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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Story of Wonder Man



Brian Black went into hospital for an operation on his knee.  Something went wrong, he had a fit.  The darkness of Hell touched his soul.  A new Black had been born.  His memories and body felt the same.  His personality though had changed.  The black haired man became smarter, powerful and fearless.  He became the Imposing Wonderman. 


Black was overdue a vacation. After a bad year of illness and family loss.  So when autumn and winter merged, a holiday location was booked.  Together with his girlfriend Sandy.  They flew away to Tenerife. The Airbus flight landed.  In the ever hot climate, off the coast of Morocco. 


Sandy soon unpacked her very full suitcase.  Her several bikinis and underwear fell on to the bed.  Brian smiled to himself, standing before a mirror.  Wearing his black shorts, vest and trainers.  Sandy frowned, ‘you look like a Wally in that get-up.’

‘Well I thought I may look around the sights. While you sunbathe. You can come to if you like.’

‘Not with you, dressed like that. No you go, have your fun.  I will be by the pool.  It will be fine.’ Sandy kissed him on the cheek and waved goodbye.  Skipping away. Chuckling to herself, ‘what a nerd.’




Brian left the hotel after Midday, striding up the dusty streets. In to the Spanish countryside.  After an hours trekking he came upon a small bar.  He bought a lager and sat outside, watching the traffic and people trundle by.  The locals smiled ignorantly.  The sunshine caused him to sweat.  At the end of his drink, a commotion broke out in the bar, a German tourist refused to pay his bill.


The big man hit the shocked barmaid.  She cried as she collapsed. It was then when Brian knelt by her side.  Tears fell from her bruised face, onto his sweaty vest.  The giant German picked up a lager bottle, ready to attack again.  In a moment, a shadowy figure loomed before the girl.  ‘Go away!’  Echoed a deep tone. 


Massive hands threw the gaunt German out of the bar.  Lying in the dirty street, embarrassed as Spanish onlookers passed by, leering.  The dark presence helped the barmaid up to a barstool.  She saw the guise of a demon of goodness. 

In Spanish she asked, ‘Who are you?’

The possessed Brian replied, ‘do not worry I am a friend.’


The wonder of a man vanished into the street.  As well as Brian Black.  Only his subconscious sensed something.  He returned to the hotel, later that afternoon. 




The blond bronzing babe lay beneath the shade of her harrowing guy.  She waved her arms, ushering him away, to one side.  He admired her slight curvy body.  Sat down beside, and smoothed lotion onto her burning back.  She bade him to sooth her sizzling shoulders. 


‘Are we going out tonight?’ asked Brian, teasing. 

‘We sure are !’ whispered Sandy, wiggling her bum in a dancing mode.

‘how was your walk ?’ she quibbled.

‘it was okay. I spoke with some girls. And downed a bottle of Stella.’

Brian winked at Sandy’s scathing look.  She lay on a towel on a flatbed by the pool.  Topless but on her front. ‘You’re the only babe I want on this holiday.’



The sun began to go down, it caused a cool breeze to stir Sandy.  She stood up with her bikini back on and a sun towel around her waist. And walked back to their room.  Brian lay half asleep on his bed.  Sandy stripped off and went into the shower.  Their friendship was so strong, she forgot her was there.


Brian’s eye peeped open enough to see her loveliness pass by.  The gushing water caused Black to doze off for a moment.  His mind sank into the night. Stars seemed to whirl.  The echoes of angels singing, came from a dark chamber.  A scary silhouette stood between him and a light.  A damp hand touched his face, his eyes opened wide, ‘its your turn,’ whispered the sweet tones of Sandy. Her sexy fragrance eased him out of  his nightmare.  She kissed his temple and urged him on.  ‘I want to have some fun tonight.’



Sunset had arrived when the couple strolled down the street.  A vibrant atmosphere was consuming the busy resort.  Cars, scooters and buses cruised by.  Tooting and racing along.  The streetlights beamed along with the loud music from rows of bars.  A large crowd enticed Sandy.  Into a night club.  She grabbed Brian’s hand and ploughed through the mass of bodies. 


‘it’s a bit wild in here?’ asked Brian.

‘Yes,’ yelled Sandy, ‘you get the beers, find me on the dance floor.’


Brian did what he was told.  As he watched her fleeting feet flutter with a beat.  The counter was packed. It took him ten minutes to buy two bottles.  He noticed some guys were well drugged up.  Their gaze was attracted by the raunchy moves of a girl.  It was Sandy, ‘oh Hell!’ He yelled at himself. 


