Top 20 Sacrifices Others Made

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Top 20 Best Sacrifices Others Have Made for Me:


20 Humphrey the Owl not moving to Colorado.


19 Megan Keller going to my party anyway.


18 OCC free stuff.


17 Maddie Lynch going beyond all degrees in support.


16 Trent Bekker giving up his ranks and positions.


15 Chartwells understanding my disability.


14 Mrs. Buen’s spiderman gloves.


13 Professor Racka lenient structure and iPad finding.


12 Melody Winnie Hanko making an entire Christmas gift.


11 Megen Rapp and Winnie Whittaker family driving and paying things.


10 Grandma and Auntie Winnies paying for literally everything.


9 Coach Bill Leibfritz going to all odds to caring for all of my health.


8 Mrs. Winnie Linda Sabbota always handing out candy.


7 Scott Ginther giving up gaming for my project.


6 MHS support.


5 Piglet pushing me out of the way.


4 Courtney Rouse volunteering all time possible for Piglet.


3 Winnie Young doing all care of anything.


2 Tigger Young protecting everything and everyone in all living, entertainment, and disability stuff.


Honorable Mentions: Grandpa Eeyore’s College Funding, Mr. Archer letting in Winnie and Kanga into my talent show, and Aunt Potti plus Grandma Owl driving with foods.


#1… Mackenna Rouse running boldly for me, even in the face of Jed!

Submitted: June 21, 2021

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