"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 Mid -Season finale episode 8 "IT HAD TO BE DONE"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Episode 8 is my Mid-Season finale to season 7 of "Paranormal apocalypse episodes 9-16 are coming real soon.












*Nadine is placed on a bed.* a doctor walks over to her. “No stay away from me.

You people are bad stay away.” She yells. “Don’t worry I’m here to help you everything will be all right soon.” The doctor says approaching Nadine. “Now then tomorrow is a big day for them.” Kramer says smiling.

Tomorrow we will have them make bullets for us.” and a few other tasks.” One of the guards says. *Kramer turns to the man.* “Yes Now I am going to pay our friend Dexter a little visit.” *Kramer starts to walk away. “What are you doing here?” Kathleen said. “Calm yourself. I’m here by a complete accident. You see I was following somebody and I tripped down the river.”

“Bull shit.” Kathleen said. “You know not everything I do has to do with you. I’m not your stalker hell you were gone for the past few days I didn’t sweat you because I didn’t care.” Executer says. “Hell I wish I never saw you again but here you are.

 But why this Log cabin? I thought you and Kramer were two pees in a pod? Ya know? I mean he picked you up in a helicopter for Pete sake. What happened?” Executer says. “Not that it’s any of your business what happened but Kramer gave me an Ultimatum. He said I could either leave and never return and I would live. Or if I return to him they would kill me. So obviously I chose to stay alive.” Kathleen says.

“But I will say this I should have never messed with “Dexter or your group.” Just when Julia died I needed revenge for me call it grief? Call it “Stupid.” Executer interrupts. “Stupid to you maybe. But it doesn’t even matter anymore I got us all into this mess and now it’s too late for me. Executer I’m sorry please I know I’m the last person who said be asking for anything but please tell Dexter I’m very sorry.” “What exactly did Kramer say to you?” Executer asked. *A cell door opens and Kramer walks into a room.*

 “Hello Dexter. How are you doing?” “You have some nerve showing your face to me. After I find out everybody at Hope-Ridge is dead and locking me in this cell? You won’t get away with this.” “Dexter stop. This right here is me talking. I want you to listen very closely I won its over.”

*Kramer takes out a piece of paper and hands it to Dexter to read.* “There has to be a mistake.” “Nope none your friend Sold you out he said yes to me. And it gets worse for you. You see all your friends get to live here like kings but they will never see you again.

You see you have made things very difficult I am keeping you locked up in hear. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you yet but I assure you that you won’t ever see you’re group ever again. That is a promise and that is a consequence to you not listening to me and fighting me from the start.” Kramer says.

“Now it’s not all bad. Nadine is being examined right know by the doctor. “What’s wrong with her?” “Something but you don’t need to worry you won’t be seeing her again remember you are basically in solitary confinement. But Nadine will be alright I have total confidence in my doctor. “If you hurt her I’ll kill you.” Dexter says. “Yeah I don’t see that happening. Now I wonder how Jeremy is doing?”

 “Where is Jeremy?” Dexter says. “Tell me.” “He wouldn’t play ball so I thought some time in providence dungeon would do him so good so he is there now.” Kramer says.  *5 days ago when the group first arrived at Old City Jail. Kathleen was in a private meeting with Kramer.* “You failed you couldn’t get the job done and because of that I have to take over.” Kramer says. “Well yes and no I had it under control but Jeremy he is the one that screwed me up him and Executer.

 I mean that crocodile? What is up with that?” “All I am hearing. *Kramer sighs.* “All I am hearing is excuses about why you couldn’t get the job done. I don’t want your excuses I want their blood I want you to tell me this is all a joke and there all dead but I know that isn’t what happened and I know you lost all of your group are dead and you’re the only one alive if you want some of my men you are sadly mistaken your lucky to not be in a cell right know or hanging from the gallows or the Guillotine that you damn well know I have access too.

Kathleen here is what’s going to happen. *Kramer sighs again.* “You have two choices Leave and do not return ever. Or stay and die you have twenty minutes to decide before I make the decision myself.

 “Please I’m sorry.” Kathleen says. “But I understand and I will leave you will never see me again.” “Good I will hold you to that.” Kramer says *as he opens a door that leads outside.* “Get to stepping.” Kramer says. *Kathleen sighs and starts to walk away.* “That’s deep.” Executer says to Kathleen. “You know I feel bad for you despite all we did to each other you’re not that bad of a person.” Executer says. “You’re really not either.

I think you’ve changed you seem to be nicer than when we fought. Kathleen said. “In another world I think you and I could be quite happy together as a couple.” Kathleen says. “Why does it have to be in another world?” Executer asks.

Kathleen smiles and gets her hair out of her eyes as Executer smiles back. *Kathleen suddenly starts to go in for a kiss and she kisses Executer who kisses her right back.* “This doesn’t have to be it for us.”

 “What are you saying?” Executer says. “Come stay here with me live with me together we can be very happy together and live happily ever after.” “Can Nessie stay?” Executer says. “Yes all of your crocodile friends can.” She says smiling. “I can’t believe this is happening.” Kathleen says. “I thought I was doomed to live out the remainder days of my life alone.

But you came along and now I have a purpose again. We can be a family.” Kathleen says. “Yes I can see it picture it I mean yes we can be a family we will live happily ever after we will be together forever.” Executer says. “I’m sorry but this guilt is killing me.” Marty says to Joseph. “I really don’t think you should have agreed to what you agreed to your not president anymore, you could have put their lives in jeopardy Kramer could be lying is all I’m saying.” “Marty I’m sorry that you feel this way but like I said everyone will agree with what I did sooner rather than later.

 You just need faith. Do you still have faith in me?” “Yes.” Than say it. “Yes I have faith in you.”  “Good now try and gets some sleep tomorrow is a big day. You will need all the rest you can get we all do.” *Kramer gives Dexter some dinner and water and shuts the cell door and leaves.*

 “Kathleen can you come outside with me? I think Nessie has a gift it could be a ring.”

 “Oh boy A ring? Executer you shouldn’t have! You are so sweet I love this.” *Executer slowly takes his knife out from his holster.

He holds the door open for Kathleen.* *Kathleen smiles as she walks past Executer and towards the door.* *Executer takes the knife and drives it into Kathleen’s back very hard and takes it out and drives it in again.* Kathleen turns around screaming in pain and looks at Executer “Why?” “I would never want to hook up with you come on after all we have been through I hate you.” With that Executer stabs Kathleen in the head.

 Kathleen falls to the ground dead.* A pile of blood is starting to form. “Shit. Aww it had to be done.” Executer said as he started to walk away. Leaving Kathleen’s body next to the front door of the cabin in the woods.

Submitted: June 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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