The Seed of Curiosity

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It's a father daughter talk about science.

The Seed of Curiosity

Little Tia is the only daughter of Arindam and Rima. She is only 8 years old, but already her parents are very much concerned about her education. In India it is very common, most of the parents are extra worried about their children’s education. It is a competitive society, too much population and very less opportunity. In case of Western countries, there are so many opportunities in the fields of Painting, singing, dancing and sports but in India the scenario is little different, to get a scholarship or admission in a good college or get a job, there are specific exams for each and every case. So, every child who wants to become successful one day must have good educational background, so that they can get advantage in upcoming days of their adult life. Our Tia loves to go to the school. She is in 3rd grade. Now, along with Math, English and Bengali (the mother tongue), she has to study Science from this year. Tia is very good in arithmetic, actually she loves to do math.  Rima gives Tia real-life math problems (like addition, subtraction, multiplication of things around them). She loves to solve those quickly. Arindam regularly reads stories to Tia from English or Bengali story books and she loves to listen to her dad. Math, English and Bengali that’s all they had to learn at the 2nd grade and she has done excellent work in her earlier exams. So before entering to this new grade Arindam decides to give his daughter a heads up.

Tia is watching TV sitting on the sofa. Arindam come and sit near Tia.

Arindam: “what are you watching, sweety?”

Tia: “I am watching Shaun the Sheep, daddy.”

Arindam: “Ops! That apple falls on Shaun’s head.”

Tia: Chuckles.

Arindam: “It’s reminds me a story, once upon a time there was a person named Sir Isaac Newton. He was sitting under an apple tree and an apple fell on his head. You know what he did notice at that moment?”

Tia [curiously]: “What?”

Arindam: “A bump on his head.”

Tia and Arindam:  Laughs.

Arindam: “….and after sometime, He realized another thing. Everything falls downward not upward. Look at Shaun, he jumps up and now he gets down automatically.”

 Tia: “Yes! Why is that happening?”

Arindam: “According to Sir Newton, there is an invisible force that is pulling us towards earth. See, I am leaving this pillow in the middle of the air and ……”

Arindam leaves the pillow and the pillow falls down on the ground.

Tia: “I never noticed that force, wow!”

Arindam: “Now, Shaun is launching a rocket. Do you know how a rocket works?”

Tia: “How, daddy?”

Arindam: “The same guy, Sir Isaac Newton. He observed that for every action (force) in the nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Rocket uses the same principle. ”

Tia [Confusedly]: “Wow. He was so cleaver.”

Arindam realizes that, the example of rocket is a little hard to understand for her. But, still Arindam continues.

Arindam: “Yes, he was clever and you know what? He was a great scientist.”

Tia: “You know daddy, we have to study science from this grade. If I study science in our class, would I be a scientist too? ”

Arindam [with a little smile on his face]: “It would be the first step, honey, but you have to follow few more steps.”

Tia: “what steps, Daddy? Do I have to wear a white coat? I saw on TV that scientists wear white coats.”

Arindam: “Let me tell you a story first. You know about cave man, right? ”

Tia: “yes, they lived in the cave and used to eat meat without cooking it and they didn’t have any clothes. I have seen these on discovery channel. I was wondering how they could eat raw meat. Yucky! ”

Arindam: “yes, exactly. So, this is the story of that time. There was a mom cavewoman, a daddy caveman and a little cave-girl Lily. One day Lily was drawing a cave painting of their family and suddenly heard a noise, somebody was calling her from the outside of the cave. She went outside and saw that her daddy brought chicken. ”

Tia: “wow, I love chicken.”

Arindam: “Yah, but you like roasted chicken, but Lily had no option, they used to eat raw meat. Remember?”

 Tia: “yuck.”

Arindam: “Lily didn’t like that either. So she refused to eat that chicken. Mommy and daddy tried to convince her, but when they failed, mommy became angry on daddy and told him to find a way. Daddy recently learned that with few woods and rubbing some rocks they could set the fire. So, He decided to set the fire and burn the chicken and you know what? Lily liked that burnt chicken so much that they decided to burn every meat and this was the moment when the cavemen learned 1st step of cooking.”

Tia [Chuckles]: “No, you made that up.”

Arindam laughs a little and continues.

Arindam: “Yes, I made that up, but think of it, in the journey from caveman to the modern human, someone surely observed that the food they were eating could be roasted in fire. We don’t know who noticed that for the first time but this invention was done by someone long time ago and it was a very important discovery.  The person who discovered it for the first time, we can call him or her a scientist here.”

Tia [Shrink her eyebrows in confusion]: “what? But scientists have lab, where they work.”

Arindam [Smile again]: “You know what the meaning of the word science is?”

Tia: “No.”

Arindam: “It means knowledge. Getting knowledge from the surrounding, that’s the job of a scientist. To become a good scientist you have to observe everything. Here in my story the daddy caveman didn’t know how to cook the meat but he tried a new way and observed the results. Incase of Sir Isaac Newton, he didn’t know about the gravity, he just observed and from his observation he discovered that ‘there is a force which is pulling everything downward’.”

Tia: “yes and it was there all the time and nobody noticed that before him, right?”

Arindam: “yes, honey. Actually, we are surrounded by so many things, you have to observe everything and then you have to ask questions. ”

Tia: “Like, why the apple fell down instead of going up?”

Arindam [Excitedly]: “Yes! And then you have to find the answer with the help of the concepts, theories and data which is already exists in the world of science.”

Tia: “But daddy, I don’t know the existing concepts and theories of science.”

Arindam: “Yes honey, I know that you don’t know right now, but you will get to know all the concepts, one after another in your science class.”

Tia: “wow!! That’s cool.”

Arindam: “You have to do the experiments also, where you’ll test whether they are teaching you the concepts right or not.”

Tia [A little confused again]: “How can I do an experiment? Is it hard to perform an experiment?”

Arindam: “Do you want to perform any experiment right now?”

Tia: “Yes! Can we really do that?”

Arindam: “Yes we can, go to your room and bring your science book, let’s see what experiment from that book we can do today.”

Tia brings the book; Arindam looks at the index and notices there is a chapter on “Seed germination”. It is a perfect experiment to perform. They take a container, fill it with soil, put it under a bulb on a corner of a table and put some Bean Seeds into the soil. Arindam makes a chart and gives it to Tia so that she could observe according to the chart. From the transformation of the seed into the plant, Tia could learn so many things. Tia is very excited right now; after all it is her first scientific experiment.

You know what? I am excited too. There is another seed has been planted. It is there inside Tia’s mind. The seed of curiosity, which will be transformed into knowledge one day. Let’s see, in future what tree eventually come up from that seed.


Submitted: June 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 IamSarthak. All rights reserved.

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