An Unusual Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An Unusual Encounter

“We can’t get married to each other, you know that, right?” She asked.

“Yes, of course, I know that,” he answered.

“I just don’t want to give you any false hope, you are a nice person, I respect you, and we talk to each other about everything. So, I thought ….” She was trying to explain.

“You don’t have to explain anything, I know everything. You know that I am smart guy, I understand the reasons,” he said with a smile.

“Yes, I know you are a smart man.”

“Don’t you have to go to sleep? It’s already late; you have to go to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday. ”

“Yes, I was going to say that to you. So, good night, we will talk tomorrow.”

“Of course, I’ll wait for your call, good night.”

Sashwata put the phone on charge and went to bed. While he was on bed, he was thinking of Nilanjana. It was their fate that they met with each other. They shared so many things with each other and Sashwata used to feel very comfortable sharing things with her.  He felt an invisible bond with her, she was kind, full of energy and patience, a good listener, a motivator, and in short she was the girl with whom any man could find his mental peace.  Although he had never seen her, he made an imaginary picture of her in his mind. Before contacting her, his life was monotonous, same day to day routine; nothing new was there in his life. One day Sashwata dialed a wrong number, Nilanjana received the phone, although it was a wrong number, they started talking and one thing lead to another, it was ended up being a 2 hours long phone call. Sashwata always watched that kind of thing in the movies but when it happened to him, he started believing in fate.  Then the next day again at the same time Sashwata called on that number and Nilanjana received the call. This cycle continued, everyday new topic, hours of discussion, slowly Sashwata started feeling the thrill of life again. There was something to look forward to.  He felt like their thoughts were synchronizing slowly, the connection was getting stronger day by day. He discovered they lived almost 2000 kilometers apart from each other. They had many differences in different parameters, but still somehow they were very similar to each other. He used to feel a strong urge, to spend more time everyday with her, he didn’t know if it wasn’t love, then what it was? He also knew that it wasn’t possible to dream about marrying her or having a future with her. He was happy with their everyday telephonic meet-up. But when Nilanjana informed him the obvious fact that they could never be married to each other, he became a little upset; he knew that but just didn’t want to focus on that. “It’s your fault, God, I blame you,” he mumbled. Slowly, his eyelids began to get heavy, he fell asleep.

“What is my fault exactly?” Sashwata heard the voice and suddenly got up and sat down. He looked around him, he was in white place, no one was there around him, and only white lights were coming from all the sides.

“What is my fault exactly?” An unknown voice asked the question again, this time Sashwata heard the voice clearly.

He got scared and said, “I don’t understand, where I am?”

“In a safe place, no need to be scared, just tell me why you were blaming me?” the unknown voice replied.

“Whe..wh...When?” Sashwata fumbled.

“Your exact word were, ‘It’s your fault, God, I blame you’, so I am asking you, tell me my fault,” said the unknown voice.

“But which direction I should look while talking to you? I can’t see you.” He nervously asked.

“You can focus on any direction, I am everywhere, now don’t change the topic, just answer my question.”

“I didn’t mean to blame you; I was just releasing my frustration.”

“Frustration? May I know the reason of the frustration?” the voice curiously asked.

“If you are The God, then why are you asking the reason?”

“I guess you were right, I gave too much courage to you. That was my fault. Now, stop asking me questions and answer me, why you were frustrated?”

“As if you don’t know, I was blaming you for Nilanjana, why can’t I marry her?”

“Oh! Let me read some of your wish list from your last birthday, here it is, ‘dear God, I am so bored that I don’t want to live anymore, there are so many things I have to share with someone, but I think you forgot to create someone for me, I wish there was someone with whom I could share all the sadness of my past, my dreams and my mischievous memories. I wish I had someone to talk in my life’. ”

“Yes, Yes, I remember that.”

“Shut up, I didn’t finish reading, the last line was, ‘and by ‘someone’ I meant a girl, not a boy. Ok?’  So, wasn’t it your actual wish?” That voice finished reading.

“Yes. But I want to love her; I want her, in my life.” Sashwata started demanding again.

“Listen boy, I didn’t stop you, and I won’t, but you are a difficult person to please. You are never happy with something.” That voice complained.

“That’s not true. I easily get happy.” Sashwata argued.

