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Ophelia has lost her father, her kingdom, and everything she knew in one day. On her coronation day to become Queen. Now she has lost her life, is this an end to her as she knows it or a beginning to the afterlife. Come along with Damien as he protects, provides, and survives in the name of Queen Ophelia of the Obsidian Kingdom.

Table of Contents

The Beginning of the End

Damien has been tasked with keeping Ophelia safe since she was a young girl. As her bodyguard he does his best to keep her out of trouble but Ophelia is head strong and gets away... a lot. Join
their adventure to avenge her death and her fathers. But first here's a bit of background.
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Queen Ophelia

An announcer calls out from his perch on a separate balcony, quieting the crowd, and the King steps up to the podium to speak. “M... Read Chapter

The First Loss

When an arrow silent as night comes hurtling from the tree line surrounding the kingdom. Jumping into action I pull the King and Queen ... Read Chapter

Old Flames, New Fires

Please comment with feedback, ideas, notes if you have any or find anything funny or even if there's something you'd like me to write in. I find inspiration and creativity the most powerful when
two or more ideas come together as one. Thanks to you all who will read this!
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Never Kiss and Tell

Feel free to like, comment, and share if you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks to all my readers I appreciate you all!
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