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Ophelia’s POV:

Damien had been my savior ever since I could remember his warmth, orange golden eyes, and deep skin was always a comfort to me. Just being in the same room with him always made me feel safer. Once I was old enough to roam alone without constant supervision or sneaking away from the castle guards to play in the courtyard with other children my age I realized my feelings for him were much more than a protector or big brother. Even when I snuck away he’d always been the one to find me, to bandage my scrapes and bruises, to comfort me without words when I missed my mother and my father had no time for me.


Through everything he had been there not only as a guard but as a handmaid when I had events to attend and had been off adventuring while the rest of the kingdom was getting ready. I had taken my privileged life for granted and no matter how many times he’d told me I should be grateful for what I had, it wasn’t until today that I fully acknowledged and appreciated that. Now with no father and no kingdom I had nothing left but myself, crown and dark knight. Standing in place by the portal watching it swirl and wave like water I take a deep breath, push my shoulders back and get ready to jump. Before I can stop myself I turn to Damien, looking deep into his eyes seeing emotion and color swirl behind them but unable to figure out what the emotion is I place a hand to his cheek to see if maybe I could feel it.


The second my fingers graze his skin it feels like static electricity has gone through my being and flows from his body to mine. He looks into my eyes and opens his mouth moving my attention to his full lips but nothing comes out. His breath hitches bringing my attention back to his eyes and they have started glowing more golden than orange as if he could feel the static finally. “Ophelia,” he murmurs, his tone lower than I’d ever heard and it sent a shiver down my spine as I felt his breath hit my wrist. My mind is screaming “kiss him” but my body is imobile. Suddenly, he wrapped one arm around my waist while the other clasped the back of my neck, his fingers grazing the piece of Obsidian on the nape of my neck while he bent down to kiss me. Fireworks exploded on my lips, across my skin and down my entire body filling me with an amazing sense of fulfillment and otherworldly strength. Damien’s warm lips scorched my own in a passionate kiss that lingered long after he pulled back. The next thing I knew he pulled me into an embrace and fell backwards into the portal. Grasping his back I just squeezed my eyes shut and pressed my face into his chest as we fell for what felt like forever before landing with a thud that knocked the air out of him.


 I quickly rolled off his chest to allow him to gain that air back and held his head in my lap until he regained consciousness. While waiting I looked around the place we landed in awe. Big beautiful trees surrounded us with what looked like large cloudy blue and purple gems instead of leaves. These gems were more beautiful than any I had ever seen like clouds attached to trees. The grass was softer, greener, and more luscious than our hard stone kingdom. The air was so still and quiet, only the sound of wind whipping through the trees and the sound of wings fluttering filled the air. “Damien, where are we?” I asked not expecting a response as he was still unconscious. The sound of fluttering wings got closer and closer until it became a full on buzz right around where we had fallen. I began to shake Damien frantically worried something would come and try to take us away from each other.


After shaking him many times to no avail I lifted his head from my lap and apologized profusely, as the buzzing got closer, I pulled back and smacked him as hard as I could waking him from his reverie with a start. He sat up so quickly we bumped foreheads and my crown fell to the ground as I fell backwards along with it, groaning as a dull ache settled into the place we bumped heads. I hear him groan as well and a rustle of clothing as I lay on my back looking up at the clearest, bluest sky I had seen with at least 3 moons I could see just as visibly as the fluffy clouds. Each moon is a different color, one orange like Damiens eyes, another baby blue almost blending in with the sky but just a slight enough variation to be seen and a blood red moon with craters that resembled volcanoes on its bubbly surface. The bright and beautiful sight was then blocked by a dark figure leaning over me.

Submitted: July 27, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lyndsay Brown. All rights reserved.


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