Lost past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

isn't it great to finish studies, start working, get married and have children ? all that was planned for Yuki, a young girl who studied hard to achieve her dream job " a fashion designer "a young girl with a great ambition, yet surprising and unexpected events happens to prevent her from that sweet life. Read to know what happens to Yuki.

Episode 1

I am Yuki, i live in tokyo, today is my birthday i'll be 24 years old, i have a date with my boyfriend Jimmy after 2 hours, i am preparing my self to join him, so excited because today he'll propose to me, i know it, because my bestfriend Nami saw him buy a ring last week. I am the most happy today. We have been together for six years now, we met in high school, sins then we've been the cutest couple. Finally, today is the day we celebrate our love story.


(Yuki & Jimmy during high school)

2 hours later

(Phone rings)


Yuki : hello.

Nami : yuki !! so how is it going. are you prepared (over excited)

Yuki : (scream) yes !!! i'm getting out now. I'll call you after i wear the ring (over excited)

Nami : Prepare your self after this, you've got to meet his parents sooner or later.

Yuki : Yes.. but what ever, for now am happy. Call you later !

(Phone call ends)

Yuki takes her handbag and goes out.

Yuki : Finally, here i am, this is our favorit restaurent. Jimmy should be inside by now (excited)

Yuki went to cross the street. Suddenly a car stoped by her side.

Yuki : Who are you? Am late let me go.

the men that stopped the car were unrecognizable. They want to get her in the car, no matter how she screams, fights them, she couldn't compete. The next minute, she fainted, they put drugs in a bottle of water, and make her take it, while she was unconscious. when she woke up, she found her self lying on a bed, in a strange room, it looks fancy and big.

Yuki : whe.. where... am I ?

she was so weak, she couldn't move properly. In a second she remembered her date.

Yuki : jim..jimmy, i should see Jimmy .. ji..mm

she tries to stand up then 

A voice : hey sweety, what are you doing?

Yuki : ( A man ?? A man, am in a room with a man, i should run... run jimmy is waiting for me) (her tears started falling down her face)

She doesn't answer the voice she hears.

A voice : stay calm, let's finish the job.

Yuki were on drugs that's why she felt dizzy. Even that she tries to fight back.

 A voice : Don't worry, sweety, if they pay you, you should do your part, didn't you learn this?

Yuki : (what is he talking about) (who the hell is he, i need to get out of here, why can't i move?)

He tries to kiss her and she pushes him away with a weak strength.

The man got mad, a girl never refused him, usually the girls are the ones who jump at him.

Him : ( what's the matter with this girl, why send me a girl who is inexperienced) ( tsk)

But he didn't want to let her off, the more she fights the more he wants her, he kisses her again and again

yuki tries her best, but that night, she lose the most important thing for a girl to lose.

Yuki : (full of tears) (trembling like a leaf) (he slept.. i'll get out .. OUT... my chance !)

Yuki with walking awkwadly, she got rapped. She just want to leave the room.

As soon as she could. she run, she run her life out. 

Yuki : Help I need help. ( no one is here ) where am i ? (tears full on her eyes) Help

But no one replies. No one is there at this hour of the day. She continues running. she crosses the street. And a big truck appears from no where, and hits her.  the next thing, She was all surrounded by blood.


Submitted: June 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kimrobin7. All rights reserved.

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Do you like it, you want to read what's going to happen ?

Mon, June 21st, 2021 4:07pm


i like the story,it's interesting and i iuv it.i want to knw what's going to happen to yuki.

Mon, June 21st, 2021 4:44pm

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