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When an arrow silent as night comes hurtling from the tree line surrounding the kingdom. Jumping into action I pull the King and Queen down on the floor of the balcony while the crowd is filled with blood curdling screams and the sounds of metal cutting through bones and flesh. “No!, “ Ophelia screams, “My people we must help them! We cannot just let them die after I promised them I’d keep everyone safe.”


I continued pushing them through the halls towards our safe room where a secret passage was held for the royals to get out of the city safely undetected. As we entered the safe room and I shut the door securely behind us the King collapsed. Ophelia runs over to him to try to help him back to his feet thinking he’s just exhausted from the run and lost his adrenaline. When she reaches him and goes to roll him back to his feet she sees the arrow protruding from his chest, how I missed that as I thought I was getting them to safety I’ll never know and forever regret.


She goes to rip the arrow out of his chest and he stops her with a bloody hand to her cheek. Her already tear stained face now streaked with dirt from the floor and her fathers blood. “My darling, “ he whispers, struggling to speak around the blood building up in his chest. “This arrow has been poisoned with Anglical sap, one of the only things strong enough to kill us. Please, live, my darling and rebuild our kingdom for our people. Show them the stubborn resilience I’ve dealt with for the past 20 years. I love you so much,” He ends with a cough that chokes him with more blood and dies in her arms. His body shimmers for a few seconds before there is nothing left in her arms to hold but the oval piece of Obsidian that was hidden in his chest that got him named King 80 years ago.


As her tears hit the piece of Obsidian we notice a large diagonal hole right through the middle where the arrow had pierced the stone before the poison dug its way through to his heart. Just then terrible tremors begin to shake the palace and the ceiling starts crumbling around us. 


Submitted: June 23, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lyndsay Brown. All rights reserved.


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