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A girl have a social anxiety

Alright (Alright)

you know where I lost me?

The story that I can't explain 

I still haunted by the memories 

I have been holding back for the fear upholding on my mind. 

little you know I broken inside 

But I was just kidding myself 

sleep doesn't help if its your soul that is tired.

But they don't understand 

At nights when the stars light up my room 

Don't go tonight 

Need you by my side just stick around.

I'm lost without it.

I'll wait like I've never felt the pain. 

Afraid, ahead 

'Wishin and hopin'

'Thinkin and prayin'

Sick of crying 

Tired of trying 

Yes I'm smiling But inside I'm dying. 

(here's my thought in my notes)



Submitted: June 22, 2021

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