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An announcer calls out from his perch on a separate balcony, quieting the crowd, and the King steps up to the podium to speak.

“My people, you all have treated me well as your King and I hope you’ll give the same respect, generosity, and love to my daughter as your first Great Queen. Today I renounce my throne and my crown over to my daughter, Ophelia.” As he finishes, she walks out onto the balcony where the crowd can fully see her in all her regal beauty. A few members of the audience gasp at her beauty before bursting into cheers, applause, and wolf whistles. A light blush dusts her cheeks as she heads up to the podium to speak to her congregation for the first time.

“My beautiful people of Obsidian, I’m here to make one promise to you all that this Kingdom will flourish under my rule not wilt, that you can trust and rely on me as I will trust and rely on you, we’ve grown, ate, farmed, lived and lost together and yet the Kingdom is still standing. No matter what, I will not let my Kingdom, no, my home be taken away from us nor will I harm anyone or anything in it and the only thing I ask of you all is to promise me the same.” She says her voice and eyes unwavering as they move across the crowd. Tears shine in the eyes of a few but love and admiration already bloomed into the eyes of many.

“Latet enim veritas, sed nihil pretiosius veritate!” Truth is hidden, but nothing is more beautiful than the truth. The crown bearer steps forward for the King to take Ophelia’s custom made obsidian crown and place it on her. As the King grasped the crown in both hands, Ophelia bent into a slight curtsy, and he placed the crown on her dark hair. The crown fitting so perfectly creating more than just an illusion the crown was made for her and no one else. She stood to full height beside her father with a smile and grasped his hand to lift it in triumph towards the people. “THE FIRST GREAT QUEEN OF OBSIDIAN!” The crowd again cheers uproariously throwing flowers, cards, and handkerchiefs into the air in celebration. Music started back up and the crowd began to sing and dance to honor their new Queen. The now former King and Queen Ophelia stand on the balcony watching the crowd prepare for the feast to come and enjoy themselves.

Submitted: June 23, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lyndsay Brown. All rights reserved.


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