The Assignment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Bussiness leads to Pleasure !

It is a busy week for Rini, the Appraisals are ongoing, The Customers complaining, The fresh recruitments are going on and stakes are high. She just came back from attending a hectic customer call and was summoned by her boss. She knew the vibes were not all out positive but headed on to the meeting room with an attitude of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst - she knew it would be her annual rating discussion.
She entered the room and right on the projector the annual business graph was set, which was not looking quite good, and the management were all eyes on her. she tried to be as normal as possible and took the chair, but she was breathing heavily and her sweat was seeping in on her dress. Her Boss started with some good notes abt her like, Good HR manager, Team leader, Best Recruiter and Planner. Then came the issues and concerns which went on for some time, Rini was replying to all the concerns and queries of the management but she knew it within that it wasn't helping much. Then came the time for the annual ratings - and yet again she was given 4 - "performing Above Expectations" but she knew she had worked so hard to get a 5.
The Management was also confident about Rini's capabilities and wanted her to give her best, hence they offered her another assignment which was quite vital for the company and promising for rini as well. She carefully took down all the details over the same and assured the management that she will make this assignment a success and gain her shine back. She came out of the meeting room with a resolve to conquer the reliance of the management again.The assignment was a Media Campaign for the brand Promotion.
Rini set herself busy with the setting up of Marketing and Branding strategies, Portfolio designs and renting in Shooting spaces locally ,whereas her Boss arranged for a world class photographer for the campaign shoot. She had a clear picture of her Campaign roadmap in mind and left no stone unturned to make it glitter .The Media outlet handling was set, The Models were set , the Costumes and the jewelry were ready, the Hoarding outlines were done and the logistics were all in place. The Photographer and his team arrived in the city and their stay and logistics were all handled seamlessly by Rini. She had a window of Two days wherein she had planned all to be done . She had to rent a load of things for entire two days and anyhow she will have to complete everything in these two days
Day 1 - 
Rini kissed her lil girl, smooched her Huaband and with a smile on her face and charm on her cheeks started on the agenda for Day 1. She had to get a lot of the things in place today including - Media Interface, Banner spacing placeholders and the Photoshoot (Western wear & Casual Wear). So she headed straight to the Hotel to get the photographer to the shoot venue. She arrived at the hotel lobby and asked about the room number but the receptionist pointed out that they are already waiting for her at the lobby. She turned around and saw a Tall,Blonde, blue eyed foreigner in front of her and he had already left his seat to greet her. She was still awestruck by his looks when he greeted her with a kiss on her both cheeks (a Italian way of greeting).Rini was little surprised but conducted herself and gave him a slight hug with a smile.His perfume was very addictive but she didn't make it evident that she wanted to smell him more.She already knew that the photographer is world class, but never anticipated him to be a foreigner.
She had already arranged for flowers for him at the hotel, which she tendered and then she escorted him to her car .He complimented on her elegant looks and dressing - Rob was a gentleman. She drove him to the venue where the other staff were waiting. He reviewed the Furniture, props, Jewelry, the Costumes and the models. Rob was happy to see the arrangements and called Rini's Boss with much satisfaction over the setup. Rini was lil relaxed that the Photographer liked the setup (the way it was supposed to be). While the photoshoot started, Rini paralelly was managing the other aspects of the Campaign. She was busy on her phone, and was also overlooking the photoshoot.
Rini had seen photoshoots before but had never been involved in one, hence was really taking interest in what's going on and was reviewing the pictures with the Photographer at times. The photographer also was trying to impress his employer and hence was trying to get Rini involved with the shoot as much as possible. Rini also tried to give her inputs towards the shoot and was highly welcomed by the photographer. It got to evening 8 pm when the photoshoot for the day was done,but the work was not complete for the day yet. She then drove Rob to his hotel and there over drinks they carefully selected the Photos which were to be given for the Printing today. Rini transferred the pictures to the vendor and thanked Rob for his commitment towards getting this phase done for the Day.Rob also thanked Rini for her focus towards each detail of the campaign. They talked a bit over their family and hobbies and their work life balance.Rob was surprised listening to Rini's busy schedule and insisted on her to take care of her a bit, and find time for helself.It was already late and Rini rushed home.And went for a early sleep.
