Chapter 1: War Games

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Tension in the pack had been rising for sometime. It was clear that there was two different sides when it came to territory boundaries. A foreign pack had made home on the other side of the woods but the unknown wolves ran foolishly or carelessly over the clearly marked lines. A human wouldn't pick it up but the scent of wolves was laid strong along the borders where Graham's pack called home.

A meeting had been called to find a solution to the problem with the border. All of his most trusted pack members were present. Anna was older but not necessarily wiser. She held deep anger inside of her and wouldn't let anything go. This often led to her to jumping the gun on situations when thinking it through would have been a better option. Hank, Graham's right hand man, stood next to his alpha. He looked like a bodyguard but in all honesty he was Graham's assistant. Graham wasn't the best at keeping track of time or dates. The rest of the pack members attending filled the seats and the meeting was started.


It felt like the meeting had been going on for hours. Wolves were restless and no matter what the chose to do, members would be upset.

"We can't allow our patrols to attack on sight. Not only will that send the wrong message but it may end with innocents dying." Graham's foot steadily tapped while a hand gripped his furrowed brow. Clear irritation streaked across the young Alphas face. Graham was twenty four years old but didn't look his age. He was mature and made decisions carefully based on the information at hand.

"An innocent almost died yesterday Graham!" Anna, a very eager beta, shouted as she slammed her palms on the large metal meeting room table. The metal groaned and clanged under the strength of her rage.

Graham was unfazed by his Betas outburst. He continued with facts, staying on topic. "Nick will heal. What if teenagers go wandering in the woods at night? What if an inexperienced wolf happens to run into a group of campers? We can not let our fear endangered the lives of others."

"YOUR fear is what's going to get us killed!"

Graham shot a fierce glare, his eyes pulsed red, showing his dominance in attempt to control his Betas anger. "That's enough Anna!" He folded his hands and leaned his arms on to the table. Rumors had been circulating that Anna was challenging his rank. The longer this charade went on, the more wolves would join her side. Graham needed to meet with the other pack as soon as possible if he was going to stop his dethroning.

"I will be meeting with the other pack after the full moon. If they are indeed hostile, then starting a war before we know our enemy is foolish, not fear. The moon will have everyone on edge and many lives will be lost on both sides if we are not careful."

The room rung with silence. Each spot was filled at the table, a total of twelve chairs. Graham's strongest warriors in attendance due to the security issue. He wanted to get everyone on the same page to put their worries to rest. His eyes scanned the room and his ears listened carefully to his pack members heart beats. Not everyone agreed with his decision but they would follow.

"Now, please, go home and get a good night's rest. I will patrol the woods with Hank tonight to ensure no one is harmed. Meeting dismissed." Graham stood from his seat and the rest of the pack followed suit, eager to get home before the full moon.


It was well into the night. The moon shined bright like a sparkly, new quarter against the dark, clear sky. Beams of light penetrated the thick forest canopy, allowing some light through. Although it might have been hard for the average camper to navigate, Graham and Hank did so with ease. The moon at its fullest but the alpha and his most loyal beta had a strong handle on their shifts. They didn't need their wolf forms in order to patrol the woods. Besides, if they did see a wolf from the unknown pack, their wolves might have been seen as a threat.

"You know, Anna isn't bad, she's just upset that her brother was attacked and could have almost gotten killed." Hank broke the silence as the two rested at their border, observing for any signs of wolves.

Graham perked up, hearing his beta talk. He trusted Hank with his life and his secrets. The alpha hid nothing from his right hand man. That being said, Hank also kept him in check with blunt opinions. "Anna has been fighting my authority ever since Felix left. She's just using this an as excuse to stir up doubt and cause conflict." Graham simply stated. Hank looked around into the woods. He paused for a minute, almost like he was debating whether or not to tell Graham something. Luckily, Graham easily sensed this from his beta. "Let it out Hank."

"I think you should have listened to her." Hank kept his eyes away from Graham's, looking in any direction but him. Why was his beta avoiding eye contact?

