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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mysterious man escapes prison, but not any prison, one of the greatest in the country, maybe even world. Day after day, he gets found and put back in but this time the government has decided to make a special built prison just for him. Can he escape and survive or will he be hidden away from the world.

Chapter 1




The sun shone brightly over the lake as passerby's strolled by savoring their sun-beaten ice-creams and enjoying the satisfying sense of heat, which was a rarity as winter was approaching, ignorance lingered in the air as a new face appeared trying to blend in but failing. He was 6ft, tall, handsome and smart but was in disarray, strands of hair poked out of his hat and his eyes looked tired and cold as if he had witnessed hell, but one more feature sealed the suspicions, blood dripped from his coat as he tried to cover it but to no avail. Onlookers gazed at him, amazed at the layers of clothes that he wore, but more shocked than amazed as a small blood trail oozed quietly and slowly dripping behind him: on him a jacket with not a piece of dust on it; a hat, not a summer hat but a winter hat, presumably bought from a second-hand store; and finally, a mask concealing his face and attracting eyes and unwanted attention. Without a second thought, he ran, evading the crowds and almost sprinting into the woods as confusion filled the minds of many and thoughts collided with fear. In the white house, a call is made, coded, of course, it tells them one thing, he has escaped, again.


Chapter 2

They thought they could lock me up. They thought they could break me. They thought I had nothing. But they were wrong. I had something they would never have. Determination. I was shackled by chains, purposefully made a few millimeters smaller than my hands constantly straining my blood flow leaving my hands mostly paralyzed for the few moments of freedom in the sun I got. Almost tauntingly rays of light beamed into my cell missing me by a few meters as I watched longingly to feel the sun's warm embrace.I plotted for weeks studying routines and memorizing guard's weaknesses, every emotion that they showed and every word they spoke brought me closer to freedom and revenge. Basilisk, that's what they called me before I was locked in this hell-hole. Luckily, they thought I wasn't the most dangerous out of the dozens they caught. I heard tales of the white rooms. I only knew the name of it and I wish not to know what happens in them. My chance came as a new guard entered, I could tell he had a vulnerability that I would exploit to my fullest. This may not be much but I noticed a small limp on his right leg and when he bent it was evident that he felt pain which I noted in my head. He entered the cell ready to give me my food but before he knew I used my legs to make him fall and swiftly collected his keys as I silenced him, without a thought I freed myself stealing his gun and other keys. I took his clothes and I swapped them with him. Slowly, I left the room, locking it and walking out of the prison, and driving away with not a single person questioning it. Numerous times I had done this and each time with a different plan. These maniacs we call our government locked me up for just knowing their secrets. And it's all because of the tyrant we call president. President Snow, my captor, and my own old friend.



Chapter 3

My skills as an escape artist are shown by my numerous escapes out of prisons, each more secure than the last. Some take days to plot, while some take weeks, but the best can take months. For some weeks now I've been hiding in the forests hoping they won't come but the truth is they will never stop. I have information that would change the world but if anyone were to know they would have to die. I live in fear and now even more as they plan to build a prison even the best cant escape. I dread what will happen if I get caught so I must take out the man who threatens my life. My old friend Snow must die. He has changed just like I have. I reminisce of the past and hope I can make through this alive. Unfortunately for him, if I survive and maybe even begin to thrive he will, unfortunately, or for me, fortunately, die. I plan to assassinate him with a group of like-minded individuals and I will prepare to meet them very soon.



Chapter 4



Hidden away by the shadows of the towering oaks and dark oaks a small hut lay peaceful and tranquil. But past the walls crimes were being committed. Cybercrimes such as hacking, impersonating, IP stealing were the norm for Eagle, an old associate, and friend. I arrived at the humble abode and stated myself. He knew I was here. Slowly, the door opened revealing itself to be a 4-inch metal door. That was standard protection and I knew he had more.

" Hello, Nathan, I never thought you would escape that prison and come pay your old friend a visit.", Eagle said over a speaker.

"I need your skills, Jonah. They will come and they will show no mercy, we will all be taken away so please, help me with your skills.", I replied in a heavy voice trailed with fear.

"Always straight to the point, Nathan, enter in and relax, I have a small surprise.", Jonah said, his voice giving nothing away. As I entered I felt eyes bore into my very soul watching me as if I was the enemy. Suddenly, and shockingly, Yassen Gregorovich appeared showing no emotion and holding a gun.

"Hello, my old friend. Sit down and we will talk.", Yassen said with not a trace of his Russian accent.



Chapter 5


I was surprised. Why was he here? Who sent him. Either way, I was grateful that I didn't gave to look for him. 

"Why so surprised? You probably knew that I was near here, after all, this is where we met. Isn't that right, Jonah?", Yassen questioned with a tone of sharpness etched into his tone.

"With everything on my mind, yes. I hadn't even factored you into the equation", I said now smiling at the idiocy I had just displayed.

"Let's go", Yassen commanded," We don't have long and they will soon come. Or did you mean something else?"

"No. But you're right, we need to leave and find one last person to continue this journey."

"I presume it's Daryll? He always had a niche in disguises and espionage. Just like I have skills in sabotage, intelligence and assassination. Jonah on the other hand specializes in hacking, impersonation online and IP stealing just to name a few. And you display your talents as an escape artist escaping even the toughest of prisons." Yassen replied," Also you possess information the government would like to keep hidden and I presume that information is deadly. We might be strong but we are only as strong as our weakest link and I worry for the last person you wish to recruit. Can he be trusted?"

I ignored his last words and we left, carrying nothing but some small bags with essentials. This is where it got tricky.



Chapter 6


I was right. It was only going to get harder. President Snow would never stop hunting us and the only escape for us both was death. Either me or him died, there was no in-between, no truce and no compromise. 3 weeks of hell had passed, every day we were ambushed or recognized by police or public alike. I was now public enemy number 1 and anyone associated with me were also an enemy of the state. Daily I contemplated what did I do to deserve this and each time there was silence. It drove me mad. When we walked, silence. When we ate, silence. I longed to hear sounds other than the hum of the birds and the crispy crackle of feet under blood-red leaves and the snapping of barren trees. We arrived, both of my comrades were alert and awake and I could tell that they knew I was slipping. Without warning, we entered his home, it was clean and spotless and standing there watching me was Snow. Behind and beside him were 20-30 men all geared in top-of-the-line gear watched as the tyrant told us to sit down.

I scoffed," You come all the way here to visit me? You want to lock me back up in some prison that I'll escape from in days."

"Well, that's not what I had in mind today, Nathan. If you can escape this that no man has ever escaped from before, ill be shocked. I'll even let you take my life. But that won't happen!", his face turned into a sneer as it was twisted in anger,"Can you escape death? A bullet to the head shall do, or a dozen. Death is the one thing you can't escape. Unless you are the devil himself, which is what many call you after you injured many people whilst robbing stores"


"Nathan, he is right, someone did rob stores whilst using a gun, but it was one of his men. I can bet." Jonah whispered to me eyeing Snow and his men cautiously.

"If you all die, then who will know it was me? I will be known as the man who killed the demon, Nathan, and I will be loved by my people, who are so blissfully ignorant to what happens behind their backs.

"I don't think so. You'll have to get past me", Yassen shouted, now across the room holding some grenades and an M15 with a bayonet attached to the end," Get ready to face your actions."


Submitted: June 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 h-123. All rights reserved.

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