Day 2 -
Rini suddenly woke up as her husband hugged her a bit tighter than usual, while he was already sleeping.Rini checked the time and it was already 7 am.She felt his morning wood poking her butt - She always liked this part.Since her baby, she was no longer sleeping naked, but was in her braless top and pantyless minis today. she managed to get her hand behind her and touched the Hardon inside his trousers and carefully took it out, raised her legs and inserted the Red meat between her thighs.It was hot and warmed her lower body almost instantly.She then pushed her butt against him so as to get the machine moving. Then she felt his hands over her boobs squeezing and he said in her ears - what are you quietly doing Sexy lady! .He raised his position a bit and now his Rod was brushing against her Vulva.Rini was already aroused and inserted his penis inside her.He brought his hand near her pub area and felt while his Mushroom was disappearing inside the sweet spot.He didn't wait much and started ramming her from behind, Rini was equally pushing her butt hard to him , both were making a lot of noise while He was biting her back and squeezing and pulling her boobs in all directions. Both climaxed at the same time, in each other's arms.
Her morning started with a bang and she was looking forward for a successful day today.she went to her office and gave the updates to her already happy Boss and co-ordinated with the Media campaign. She checked with the  Media print Vendors and they had already got the photos yesterday Photos Printed and ready for Hoardings. She called Rob and checked his status, He was busy shooting at the venue and everything looked fine there. (Today's Theme was Forwal and Ethnic wear).She engaged with the Media Houses in a special Press Conference. Almost all the Big media houses had taken interest and her Boss was proud as ever.The plan was that tomorrow morning the campaign will be covered in tomorrow's Newspapers/Media Advertisements; the Pictures from the photoshoot will be printed and will be advertised on huge advertising Hoardings across the city and everything looked as planned, but...
just as the management was addressing the media, Rini got a phone call which jolted her from within - The Photoshoot has halted ! When she tried to check the reason her colleague said that there had been issues with the Models and the Photographer. And out of a tiff with  Rob, the models have left the venue.She rushed to the Shooting venue, it was almost 4 pm and they should have had completed the shoot by 6 pm so that the pictures would be printed and sent out for the Advertisement hoardings the next Morning. She was visibly concerned and could not allow any anomaly at this point in time, this could ruin everything.She went straight to Rob and asked what the issue was. Rob was also not in a good mood, he calmly asked Rini to talk in private. She excused herself from the staff and went to a cabin nearby .Rob being very professional, put out his concerns straight - He had completed the Formal shoot but he didn't like the Models for the Ethnic wear. Rini out of concern, what's the issue with the models - he said that their figures were not apt per the ethnic wear models. Rini asked further on how their figures should have been their figures ? Rob  said they should have been more curvy and further added that for the ethnic wear he needed a  indian womanish look and the models were all skinny and didn't go well with the theme.
Rini understood his concern and told him to relax a bit , while she tried to carter the situation. She came out of the cabin and called a couple of Model agencies for curvier models , they were available but for tomorrow, she requested and pleaded , but none could make it today. She frantically called her boss to let him know abt the situation and if they could shift the publications to the next day, but her Boss clearly told her that they have already committed the media outlets and if they don't broadcast the campaign tomorrow then they might lose their face in the market !! Hence the photo-shoot has to be done today.And Rini knew how important it was for her as well.She went again to Rob and pleaded before him if he could shoot today's models. When he outright denied that he's not going to work with the models.Rini clearly told him that they will have to complete the shoot today and if there are no models how will they finish the shoot - Rob's eyes sparked and said - I have an Idea, but you will have to agree to that.
Rini was happy to hear that and told him that she will do whatever he asked her to, in which ever way.Rob said that there is one model and you will have to convince her, and that she will be the perfect one for the shoot.Rini is a MBA and a sharp minded Business woman , she knows how to tackle situations and said she would convince anyone for the same. Ron's next words jolted Rini - as Rob wanted her to model for the Ethnic wear Photoshoot.She shockingly said - are you nuts... Me and Model ?? How could you think that I can be suitable for the same.He assured her that she is the best option they got as her beauty, elegance, physique all fall in place for the model he was looking for.Rini knew that this is the only option she had and she was willing to do anything to get the campaign a success.But she had one approval to get - that was from her Husband . She called him and with shivering lips ,shared the situation with him and he instantly agreed and told her to do anything she feels is good and jokingly said before hanging up the phone - No Bikini pictures on the hoardings :) . she kissed him and hung up the phone, turned to Rob and said - Shall We !
Though Rini was Smart,Openminded,Modern, but was shy at the same time.Rob also knew that this was not going to be easy for him and Rini, so Rob made sure to send away most of the crew so that Rini feels a bit comfortable during the shoot. Now that question was about the costumes - which were available were of the sizes of the models and they won't fit rini well, hence the costumes will have to be replaced .Rob quickly asked rini about her sizes and Rini turned red listening to that. and she realized it is not goin to be more difficult that she had thought .She replied with a low voice replied - 36-30-38. rob verified if she has a B cup to which rini shyly noded as yes.Rob ordered the makeup man to get Rini ready before the Costumes arrive while he finishes the Camera and the lighting in a another room which has access to lees number of people.The have a lot to cover in less time.