Brian Black joined his girlfriend and danced near her.  The dudes told Sandy, ‘did you hear of that big fight today?’

‘No,’ replied Sandy, ‘why what happened?’

‘Some geezer whacked a German. Well done I say. The thing is they are calling him the Hero from Hell.’

‘Wow!’ breathed Sandy.


Two of the punks, grabbed Sandy’s breasts.  Her face turned to stone.  Looking for Brian Black.  The men jostled her away.  Into a darker part of the club.  It was then that they made a fatal mistake. The lights in the place shimmered.  Bringing before a hellish fiend.  Sandy stared at Black for help.  As the thugs held her against a wall.


Her eyes saw Brian’s face go grey.  A man then blocked her view, by kissing her neck harshly.  A chilling giant hand grabbed him by the throat. The dude was shaken like a rag doll.  The other three smashed bottles onto the foe.  A whirlwind tossed them away into the disco lights.  Sandy was picked up, as onlookers moved away.  She heard her saviour speak. 


‘Go away! all of you.’


Security looked at the dark demon.  And fled when they saw a colleague tossed away.  All the lights of the club went out.  Moments later the music roared, when the place lit up again.  The disco lights dazzled in a special mist.  The thugs were gone.  The bouncers returned to their places.  And Sandy almost forgot the dramatic event. 


The police had arrested the four junkies, for attacking Sandy.  The bar owner calmed her down with free strong drinks.  All recalled the dark monster.  The hero of the night.  The only thing that was reported, was the lack of memory, of who he really was.  Sandy found Brian, still holding their bottles of lager.  He comforted her with his caring presence.  ‘Who was that man?’ She asked him, ‘Did you see him?’


‘No, not really.’

Sandy kissed Brian long on his cheek.  ‘You are always to late to save me.  But you are always around to comfort me. Thanks.’


Her face blushed, almost after kissing him.  She felt the same goodness of her saviour and Black. ‘Who was that guy?’ she thought aloud. 




The time was after Midnight, so the pair tried to forget the last few hours.  They moved on to a quiet bar playing smooth music.  Both drank lager, close together.  Sandy danced close to Brian Black. He enjoyed her tender moves.  She clicked her fingers as she wiggled to the sway of a groovy song. 


Black smoked and blew smoke rings in the hot air.  Sandy placed her hands around his neck and kissed his cheek.  The dark haired man was glad she did not mind him having a cigarette.  She was clear drunk and frisky.  ‘Let us both go to bed.’


Black choked on his butt.  Before they could move, the seedy Spanish barman offered them each a joint.  Sandy accepted before Brian could say, no.  She inhaled deep and hard. Her eyes fused. The man and two others pulled out knives. Demanding money. 


Sandy almost fainted due to  the joint.  Black’s head reeled.  Yet before there eyes his face changed.  A darker face with yellow eyes stared.  A deep voice told them, ‘go away.’  The men fled in sheer terror and shame. 



Wonder man vanished and rematerialized in the hotel. Placing the girl into bed.  He kissed her lips, goodnight.  She sank into a deep slumber.  Dreaming of the Hero of goodness.


Brian Black stood on the balcony staring into the starry sky.  It was way past Midnight.  His mind was vague.  He could not control his power.  All he understood was that whenever he was in trouble, his head blanked out. 

The grey night looked back on him.  ‘Who am I?’


A strange image appeared in front of him.  ‘who are you?’ Implored Black. 

‘I am you and you are me.  I am  your lost soul. You are my lost body. You are human. You tell me.  Who am I?’

‘I only hear what others say.  They call you the dark demon of goodness. The people appeal to you as Wonder Man.’

‘So be it,’ replied the demon, ‘whenever you need me. Call out Wonder Man.  Do not worry.  Go now and rest.  Your girl needs you tonight.’


The vision vanished and the man went to bed.  And lay with his girl. And fell asleep stroking her hair.  Knowing that she was safe and sound.


* * *


The new day arrived.  Sun beamed into the apartment.  Sandy was up already refreshed from a shower.  Ready for some breakfast.  She sat on the balcony warming her face.  A familiar tone echoed behind her.  She smiled to herself, thankful that he was alive.


Brian reached across the bed, realizing that he was in it alone.  Sandy was watching him yawning.  ‘come on lazy, its time for breakfast.’


