Seven Colorful Rainbows & Where to Find Them

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On a bright sunny morning, the sunshine is full of brightness… identical twins, brother, and sister… Ricky and Becky, heading out on adventures to find the colorful rainbows. Ricky and Becky were leading in the right direction since they had a map with them. Their mission was to find seven colorful rainbows from different locations. The siblings have stopped for a minute to have a break, and drink some water to build their strength and energy. Ricky and Becky continue with the adventure, finding the first rainbow. From the map, they were getting closer and closer, and when they finally got to it, once they captured the first rainbow, they had taken a photo from their camera *click* “we found the first rainbow” the exciting shock from Ricky and Becky. The pair were ready to move forward on finding the second rainbow. Second Rainbow, here we come, said a Happy Ricky. Ready for the Journeys and more to come along, said a joyful Becky. They had arrived at the location and finally captured the second Rainbow that they were looking for, quickly got the camera out *and clicked* “wow” onto the third Rainbow already. Ricky said to his sister, let's have some water to keep hydrated. For our continuing journey, Becky agreed. They both had a mouthful of water, right away!! then continued forward with their journey to finding their third rainbow. Becky asked her brother, are we getting close to the third Rainbow Ricky? We are getting close. Becky, two miles straight ahead, and the third rainbow should be there. Ricky and Becky, as it was corrected on the map. Ricky and Becky successfully captured their third rainbow; the smile on their faces took the photo to add to their memory collection, *clicked* five miles to get to the fourth rainbow, taking a huge mouthful of water, breathing in and out.



Ricky and Becky walked five miles, ‘ahead’… we found the fourth rainbow behind a barn; yes, indeed it was a farm with animals, cows!! Moo! Horses, neigh!! the animals get lonely... ‘and’ bored. Once capturing the fourth rainbow, including taking a photo, excitedly, they took a photo of the nice-looking barn, even the farm, and animals. “Bye-Bye!” Ricky and Becky said it was suddenly time to move forward onto their fifth rainbow. Ricky and Becky have seen on the map the fifth rainbow is near a magical water fountain; they were running out of water. Luckily, in good timing, they got to the magical water fountain, ‘filled up a huge amount of water to have with them’, while hunting for two more rainbows on their checklist. “don’t forget to take a picture, Ricky!! Becky had to remind him. He clicks to take a photo *click* without looking at their map. Becky Visualized where to find the sixth, also the seven rainbows. Ricky, they are at the zoo, two different zoos. Ricky and Becky made their way to their first stop at Melbourne Zoo, capturing that sixth rainbow, including the animals, at the destination. Luckily onto the last rainbow, - ‘known as the seventh rainbow.’ Was shown on their map at Werribee Zoo. A happy Ricky and Becky were shocked with excitement, on taking the picture of their last rainbow; the mission was successfully accomplished. Ricky and Becky were feeling tired and finally got to go home from their rainbow adventure. Hopefully, in the future, they will get to go on more adventures during their free time.

Submitted: June 20, 2021

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