“Don’t lie here, you can’t get away by telling lies here, you wished for a companion, I am sending you companions for last 6 months, every time a girl started talking to you, you found some excuses and stopped talking with her, one after another.”

“That’s not true. I found most of them boring, that’s not an excuse. ”

 “Boring? That girl Sujata, she was a Model, you found her boring?”

“Yes, she didn’t even understood a simple story, that used to tell her and she used give me weird reply after listening to the entire story. I can’t stand a person who doesn’t understand the stories I write.”

“Story? Now you are a serious writer? I don’t remember making you a famous writer.”

“No, not a serious writer but you gave me the hobby of writing. I respect that.”

“What about Priya? You stopped talking to her also. ”

“She wasn’t funny. She always told me about her studies, practical, theory, classes.”

“Funny? What about Ruplekha? She was a standup comedian.”

“She was a very egoistic person. She used to treat me as her competition. You know that I tell hilarious jokes. Whenever I told her a joke, she never gave me proper reaction; instead she started telling a joke of her own.”

“You think you are hilarious?” The voice questioned back to Sashwata.

“Now don’t deny it. You know you made me hilarious.” Sashwata replied.

“Yeah, that’s true, I can’t deny that.”  

Without any reason both of them laughed a little. Suddenly the voice stopped laughing and said, “Don’t change the topic, you blamed me, why?”

“Ok, I’ll be honest with you, I want to marry Nilanjana.” Sashwata replied.

“Then? Will you stop being in love with her after getting married?”

“No. Not at all.”

“Then? What’s the point of marrying her? ”

“I want to spend my life with her. That’s why I want to marry her.”

“Right now, aren’t you spending your life with her?”

“Yes. But I need to tell everybody that she is the love of my life.”

“What’ll you get by doing that?”

“Nothing. Just want to do that.”

“See Sashwata, these are the moments when I just want to quit my job. I don’t know what was in my mind when I was creating you. You have no reasons; you just want to do that, that’s why you were blaming me?”

“No. I have reasons. If marriages weren’t important why everyone does that?”

“Show me a single married couple who are as close as you and Nilanjana are, the bond you share with each other, show me similar thing with any married couple.”

“So, if marriage isn’t necessary, why did you create that?”

“Marriages are necessary, if there wouldn’t be any married couple, I wouldn’t have any entertainment, have you heard the fights of married couples, they say hilarious things while they fight.”

They both started laughing loudly for a moment. Then the voice continued again, “No, no, actually marriages are necessary, that’s a different topic I’ll tell you some other day. See Sashwata, you want love, why you are waiting for marrying her. These expectations are the reasons that kills the bond, just admire, don’t stop, say her that you love her, but don’t expect anything in return, if you start expecting things in return, that would be called trade not love. If you want her to stay with you for life time, just give her a space in your heart and tell her that. Tell her how much she means to you. You know what, there is nothing called future, I’ve only given you the gift of the moment called ‘Now’, that’s why you call it present, so do enjoy the present.”

“That’s easy for you to tell. But, what if, one day she stops taking my calls.”

“The bond you share, that is unique because you both feel that thing in the same way, if she won’t take your call that means she already lost the feelings. That’s my point, just live in the present, don’t think too much about it, by thinking too much about your future, you’ll lost this beautiful gift that is present.”

“Ok. I get your point. When we can discuss the necessity of marriage?” asked Sashwata.

“You questioned too much. I have other works to do. Stop blaming me. Enjoy the present. I am going now.” The voice said.

“But I’ll be waiting for your answer about the marriage. See you soon.”

Suddenly slowly white lights were gone and it was darkness everywhere. Sashwata open his eyes, he realized that he was on his bed; he sat down on the bed, and then tried to understand what just happened. He didn’t understand whether The God actually talked to him or it was just a dream. After thinking for a moment, he went towards his phone, picked the phone in his hand and texted, “Nilanjana, it doesn’t matter we’ll get married or not. You will be very special for me until I die. I love your presence and I am happy that we share everything. With you I feel joy and motivated and rest of the adjectives to praise you, I’ll tell you tomorrow when we will talk. ”

After sending that text Sashwata went back to his bed and tried to fall asleep again, but this time with a little pleasant mood.






Submitted: June 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 IamSarthak. All rights reserved.

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