Having trouble with a lot of issues

some about friends

some about love 

but the majority of them about time


oh my time

my time 

where did you go

where did you fly away to


did you land in an island all alone

where all you hear is waves splashing on and on without emotion and

seagulls rotating around you like how all the planets in space do over the Sun?


you must hold on

hold on to an anchor

don't let the wind blow away your soul

or the clouds swirm in so deep in you that all you can see is nothing but mist


you must let time by

but not by it alone

you must let your worries go with them

with time


and then when you look back

you'll see the quiet sea again

once peering back at you again

and you'll feel something thrifting up


inside you like when you notice

how your hair has grown after time

like when you look back over albums

and soak into memories of 





you'll be back in your time

this time, the sailor is you

you're not the boat that goes after the sailor

and you're the real you

Submitted: June 20, 2021

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