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Damien's POV:

I slowly tuck my wings back and pick up her limp body. Ophelia… “How could they let this happen to you” I questioned myself as my tears fell across her already dampened face from the rain. Not that the rain or tears take from her beauty. Her pale Eleven skin like porcelain and her usually hardened, angular features look softened in death. A sharp contrast from the deep mahogany arms cradling her body. Like yin and yang one light, one dark but both together creates the perfect match. Striding towards the ruins that once were our beautiful kingdom I lay her body at the base of our memorandum of her late father, our last Great King.

The only thing they weren’t able to destroy. It was made from the hardest substance known to all fae-kind and every other creature living in the Obsidian Kingdom. Out of the 700 years since our kingdom started there have only been 7 kings each born 100 years apart destined to be a Great King by the mark of obsidian somewhere on their body. The former king, our last Great King, had only reigned 80 years when they assassinated him on Ophelia’s coronation day.

I remember it like it was yesterday the king that should have stayed, the only one joyous enough for songs to be sung and poems to be written telling his stories of great kindness, love, and loyalty to his people. Music, the smell of fresh flowers and laughter filled the air that beautiful sunny day as I helped Ophelia into her coronation gown.

“More like armor, '' she murmured, almost reading my mind. With a chuckle I pull the heavy black cloth up on her back and begin to lace her up. “It’s a beautiful tradition you should be more grateful for”, I told her distractedly as the dress started to drop back down with the weight of the obsidian and steel all over it. The long gown was covered in a chain mail like material of shimmering obsidian contrasted by steel and black velvet long sleeves with a sweetheart neckline fit for a Queen. “Can you hold the dress in place, please? It was hard enough to find you and get you into the dress in the first place.” I said with exasperation as the dress kept slipping before I could lace the corset top. With a tsk and a sigh she grabs the fabric by her hips and says “Here, is that better for you?” Standing with her hands on her hips like a child about to throw a temper tantrum.

With t0he weight was now evenly distributed. I could let it rest on her back while I pulled the corset taut against her. Satisfied that it would no longer slip down and give the citizens a real show I step back. Slowly turning around she looks up at me with her sharp eagle-like gaze, “How do I look? Don’t lie.” I forget sometimes that she is still a girl with insecurities like us all. I let my eyes roam over her face before dropping down to her exposed shoulders, her naturally pale skin glowing in the light. Following the curve of her collar bones to her chest, I swallow as I notice how her bosom has grown into supple breasts leaving her cleavage to spill over the heart neckline.

A clearing throat pulls me from my reverie and my attention snaps up to the door where her father stands grinning like an old fool. “The people are getting restless, they're ready to meet their first Queen. Are you ready, my darling?” he asks Ophelia with a small nudge of his elbow. She lifts her chin, takes a deep breath and reaches for his elbow to be led onto the balcony. Walking behind them I immediately scan the hallway for threats and remind them to be cautious, while our kingdom may lie far from others we weren’t impenetrable. I find myself looking at the skin of her back again where her mark of Obsidian lies. A tear drop shaped piece of Obsidian that was born into her skin just below the nape of her neck at the start of her back. Her hair was swept up with many of the dark colored stones incorporated to show off the mark. As we near the balcony I step in front of them to scan the crowd first as they erupt into cheers seeing no immediate threats. I backed off into the corner, steeling myself but also ready to pounce if anything were to happen. “Great citizens of the Obsidian Kingdom, we would like to present the Great King.”

Submitted: June 23, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lyndsay Brown. All rights reserved.


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