Eye Am Peace!

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Have you truly found peace within yourself in order for you to continue on your journey with your head up high? I, myself have been in a state where I've put off canceling connections that bring me down. I've felt no means to improve the image I see in the mirror. All simply because I was backed into a corner in my mind and heart, where the thought patterns of negativity have consumed me. However, the best thing I did was be brave and fight back. In the end I came out on top with the victory. Eye am the champion of peace within my soul. Here is a piece of my journey where I've defeated the dark being of depression.

A place in within the realm you call reality is constantly tugging at you day in and day out. Aside from all the challenges you face in your daily life, there are deeper meanings in everything that you do. In those moments the rythm in which you breathe is greatly affected by the thoughts that cross your mind. In those challenging times, did you find it difficult to grasp onto a consistent peaceful pace of breathing, or was it a point where you felt a rapid flow? I've recently experienced a period in that moment where I was left breathless. Just hoping to at least grasp upon the slightest bit of some cycle of breathing, in order to figure out what action I should take next in order to move forward in a positive manner. This moment describes a time when my heart felt as if it was ripped out of my chest. 

You see, it's like you come to love a person, place or object so much that you only envision a long lasting connection that will last until eternity is no more. I, myself was up so high as my spirit and emotions skyrocketed past even the furthest satelite you know thus far. Gosh, I found myself so deeply in love with a person's entire existence. Literally the fabric of matter that made her ever being so beautiful, so powerful, so authentic, so gentle, so majestic, so unique, yet so hurtful. Oh how I'd invest hours at a time drawing pictures of a beautiful future fit for two in my mind, which were to be manifested and brought into fruition. However, there are those that will enter one's journey for only but a season. This one hit home for me, which tore chunks of my brickhouse walls out of place, as I found myself asking the same questions again from a decade ago that I thought I had answered and found peace. The questions I brought to the forefront yet again were, "why?" "What did I do?" "Is it me?". 

Those questions came about as I thought everything was ever so beautiful, yet the connection just completely faded without even the slightest clue as to why. It was just last night that I finally entered my soul session of, "Talks With The Universe". Upon entering through that door, my heart and mind were completely cleared as I could only approach naked in existence, when in front of the great divine power which resides in everything you see here on Earth. I then was asked to admit how much I truly loved myself in front of those that meant most dear to me. The truth is I love myself a great deal which is why I smile a lot. However, i didn't love myself enough when compared to the love i had for her. Both scales just as high as the tallest mountains, but I loved her just slightly more than myself. That was the issue, which caused my heart to feel empty. See, everything has a cycle, and within those cycles are lessons and blessings received in order to help you further achieve your life purpose.

A swift look into a reflection of myself glistening off the shoreline of the Atlantic ocean. I immediately began to proudly point out these marvelous aspects of myself that I admired a great deal. My smile showing a fraction of what happiness and love lies deep within me, ready for me to spread that onto others. My eyes, which are marbled with greatness presenting the gateway to my magnificent soul. Such a peaceful tone in my voice which lightens up any weather condition anyone is feeling, giving them warmth with each beautiful words that passes through the lips of mine. Then there's the true master behind this incredible operating system of a body, which happens to be my soul. Navigating the four corners of the universe with my head lifted high, much like the great white Eagle that watches over us all. A bird's eye view is quite liberating in the sense that I know not just one but various perspectives of self, allowing such a pilot to better understand others as they are growing up just as I. Today I woke up smiling because I saw a mirror presenting a reflection of one of the most amazing beings known to the universe, which happened to be me. I love all as you have shown me parts of myself that I admire ever so dearly. Much peace, love and prosperity onto you and yours.

Submitted: June 21, 2021

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