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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Father's Day Poem


You always made me feel I was your son 

Even in public you couldn't tell i wasn't one 

What are your intentions for my mother?

You towering over me, I'm young

Still trying to protect Her & my brother 

Raising 4 children 

A black Brady Bunch, 

never treated me different

My Pops, teaching many lessons 

My Pops, 

teaching me when not to ask a question 

man that was embarrassing,

Riding around town with Money G

The license plate, let you know it was He 

From a.p.t's to a house 

You taught my brothers how to treat a spouse 

You foretold the military 

I was trying to avoid the marines 

You foretold the military 

How did I join the marines?

Why would I run from what's in my family 

When I held that Eagle, Globe & Anchor 

You showed You was proud of me 

With women you warned about vinegar 

Be cautious of the snap back, 

Always given your son g.a.m.e

You layed your law down when you had to 

3 out 4 kids always breaking rules 

Your cautious when you speak 

You taught look a man in his eyes,

& say what you mean 

I was the oldest, 

had to protect my sister by any means 

Always ride for your brother's over anything 

It's all about respect,

Which a lot was given to me 

I never came from your seed

Yet whenever I call, you answer for me 

Just to see if I'm okay 

Kuz you when the going get tough,

You know my ways 

As any father, you just pray I'm safe 

That one time I seen it all in your face 

I appreciate you kuz if I really need you,

You'll hop on the road & come this way 

We roll, we spark, we share our heart

You pass the herb, I take heed to your word

Pops I know I stressed you through the years

being a shoulder to cry on, 

when I bring my mom to tears 

Taught me not to have fear,

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye,

& I don't hear

I value our years 

As a child you made somethings so clear 

Your brother's taught me lessons 

Work hard for my uncle's &

I'll receive some blessings 

Uncle Tisdale always benzes 

Uncle Will trying to teach his nephew,

how run up those digits 

All I had to do was be different 

Boy listen.

Marines, post office, two retirements 

Man you did that for we 

I appreciate you in my life 

You really there if I'm wrong or right 

You taught me to be a lion,

Not to often I should lose a fight 

Dust yourself off man you'll be alright 

You reason I clench for my heights 

This Father's Day, 

Just wanted to give you something that's real

Riding around together, I'm going to get back 

You was in the chair next to me,

When I got my first tatt

Happy Father's Day, Money G

From your son,

TLK Poetry 

Submitted: June 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TLK Poetry. All rights reserved.

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