The Dame who lived in the City

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of twenty crime noir thriller stories set in New York in the 1940s by Robert Helliger...Presented by Peter Sanders...Volume 1 of the new series.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

These stories is PG for some violence, sex references INTRODUCTION Hello.  I'm Peter Sanders, a crime writer who is frie... Read Chapter

One-The Dame who lived in the City

For James M Cain and Raymond Chandler New York, 1940 The Dame was near the bright lamp. She smoked a cigarette.  The... Read Chapter

Two--Death, came towards her

She was near the graves.  Tom West glanced at her.  'Dark night, Massie'. 'Yes'. 'Rogers was killed in that gra... Read Chapter

Three-The Smoking Room

Ryser was in the Smoking Room.  Everyone lit up, as they gambled.  Ryser looked at the dame.  She seemed bored... Read Chapter

Four-She will go into the dark-One

She was walking into the woods, near New York. She reached the entrance to bomb shelters.  The strains of war consumed her.&... Read Chapter

Five-She will go into the dark-Two

She looked forlornly at the Detective.  'Wars are costly. My husband died in a gangster war'. 'I know, Chloe'. 'Do you?'... Read Chapter


Hello, again.  It's Peter Sanders.  Of course, my wife, Ann, reads a lot of my books. She is an avid reader of crime, m... Read Chapter

Seven-The City of Shadows

__ Ohlsen was nervous. He watched the dame.  'It's late', he said. 'I know', she said. 'Anderson is late'. 'Qu... Read Chapter

Eight-Foggy evening in the City

October, 1940 New York The fog was thick.  Emberson watched the grey clouds, as they formed in the precipice of the shar... Read Chapter

Nine-The Hudson River

Written by Peter Sanders and Robert Helliger, (exclusive to this collection) __ Time stood still. Apart from the eerie lights... Read Chapter

Ten-The Man of Grim Tidings

The dame was worried. 'It's the Man of Grim Tidings', she said.  She grabbed the gun in her small, right hand.  The... Read Chapter

Eleven-Hot Dames in the City

I was smoking a cigarette. The fiery embers swirled in the dark; the embers was, as it was all of the corrorsiveness of the Industrial Wa... Read Chapter

Twelve-City Blues in Manhattan

Hello again.  This is my new story that's new to the collection.  _Peter Sanders ___ She glanced at the old, 19... Read Chapter

Thirteen-City Nights in Manhattan

Written by Peter Sanders and Robert Helliger, (new to the collection) ___ I Chamberson walked along the arched walls that led... Read Chapter

Fourteen-Kill those who take you down

Schaeffer looked at the dead body of Charles Pierson. He was thinking about the last time that he scored a cigarette from him; he was d... Read Chapter

Fifteen-To those who broke the city

Written by Peter Sanders (for this collection) 'To those who broke the City', Zachary said.  He looked at the Dame, who gigg... Read Chapter

Sixteen-The Silence

The last time I saw Frank was back in nineteen thirty-nine. I walked to the construction site where he died; I knew it was owned by Mob... Read Chapter

Seventeen-Follow them into the darkness

'Follow them into the darkness', Simon told me. I was thinking about what he said; I was, as it always had been, a sense of dread. He h... Read Chapter

Eighteen-Make them pay dearly

Adam waited. He was sure the gangster, Daniel Brosser, was dead. He looked at the military rifle in his right hand. For awhil... Read Chapter


'They're savages, Tod', the Dame said. 'This is New York, honey. It's part of the idea that you're working yourself to death', Tod sa... Read Chapter

Twenty-Dames and the City

She looked at the man with an unnerving intensity. 'Come to me, sweetie', she said. I looked around, and walked towards The New Y... Read Chapter

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