Moon Watch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lewis wants to rid the world of clocks, watches and all time-pieces. As he travels around the world...

Table of Contents


In the beginning, Lewis had a life like most others. He’d get up in the morning, brush his teeth, do his stretching and push-ups, and t... Read Chapter

To Each Their Own

The Good Life I walk along the concrete path past the Dining Hall. There's the cow shed coming up on the left (I can smell it before ... Read Chapter

Land of the Freeze

Inuit Floyd beckons me to come outside, so I put on my parka, hood, mittens and boots and follow Floyd out. A short stroll later find... Read Chapter

Why is it Blue, Anyway?

A Meal in Itself I board the ferry the following morning, but it is a fancier than what I expect, almost like a cruise ship. These cr... Read Chapter

From Here to There

Morbid thoughts I am sitting in an airport terminal, biding my time, for I have some hours to kill until my connection. I always leav... Read Chapter

A Day in the Life

Momentary Panic When two phenomena occur at the same time, one might suspect that they are related; perhaps even one of them is the c... Read Chapter

Time Travel

Surreal The lead diver heads deeper, and we follow. Every so often I pause to equalize my ears, or empty my mask, or check my air - h... Read Chapter

Follow the Moon

Grasshoppers, Anybody? Feels like I've been here forever, though only last week I landed in Thailand. I've settled into a routine of ... Read Chapter

Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

Satisfying Crunch One of my favorite things used to be stomping on cockroaches, but that was back home (and before I became an animal... Read Chapter

Lox, anyone?

Tricks on your Eyes I've been sitting near the bridge for the past 6 hours, watching the river empty out into the ocean. Or is it the... Read Chapter

A Tale of Two Islands

Tramping Around A kiwi can mean 3 things, I learned: The little black flightless bird that I am looking at now (that's the original k... Read Chapter

Vikings were here

Nautical If you’ve ever wondered what a nautical mile is, you should visit Francisco in Tromso. (Francisco doesn’t sound like a v... Read Chapter


Lewis returned home from his travels, broke and deflated. He realized that he would have to start looking for a job again (computer work is... Read Chapter

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