Love and spiritual marriages

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There is a spiritual reason for everything.

Recently, I read about a girl who was so unsuccessful in love that the men she got in relationships with died. It was such a horrifying story to read. imagine that every man you fall in love with ends up dying! strange but true. This girl was so afraid of dating again and she was crying out for help. I felt deeply sorry for her but in my heart I knew that she needed deliverance. Now, it will not happen that every person you date dies but it may happen that every person you date rejects you or dumps you or worse still, gets into weird accidents.

I can relate. I have always had a spirit of rejection with me and I never had much in form of relationships be it family or romantic. if I ever got a boyfriend I was sure to get dumped or to dump within two months. I never grew up with hugs or words of affirmation, i was always on my own in the dark when I was not pretending to be the life of the party.

There are many people who are cursed one way or another and for them, they never get a real relationship, if they do, it is never perfect. there is such a thing as a spiritual marriage.

A spiritual marriage is where a spirit marries you in the spiritual realm and makes any form of happiness in your life either difficult or short lived.

The best example I can think of is one in the apocrypha (books that were excluded from the bible), in the book of Tobit, there is a girl who had a demon that used to kill her husbands.

By the way t is so easy to have a demon spouse and not even know, so many people have these so called spiritual husbands and wives but they do not even suspect. This is because some demons may not go as far as killing your husband or wife but they may make you think that you are just different or something like that.

Consider these questions; Are you married but you are perhaps bored and you want a divorce? You may be having a spiritual husband or wife and you will never really settle down. Have you failed to find true love? Same story. (and maybe it is because you are too much of a perfectionist which could be a spiritual problem). Failed to have children? (It is because you are already bearing them in the spirit world). Hate the opposite sex, fighting with weird problems like poverty that you do not understand and do not make sense? Could be the same case.

For years I myself struggled with a spiritual husband but i did not know, i rejected and I got rejected everywhere I went. how did i get to know that I was married in the spirit? I used to dream that I was a bride or that I was pregnant or breastfeeding although it was not so in the real world. I under estimated these warning signs.

When I got spiritually serious, this demon started to manifest. He spoke, like someone thinking next to me, sometimes rather angrily, sometimes you thought it was God and then you did something wrong. One day during a prayer overnight, God opened my eyes and I saw it, an ugly spiderlike thing with hairy legs.(weird but true) I understood then why people screamed and fell down during prayer sessions. I shook my arm vigorously but of course that was a year in my life when I faced tremendous failure.

Anyway at the climax of it all, I could feel the force of this demon, often tripping me, commanding me to stop singing gospel songs as ‘he hated that noise in his ears’,

These things happened when I entered a time of aggressive prayer and fasting and this demon got really angry. As soon as it was time for prayer something would happen and I would feel it pushing for time, afraid of prayer fire, begging God not to let me win. This was also a time when things were not working well with my husband.

I found this to be a very powerful demon to drive out because it took a very long time, with every day fasting. Demons can really hurt you and your life or your loved ones and once you even suspect that you have one, you should start prayer. Start with protection prayers for you, family and property always. Sometimes it can lay there dormant, waiting for the right time to strike. Sometimes it will be hardly noticeable but it is there causing little failures. Most definitely, it is the reason something always comes up when someone promises you a favour, job, money, promotion, etc.


Here are some signs I picked up from an anonymous writer:

This is being married to the devil himself. They are not natural but spiritual but at certain times they may appear physically. You cannot see a spiritual husband or wife with natural eyes. You can see them in dreams or visions.

Sex in dreams. It is very dangerous and satanic to have sex in dreams. You are having it with demons. Masturbation. You cannot control this and you have tried to stop it. You are having sex with a demon or rather a demon rapes you whenever it senses that you are going to get some type of promotion.

Deprives married people sex. . Wives ask their husbands to pay for sex, bring up headaches e.t.c. Married people sleep in different beds, continually fight, etc.

Separation and divorce. Loss of affection or attraction for your spouse or even hatred. The demon steals it. You get affection and attraction for other men/women hence sexual immorality. Statements like ‘men are dogs’, ‘I hate marriage’ The spiritual husband/ wife wants to make sure that no other man will marry or be with you.

Women dress disgustingly and are a turn off in the marital bed but when out they dress to kill. Spiritual husband/ wife steals the spouse. Some women are not married because the spiritual husband/wife torments the fiancé in dreams or physically and he runs away.

sexual immorality/ promiscuity. He/she wants to destroy you.

Pornography and masturbation, addiction, destructive patterns, homosexuality, prostitution; the devil wants to destroy you and he wants you to serve him. Barrenness and Low Sperm Count. Sexual immorality in marriage. blocking the tubes, miscarriages, fibroids, cancer, etc – they defile the womb to make sure you cannot have a child.

Dreams of giving birth, having babies and suckling them but in reality barrenness because one has given birth spiritually

When having sex with you in dreams or in masturbation, they are defiling you and stealing from you and these events also cause poverty because they drain your blessings and steal them.

Diseases, deformity. Your spiritual husband or wife hates your success. They want to chain you to themselves.

Women act like men and men act like women. Disrespectful, quarrelsome, difficult, feminist (not all of them though) women. Drunkard, irresponsible men, not homemakers. So pray for your spouse, yourself and those you know.

It causes women to value career, money over marriage and children. In the house, a woman becomes the man and a man becomes the woman (in roles and character). Husbands are always washing, cleaning, cooking, baby sitting, etc. This does not mean a husband cannot help his wife in house chores. However, men are suffering silently. Pray for all.

They cause unexplained, long periods of poverty and not having enough to eat, yet you might even be comming from a rich family. Early death, accidents, suicide, voices in your head, insanity, mental illness, to mention but afew

They cause wives to disrespect not submit to husbands because they have another husband in the spirit. They see their husband as useless. They are authoritative, controlling, dictatorial and want a man to be like a wife or child. These demons cause lying, slander, abuse, arguments lack of respect for others and marriage itself.

Spouses go around speaking about what happens in the house and in the marital bed.

The demons cause people to hate the gospel of Jesus Christ and to persecutes it.

Well, the list could be endless but if you have one you will know, there will always be that invisible power of ‘Almost but never there’ fighting you.

If you need salvation, just repent and say a prayer inviting Jesus Christ in your life. Without Him you can never chase any demon. Remember the demons in the new testament that mocked those trying to cast them out because they did not know them? If Jesus is Lord over your life, demons will know and they will tremble. They fear only Him. So chase them in the name of Jesus Christ and they will flee. Remember it does not mean that all mentioned above have this demon but these could be some pointers.

Submitted: June 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kristan Kurora. All rights reserved.

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