Hope for the Hopeful

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

The journey and process of Hope.

Hope for the Hopeful


There is much that I Hope for.

Much that I Love.

The scars on my heart,

All journeys and adventures.

Some good, some bad.

All lessons learned.

Nourishment in my growth.


And yet.

Still I Hope for more.

Holding to what is true,

Especially when everything is so uncertain.

I have Hope.

So I press on through.


Unsure of what is ahead.

Facing fear on the daily.

But my heart remains fearless, unafraid.

Still I keep moving, running.

I am not where I thought I would be.

And that is okay.

I am alive and free.

What I have is today.


Perhaps I will find someone,

Who chooses to Love me.

For I may Love and another may not Love me.

Even so,

My Love remains.

For I was not made to Love in pieces.

And once you have Loved.

You are never the same.


No matter how much my heart is broken.

It still keeps beating.

I feel and I Hope.

With a Hopeful wish that one day,

I may be abe to find Love and cherish it.

To guard it and to build it with one who chooses to Love me.


It is funny how God writes my story.

How with so little I am content.

Many prayers have been answered.

And at times I have been wrong.

So I carry on.


Even if I do not find someone to Love.

I will be okay.

My heart desires to Love deeply.

And perhaps that is why,

I do not find solace in the shallows.

For in the deeps is the place I dwell.


Yet I remain Hopeful and upbeat.

At times singing a ditty.

But far away from many.

For to see my heart and to hurt me.

Is to hurt me deeply.

So I guard my heart.

Keeping would be intruders at bay.

For as great as my ability is to Love.

I fear when pushed it may become my ability to hate.

But hate shall not dwell,

For my being is that of Love.


Perhaps these are just ramblings.

One may think this are puffed up words.

That I lie with each line.

Creating a utopia with my words.

I claim not to be perfect.

At times I make mistakes.

Everyday I learn.


And that is my Hope.

That I learn from my mistakes.

Facing what was.

Living in this moment.

A little wiser from each experience.


So this is my Hope for my Hopeful heart;

That in these hard times that I would be true.

With much grace that I would be wise and make good decisions.

That perhaps I may be found by Love and that I would choose to be Kind.

So maybe this is Hope for the Hopeful.

And perhaps I may get lost along the way.

But this is an adventure that we live day by day.

Submitted: June 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 5ilv3r 5trand. All rights reserved.

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what a nice poem,while i was reading i taught it would soon end but then i saw more and more lol.the poem is fantastic,it's the Speaks truth and facts i really like this sentence "it is funny how God writes my story, "many prayers have been answered".nice one.. 5ilv 3r 5trand.

Sat, June 19th, 2021 7:09pm


Thank you.

Wed, June 23rd, 2021 12:12pm

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