Rini sat before the mirror while the makeup man was working one her hair.She still couldn't believe that she is modeling and that  tomorrow her Huge pictures will be across the cities.The makeup Man carefully worked on her face and her pulp Lips. Her nails were done and were painted red , just as her lips.her eye contour were pink and her cheeks red.she looked at the mirror again and the Mirror shyed away.It was like a fairytale story and the Heroin just entered the story.Just then rob entered the makeup room with her freshly arrived costumes...He was dumbstruck and assured at the same time,, Rini was looking like an Indian Bride, and he couldn't wait to see her in the costumes.He declared to vacate the room as Rini has to change.
The costumes were lined on the makeshift wardrobe and she had to select the ones she wanted to wear(this was done specifically for her as she was new to this and to make her feel comfortable). She picked a Red Choli and Gharra.Undressed from her wear and wore the ghagra , which was fitting her perfectly and then the choli.There was an issue, her full coverage bra was showing out of it,which was not good at all.She was super intelligent - she put pieces of clothes inside the choli bust area to get the push up for the cleavage and wore the choli braless.She looked herself for a full minute and admired her curviness before getting out of the room.As she stepped out, ROB was speechless,, he was looking at a perfect indian bride as he had fantasized she walked towards the camera , her body emulsified elegance and sexiness at the same time.Rob was super happy on himself for taking this decision of having Rini as his model and he Was right.She was just Perfect.
RIni started posing and ROb started clicking. As soon as Rini was on the frame, Rob just turned to his professional side and started to shoot as he used to and started giving instructions as he would to a model - Rini could you take ur bust out;could you turn and look at the camera, could you please bend a show a lil more cleavage,could you turn and show your curves, could you please look at the camera as if you are so turned-on by it, could you please open ur legs and cup your bosoms, and all this time rini was obeying to the photographer just like a professional model.She then changed to a red saree, with Red and black Blouse [jst like a bra she has].She posed like a Bahu, then like a shy bride , the like a Bride after her pallu has been taken away by her groom.she stood with the Blouse open while her pallu lied on the floor with her hands on her hips.
After 30 minutes and 3 costumes later, Rini thought it would be enough for the photographer, but that was not true.Rob wanted to click rini in all the available costumes, as he wanted to get the best pictures of rini to the Hoardings. The one thing which he didn't knew was that Rini was wearing all this costumes braless and now hat he had asked her to wear a Bikini Blouse, the truth will be out.The Bikini Blouse was wired and Rini didn't like wired lingerie at all.She was in a dilemma for a few minutes before deciding to tell the thing to Rob.when he first hear about it, he got a hard on that rini was bra less the whole time and that her boobs are in such good shape that she never wanted a bra to support them, but then he realized that its an issue now.ROb thought of a plan, and told rini to put thick tissue paper below the blouse so that the metals don't pierce her boobs, but it was more said than done and that she would need help while doing that as the tissue would fall off or misplaced while she tied the blouse.
There was no one else during their discussion and rob asked her permission if she would like to take his help while doing the same.RIni readily agreed.She turned around and and dropped the towel, Rob handed her the blouse, she placed it on her boobs and rob tied it frm behind.While he was tieng the blouse , Rini released an "Ähh" , rob stopped wht he was doin and panicked thinking that the wire had hurt her. He quickly turned her around to check and her bloused slipped. She was standing topless in front of rob with her Huge Bosoms inches away from him. He was nervous impaired, he didn't know how to react but kept looking at her sheer beauty until she brought her hands to hide her deep brown erect nipples.Rob came back to his senses , apologized and asked what the issue was. Rini smilingly and shyly said that he was tieng the blouse too tight. Rini again turned around and this time rob tied the blouse just perfect and the shooting continued.
They tried a couple of more costumes including a saree which had transparent pallu, but by Now rini was confident enough to display her gorgeous cleavage.The saree pictures had really impressed Rob and he was assured that they had had pictures to select for the Advertisements. It was around 8 pm and they were almost done.Now that they will have to just select the pictures for the advertisements, Rini asked the other staff to leave .She also went to change.While she was in front of the mirror and changing, she realizes that she really liked to be a model and would like to do that more in the future, if given a chance.Just then,Rob knocked at the door.
Rini - Hey rob, I am changing and will be out in a minute
Rob - Just hold on, I want to ask you a favor
Rini - yes will come out in a minute,in the middle of changing
rob - I want to talk to you before you change.
