Games For Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rock was sure the only thing he wanted to do was; shower, drink and sleep after what he could only describe as one of the shittest days. Curveballs are common here and though he was used to them, he was not expecting this one. Revy hated this feeling, hated him...didn't she? Things were not the way they used to be and she knew no other way to settle it but with her cutlass.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Rock... What the hell is this? After one of the shittiest days in Roanapurr he's ever experienced. And that was saying something.... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Rock... "Fuck!" He curses under his breath, then kicked the towel that formed a ring at his feet, in the general direction of the bat... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Rock... Back at the office. Rock gritted his teeth as the soft cotton of his undershirt rubbed his left nipple. He'd put a plaste... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Revy... That fucking outsider. What the hell did he know? She and Dutch ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Rock... "You've got to be kidding me." Vandalized? His nearly empty place looked like the thieves took stuff in fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Revy... Revy pushed up on her arms from the floor of her bedroom for the fiftieth time. What h... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Revy… Revy listened as the wall took hit after hit in her defense and judged that the time w... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Rock... Rock groans in satisfaction the moment his body hits the made-up bed, his face burrowi... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Revy….. Revy came through the back laundry area. Picking the lock of the back door on the fo... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Dutch lit up a cigarette, drawing deep on the end. His face to the horizon as he exhaled a smokey breath. ... Read Chapter

chapter 11

Rock... Rock's knees nearly buckled as Revy's thumb encircles his sensitive cock head in seemi... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Revy... Revy suddenly felt weightlessness. A minute ago, Rock had knelt ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Part One It wasn't anything personal at least she didn't see it that way but it was just that ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Part two Ten minutes prior... Rock... Calm the fuc... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Revy... She shook from her anger as the seconds ticked on, physically frozen to the spot. She ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Revy... The fog receded taking with it the strength of the memory. Back ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Rock... "Revy versus the world, cutlasses in hand. Admirable." Rock remarked drily somewhat am... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Revy... Revy straddles Rock, careful not to wake him as she lowered herself slowly to seat snu... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Rock... Sometime later "I told you not to wake me," Rock said cracking h... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Revy... As Rock related something to her in a trance-like whisper in his native tongue, Revy s... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Rock... Caught in a delicious haze, Rock's hips move with more alacrity the deeper he explores Revy. The bli... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Revy... He can fuck. So what? Revy thought, smoking her second cigarette contentedly in b... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Rock... Maybe having sex when your ribs were screaming at you not to move wasn't the brightest... Read Chapter

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