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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Ochacho and Idoma, is an institution of learning and watching to all the Idoma land who wish to know about the genuine history of Idoma and how justice must prevailed ...... Chief Ochacho the man of integrity, full of love, and compassion for all

Table of Contents


IJIJI is a season on which the rulers who were known to be trustworthy changes their fiction. In rotation we Idoma are in a reign. Closer to a sea, in which fulani herdsmen were rearing their
cattle Closer to the bank of the river. One day due to the changing of climate and accidentally one of the cattle died. Beginning we were a hunter and a great warriors. One of the guard ruling as a
chief security called imanche who was fishing and saw what had happened, he ran to the king

the king after hearing all Imanche his warrior had said then the king and two of his guard Imanche and Obekpa .. With all mindset the king ran and met the Fulani Man. He told the fulani make to
take along with him his death cattle. Fulani told the king in Hausa language to take the death cow. The king was extremely joyful and organised a celebration feast and all happily celebrated it.
One day the Fulani who is homeless, living in the bush came to the king and make a request for a small piece of land be released to him so to rear his animals, promise to give the king five living
cattle every year. Without thinking farther and consulting his cabinet, so he gave out a large portion of land to Fulani. Time approach when the ochidoma New person was elected and guaranteed the
Fulani to be expanding until they occupied the territory of Agate and Apartments region. Multiplying every year until one day when the atrocities caused by this herdsmen are becoming a burden.. The
kingly cabinet organised themselves in other to fight the injustice.... But the king was against them and all began to withdrew from the meeting against injustice because the king started buying
their mouth. Ochacho the great man who knew his background stood still to fight this fight and peace started returning. They battled him till now and hope him to be crown the next Idoma king so
that Justice may reign....
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