Baby Eye Am Alive!

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Today I am not who I was yesterday. Today I'm living, and tomorrow I'm going to live forevermore.

Today I woke up and went outside to witness what I would describe as the best sunrise of my life thus far. The sky radiating such beautiful blends of purple, orange, yellow and red all at once. The beautiful colors of that sunrise resided inside of my spirit as I smiled at an orange blossom on the ground. Smelling the essence of its beauty gave me a clear scent of what my own spirit smelt of in that moment. So beautiful, so unique, so amazing, so me. 

It feels so good to be alive in this moment, and every moment after this will last for an eternity more. As the rain drops came down on my head, I felt a sense that all my worries, all my troubles, and all my insecurities had washed away into the soil in which we grew. The beauty in the storm was truly a blessing I had found what I would describe as God, the universe, the very essence of all life smiling upon me. The other day along my journey through this ever so lovely path of beauty and power, the goddess made through and true for a God such as eye has entered back through into the realm of love with me. 

Eye am greater now than ever before in this lifetime because of the determination to continuously grow from lessons learned through those who've wronged me on numerous occasions. I love each and every individual that has ever entered my life as I've learned a great deal of knowledge of who eye am, as well as this beautiful purpose I'm set to fulfill in this lifetime. Each heartbreak from family, friends and even myself has brought a much needed aspect into play in order for me to fully embrace such power bestowed upon me. That aspect is death before the ending of this life cycle. The death of what I thought I was in order to truly step into the marvelous royal wealth eye am forever blessed to have. 

The goddess who's prescence eye spoke of in earlier text has revealed truth through clear conscious dreams becoming reality. Eye am in love with myself as she is a reflection of me. The amazing beauty that resides in us both is a light that attracts, so many drifters that are seeking to discover the beauty in themselves as well. Together and separate we are both teachers and masters of love, patience, integrity, peace, prosperity, commitment, wealth, clear consciousness, companionship, stability, accountability and truth. Eye am truly alive, eye am truly powerful, eye am truly beautiful, eye am truly love.

Submitted: June 23, 2021

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