"What do you mean Hank?"

"I mean..." Hank rubbed the back of his neck, more signs of his stress bringing up the topic. "I mean nick could have been killed!" Hank blurted out, his eyes focusing on the ground. Graham had pulled his attention away from his duties for a moment to calm his beta. A few long strides and Graham had closed the space between them. Hank's heart was beating frantically.

"He could have. You are right but he wasn't." Graham's let the words settle before speaking again. He reached over and placed a reassuring hand on Hank's shoulder so they were standing face to face. "But there is a reason the wolf didn't kill him. Maybe an new beta couldn't control himself so close to the full moon. Once he realized the hunt was on another person, he stopped. Maybe the was defending their territory but strayed over the lines. It could have been many things but I'm not willing to start a war on what ifs." The words did nothing to soothe his beta.

"You really should have listened to her." Hank's voice was flat an numb, almost hopeless.

Graham heard a suspiciously large rustle to his side but by the time he whipped around to see what it was, a large, furry creature barreled into Graham at full force. Graham quickly recognized Anna but it was too late. He was on the ground and the heavy wolf had luckily pinned alpha with a surprise attack. The oversized chestnut brown wolf had it's claws in Graham, wreaking havoc on the alphas chest and face. They tore their way through him without mercy. Graham let out a desperate growl as he tried to throw the insubordinate beta off him. The last thing he wanted was to fight his own Beta.

"ANNA! STOP!" Graham choked out as her claws slid down his chest a final time. Finally, Graham managed to grab ahold of the wolf and was throw off Graham. The wolf hit a tree with a Yelp and crumbled to the ground. The large creature shifted into Anna once more, the cracking sounds of bones settling back into place echoing into the trees. She quickly stood, ready for another strike.

"It's over for you Graham. After I'm done with you, I will protect my pack."

Graham swiftly scrambled to get up off the forest floor, bloodied with a shirt that looked like it had been eaten by a paper shredder. The alpha pushed himself up and let out a roar that shook the leaves and trees in the forest. No doubt every one of his pack members hearing his warning. His eyes bursted red and his claws popped out from his finger nails ready to defend himself.

"Don't make me do this Anna!" Graham half begged, half growled. He didn't want anyone getting hurt! He wanted to protect him pack not kill them.

"I know you don't have the guts to kill me so this will be easy." Anna smirked as her nails popped out as well. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue, showing that she in fact had killed innocents before and it was clear that she would do it again.


Graham and Anna traded blows, both beaten and bloody. Graham's initial plan to wear Anna out failed. Even having her chase him through the woods for miles didn't wear her out. Every chance Anna got, she closed the distance between them. Her claws had cut through the air, narrowly missing Graham on multiple occasions while many also manged to dig in. Graham was using more self defense techniques, taking the blows and using Anna's own weight and momentum to toss her around the forest. The moon was giving both of them tremendous strength and anger. The rage building in Anna was driving her more than it affected Graham. Torn down and damaged tress were left in the two wolves path. Nothing was safe from the tussling pair.

Graham had made a mistake. Had he taken a left when he should have taken a right? He didn't recognize these trees. Graham's strong legs propelled him forward as he broke the tree line. The alpha skidded to a halt when he saw what was beyond. A two hundred foot drop, maybe more, that ended with a white rapid river. Graham whipped around only to be met with Anna's claws. Her hand jabbed deep into Graham's stomach, buried passed the knuckles. She made sure to give her hand a twist before yanking it out.

"Don't worry, I won't stop till each and every last one of them pay for what they did to Nick." Anna growled.

Graham gripped his bloodied stomach, his vision blurring greatly. A soft choke came from his lungs, no longer able to suck a breath in. He couldn't feel the pain so much but he knew he was in big trouble. Graham took a step back to steady himself but his foot was met with no ground. Graham fell backwards over the cliff as Anna howled from a victorious fight. The last thought Graham had was how Anna would lead his pack into their graves.

Submitted: June 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 High King. All rights reserved.


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