At 9am they appeared late in the food hall.  It was full of greedy tourists.  The aroma of eggs and bacon filled the air.  As the couple stuck into their cereals both noticed a strange atmosphere.  Some guests were reading the morning tabloids.  Others murmured about news on the television.  The headlines were about the Dark Demon and his heroics. 


Newsreaders spoke of terrorists holding hostages.  They wondered whether the new hero would help in the disturbing events.  A Spanish reporter asked, ‘where is Wonder Man?’


Sandy finished her breakfast as Black choked on his cornflakes.  ‘I thought that nightmare was over.  Is it really happening or are we dreaming.  And who is this Wonder Man?’

‘I don’t know, what shall we do today?’

‘if I was him, I would save those hostages and then reveal who he is.’



The twosome returned their room.  Preparing for a nice day out.  They caught a bus to the seafront so Sandy could sunbathe, as she walked with her friend.  She hoped to lie in the hot sun, with no disturbance. 


Not before long they were on the bus heading for the front.  In the sky smoke could be seen billowing from a distant tall building.  Sandy asked a passenger what it was.  She was informed the terrorists had  killed a hostage.  Sandy was sick to the stomach.  Brian Black notice the anguish in her face. And everyone else. 



Police cars and bikes raced by.  Heading for the scene of despair.  Ambulances passed taking injured victims of the blast.  Another blast shook the bus.  It upset Sandy and affected Black also.  ‘That is it,’ he said aloud.  He turned to Sandy and said, ‘please stay here and do not follow me.’


‘Hey, where are you going?’ before she could stop him, he was gone.

She watched standing outside the bus, a dark cloud appeared.  Police noticed a flash emit from a man.  Next came a figure of demonic proportions.  Some people cheered and others fainted. 


One voice echoed, ‘It is him, its Wonder Man.’




In a banquet hall sat ten banqueting people, with them were five armed terrorists.  One held a machine gun at the head of an elderly woman.  She cried continuously as well as the other hostages.  Among them was the Ambassador of the US Embassy.  ‘Let us go,’ he begged, ‘at least free the women.’


The terror leader declined, ‘unless some IS terrorists were freed from US prisons.  Our aim is to kill you all and ourselves, in the name of Allah and our IS brothers.’  The ten victims shook in immense fear.  In that moment, the lights and sunshine dimmed.  The ugly men froze. 


The gun trigger happy terrorist began to shoot the doomed woman.  In a split second, a flash of light raced across the room.  The man dissolved.  A neon light shone and a deep tone spoke, ‘lay down your arms or die.’


When the leader said, ‘no.’  Bullets flew through the air. Two men were thrown into a wall.  Their bodies crumbled into sand, dead.  The other men shuddered with suicidal tendencies.  They huddled against the only way in or out, like naughty children.  The double doors flew open, and a murderous voice penetrated their minds and heckled, ‘run.’


The terrorists ran into the street.  Straight into the arms of the Police and snipers.  The ten hostages sat numbed by the occasion.  The dark demon of good materialized into a man.  His human voice stated, ‘do not worry now, you are safe, you are free.’


At that, the man stepped out of the banqueting hall, straight into the sights of a nervously awaiting cop.  He shot at what he thought to be another terrorist.  The blood soaked hero fell to the floor.  Right in front of the  police, press and public onlookers.  A grave mood filled the air. 


Sandy ran through the police force.  She had recognized the man who had collapsed.  The crowd surrounded the scene like wolves.  The Spanish police knelt beside a blood stained body of a man with demonic yellow eyes.  They dimmed into brown dying pupils. 


‘Who are you?’ asked the Chief officer. 

‘I am Brian Black, a soulless human.  You know my soul as the dark demon, Wonder Man.’ 


In that moment, Black’s eyes closed for the last time.  Cloud thundered overhead.  A paramedic confirmed that nothing could be done, to save the  Peoples hero.  Then a pretty girl knelt and held her friend close.  ‘who are you?’ claimed the Press.


‘I was his girlfriend.  I was blind but now I see. We all failed to see the goodness of one man.  It took us to this, to see how precious life is. 



All were sad.  Even the terrorists wept. Sandy kissed her guy sweetly on the lips.  Deep until his lost soul found her love.  Silence filled the streets.  Brian Black and Wonder Man were gone.  The grim reaper had won, or had he?  The church bells chimed in the afternoon Spanish sun.  The sea roared and the birds sang.  An immense energy filled the world.  Then bang, everywhere the lights went out.  And a sun went super nova.


* * *




Submitted: June 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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