Rini was lil puzzled and didn't know what to do as, as she had just opened her blouse, and it was always difficult to put it on .So she put on the towel to cover her Breasts and opened the door. Rob looked a lil hesitant to say but rini insisted on what he was intending to say. rob said he wanted a favour and if rini would help him on that - He wanted to click a few pictures of Rini for his use abroad.rini said to use any of the pictures he already clicked, But rob said I he wanted a few more intimate pictures.rini was lill confused, and asked to explain.he said that he wanted a few sexy Indian Ethnic wear pictures for a foreign magazine and hence wanted more sexy pictures than which were shot today.Rini knew it was already late but she also knew how rob has helped her to finish up the campaign today, so she agreed and asked what and how he wanted to shoot.
ROb looked at her eyes and asked if she could wear the lehenga..Only.Rini was surprised and asked - You mean only the lehnga and nothing on top, rob nodded.Rini said ok and went into the room.She was not comfortable but she didn't want to disappoint rob.She wore the lehna and dropped the towel while looking at the mirror.She was looking super hot.she held her tits briefly and squeezed a couple of times to get them pumped and her nipples were also hard.Walked out of the room and to the frame, without hiding her boobs.Rob was surprised as rini walked in with her huge tits on display an swinging, he was also able to look at her hard nipples on top her full breasts, with her sexy waist and belly button and got an instant Hard-on.he stammered a lil and asked her to stand while covering on of her boobs, and started clicking various poses - covering her nips with both hands, turning around while showing only one boob,cupping both boobs, standing with both hands raised,squeezing both boobs together,bend and touch the floor while looking at the camera.Rini obeyed all the poses while keeping her attitude as required.Rob was super excited having captured the images he was looking for.
He then asked one more thing to do, RIni was shocked this time.It was to just pose with a pallu - Only.Rini politely asked if she can keep her panty, but rob replied with a NO. She was handed a red gold crafted pallu, a few ornaments like a huge necklace, a waistband and ankle wear.She was looking cosmicly sexy.she was naked but was covered with the Heavy ornaments and semi transparent pallu though.He shot a few poses - draping the pallu on the frontal parts, by wrapping the pallu at her waist and toppless,cover her boobs with the pallu and her v with her hand. and finally he asked her to drop the pallu and click with ornaments only.rini did so. and right infront of Rob there stood an Indian sex goddess.ROb started clickeng, as she was told to pose on different dance steps , and she did it so well, her voloupsous figure was just doing wonders. rob also made her turn so that he clicked with her butt and boobs exposed, and undoubtedly he was getting hornier. He kept clicking non stop for 15  minutes.
He then stopped and thanked rini for agreeing over the same, rini said welcome with a smile and it did something to Rob, he instantly asked RIni - can I kiss you, she looked at her yes and said yes, come. He walked straight towards her and kissed her cheeks and then both connected on to their lips, it turned to a sensual smooch.Rob broke the kiss and asked if he could touch her, she nodded.He continued to kiss her while touching her body parts - cupped her boobs, squeezed her butt, held he waist and touched her vagina .Rini also hugged him and enjoyed his perfume and the kiss.Robs penis was hard and Rini could feel it, and was curious to see it.she quietly asked rob if she could see her penis, rob told her to open his trousers, she did and to her surprise a 9 inch pink snake jumped out. She held it in her hands and it was so hot and good looking she wanted to taste it. Ron was so thrilled he jst looked onto rini as she kneeled down and took the Mushroom top into her mouth. She tasted it for a while and then she sucked it Hard, it was so huge that she only managed to take half of it inside her mouth, she sucked and sucked for around 10 minutes when Rob declared that he is going to cum.she slowly took that out of her mouth and jerked onto her face. Rob ejaculated sprouts and sprouts of cum on her face, which she then directed the tip to her boobs and her body.he ejaculated so much that her whole face and upper body were covered with his cum.Rob collapsed on the couch while rini licked his penis clean and walked away to the wash room.She cleaned herself and changed to her usual attire and came out of the room.Rob was not looking her to her eyes, rini was smiling and asked him to pack up as she will drop him to hotel.
They drove to his hotel and non spoke a word.After dropping him at the hotel where Rob sent the picture for the printing, and rini left for Home. She had a good night sleep, and she was satisfied and equally tired from the day's work.The next morning when she drove to her office, she was amazed to see the huge hoarding with her brand an on top of that her own picture was also on a Huge advertisement hoarding, she couldn't stop herself from being super proud of her work.she had a grand welcome by her Staff and management while the management announced that Rini was promoted to HR Director!
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Submitted: June 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Riyank. All rights reserved.

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