A Christian lady must get a contract from Hans Müller but not only is he as stubborn as a mule, he is also very handsome. When she finally gets him, she must learn that marriage is not an end in itself.
Read and understand what God is saying to today’s church.

The person who marries does well but the person who does not marry does even better.
1 Corinthians 7:38

Table of Contents


The white curtains stirred with the morning breeze; the light bounced off the expensive, white tiles and into her eyes. She shut them i... Read Chapter


The sun was high up and its rays pierced through the large windows of ‘blue hall’  where she was preparing for the conference,... Read Chapter


She was speaking professionally into the phone to a client when the clock struck ten. She strode out and into a taxi, to a company deal... Read Chapter


She gazed out of the window for the curtains were never drawn the night before. She could see nothing outside, it was useless gazing th... Read Chapter


Kate the intern, swayed to her desk with a fancy handbag. "I am going to that oil company that we talked about." "Good." Aabha re... Read Chapter


When she was fleeing her work load that evening, she was greeted with Hans' sleek Mercedes, awkwardly parked. She flipped back her hair ... Read Chapter


    The night she had slept at his house, he finally picked up the phone at five in the morning. "What?” “W... Read Chapter


The rainy season had set in. Her cardigan was wrapped tightly around her front, as she sat in the boardroom of a government ministry th... Read Chapter


So after all these months of wanting to see him, she saw him in such circumstances. There was utter shock on Aabha's face. The scene pa... Read Chapter


She was wrapped into a jumper and the breeze cooled her heart. Her tea had long gone cool. But there was one being that did not need ... Read Chapter


The church looked so small from when she had last been here, but it looked beautiful with its white spotless colour and the heavy cross ... Read Chapter


When her high heels finally clicked at her own office, Vince was watching her from the glass compartment of his office like a hawk. For ... Read Chapter


What is happiness and what is success? What is elation and what is ecstasy? To gaze at your dreams right before you, to reach the stars ... Read Chapter


He continued glaring at the video on the caller display. “You must be here!” A white man barked. “No I do not.” He barked... Read Chapter

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