be easier to deliver and receive due to the fact that it’s coming from you. What you feel is real, never try and fight it. You’ll run into the truth attempting to create your own. One thing you definitely can create is your own reality. If you yearn to be happy, excited, depressed, or unlimited; all that you feel will stem from within. So, never try and blame what you feel on someone else. Despite the circumstance, look in the mirror and accept your faults first. Let steam off your chest, close your eyes and feel the weight leave your shoulders willingly. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, which is the proper most healthiest way to breathe fresh air. Know your place and role in this 4D world. Accept what is, and change what is not. Only you know what is supposed to be, in your life. No one man can tell you what your destiny is. A loud mouth is an ignorant one. A wise person knows best when to stay grounded. What would life be without emotional outbreaks from us or others? Well revaluate your relationships and express if fire with fire satisfied the situation.

You’ve got to know and accept when it’s time for change. Change what is not working. If your soul is yearning negativity, it's time to take some time alone and do some shadow work. It’s not a walk in the park at first and just like any new hobby it takes consistency and dedication. Why are you doing it and is it worth it to you type of days. Is it worth it?

What are you fighting for? Are you fighting for a person? People change every day. People change more frequently than we’d like and no doubt it gets hard. We overwhelm overselves in the desperation of wanting to be. You know? Our egos are not helping our soul on top of that. We go after what we want, willing to get it any means necessary. We go disrespecting overselves, partners, blindingly putting everything on the line just to prove ours. In my experience I can say that I’ve never got that satisfaction I wanted after acting off emotions. Do you know that feeling when you’re almost at the top of the rollercoaster? Just imagine if it swings back down full force, give you a heart attack and you piss on yourself and everyone up under you. Now you’ve seen your entire life flash before your eyes and you’re pissy. Not to mention you’re on a date. Every time.I hope your third eye can witness what your two cannot. Stop acting based off temporary emotions.

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Go ahead and unlock your phone for me. Now think on your most favorite celebrity couple, and go ahead and search up a picture of them. Does the thought of happiness feel the same? Are your desires still out of touch with your reality?

You have to be willing to be in touch with your shadow. A start is to remember what role your shadow plays in your life. Ask yourself what it does, and how that makes you feel. The key is to be honest with yourself. Be selfish and mean it. Know that you’re the God to your life. Without you, its touch is gone. You know and feel this in your heart, all bullshit aside. You are the master of your life; this is your world.

Everything is energy. We are the most advanced beings on this plane Earth, as far as our two eyes can see. Therefore, we must conduct ourselves as such while still keeping in mind the frequency of our energy. Before you react to someone attempting to put you down or hurt you, I encourage you to have an OBE (outer body experience). Remove your personal self from the equation and then reevaluate the situation. Does it feel the same? Wouldn’t it be easier to innerstand and dissect the situation if you take your own feelings out of the equation? The next time you have a fight with your partner (its inevitable) remove yourself from the equation and replace you with your worst enemy. You’ll actually start to see that the problems we face are not as harmful as they seem, but our feelings and need to protect our hearts make it seem as though we have to defend our lives. Too much defense leads to burn outs. Do not go around burning love out because of your ego. Eye know it's a battle fighting with your heart and mind. Listen to your heart and train your mind. Make that your number one priority, then watch things fall back into place. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can damn sure control how we react; the energy we decide to release into the atmosphere, whether that be positive or negative. We each are Gods of our own world. Accept that.

What are you about to do? What is your next move? Are you preparing for it or are you just hoping? Don’t hope. If you pray, get up and run towards what you just prayed on. If you prayed for someone, check on them. Tell them how you feel and mean it. Express that love, express your hurts also. If someone hurt you or traumatized you, write a letter to them letting them know how you feel. Go into detail. Let them feel what you say. Let them know that you accept what happened, and that you’re stronger than you were and stronger than even they were. You understand that what they’ve done, was a reflection of their demons and not your vulnerability. Your intentions were pure. Your heart was pure. Always remember it is all fine to be a victim. It’s how well you survive that makes you a soldier. If I’m wrong, write me.

  • Be open

You have to be willing to kill your demons. You know, the demons that folks glorify having. If you’re still lost on what I mean, check your instagram feed. Kill your demons. Know who your real enemy is. Know who you love and why you love them. Know who loves you. Trust is not as hard as humans make it, we just have to learn to see with our third eye. I hope your third eye can witness what your two cannot. Know your heart. Be so in tuned with yourself that you are your best friend. Your notebook is your therapist, you have a family whom you share memories with, (the number of family members does not matter despite Hollywood movies) your heart is pure, you have a goal oriented schedule, and you have a high standard that you won’t break in your life. Innerstand me.Love your life. Especially if you’ve came this far you’ve purchased a reading of wisdom to make your mind advance. I’m bringing blessings upon your heart, relationships and love. Activate your third eye; eye am continuously activating mine, to be a better God than I was yesterday.


Peace and love


Submitted: June 19, 2021

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