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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The bounty hunter seeking
Throughout a hundred galaxies,
Hunting through the stars;

The bounty hunter seeking
Throughout a hundred galaxies,
Hunting through the stars;
searching for a deadly quarry
Sought throughout the universe,
For wreaking mayhem near and far.

The bounty hunter's killing
Everyone who tries to stop him,
All who stand in his way;
As he hunters a deadly assassin
Using lethal aggression
To track down and kill his prey.

Known to give no quarter
The hunter tracks inhuman game
Right across the universe,
Determined to catch or kill it
Intending to show no mercy,
As it kills the fiend ... or worse.

Stalking through the dark void
The killer knows it's sought,
It's waiting for the hunter;
To catch up with it at last
So it can unloose its fatal forces
Cosmic lightning and thunder.

Soon the hunter approaches
Preparing to make a killing,
Unaware he is also hunted;
By the loathsome creature
From the deepest limits of space
Regions all sane beings dread.

Too soon the hunter reaches
The rusty, far off asteroid,
And at last, they're face-to-face;
A lobster-like abomination
Preparing to battle against,
The last member of the human race.

A titanic conflict ensues
Till each is broken and bloody,
Yet still, they must fight on;
Just one can ever walk away
But only when the other's dead
And the victory has been won.

Laser weapon crashes upon carapace
Trying to burn through the bony outer,
To put the fleshy beast at bay
Like a tourist eating crayfish
He slashes through the soft inner,
White chunks of flesh cut away.

Its heart and organs removed
Its shell is in broken pieces,
Members scattered across deep space;
The man just barely alive himself
Staggers back to his star cruiser,
To recover for the next chase.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Submitted: June 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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