The Doll With A Sewed Mouth

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Within a palace in the middle of thorny woods, there lived a god and his cherub, along with their companions: a carabao, a rabbit, a young cat’s claws vine, and a very beautiful doll with a sewed mouth.


Within a palace in the middle of thorny woods, there lived a god and his cherub, along with their companions: a carabao, a rabbit, a young cat’s claws vine, and a very beautiful doll with a sewed mouth.


Every day, each of them will say out loud their purpose in living in the palace as bestowed by the god.


The cherub said, “I am to serve the god, his majesty with all my heart and soul, and oversee the unity of the creatures of this palace, no matter what.


The carabao snorted, “I was a pig coddled and abundantly provided for by his majesty. Now as a carabao, I must tend to the garden’s crops to provide for everyone.


The rabbit sniffed, “I am only this small and had to bear the most difficult hand from the god. In return, I must hurry and get stronger so that I can fix the palace’s rooms and walls.


The baby cat’s claws vine slid, “I have received the healthiest filtered soil, and had been made to bathe under the warmth of the powerful sun. Soon, I must learn many things from Lady Cherub and oversee the palace with my many arms.


Only the doll with the sewed mouth stayed still and quiet throughout many years, but the god still favored it greatly. For he put it in an elegant glass case, cushioned with velvet silks and framed with gold, to be shown and presented to any guest he might have.


One day, the god was hit by a curse from the universe and the god’s health worsened. And with the creatures having their hands full with work, the god had to send the doll out to seek the help of a holy healer.


Out of the glass case and the palace for the first time, the doll traveled far and wide, the distance of which is really just a few kilometers to anyone. And it saw many unknown things, many creatures, moving with their own versions of arms, and talking with their own versions of mouths. The doll just knew that it had to find a healer, but did not know how to.


The creatures outside did not pay any attention to the doll, for it did not speak but would just stare and stare, and then walk away. And stare it would, for it is what it had only known to do in the world of a glass case.


Weeks passed and the doll went back to the palace empty-handed, beautiful dress torn with snicks and small wounds on its arms and legs.


The god became angry.


Just a few weeks passed, yet you come back here bearing nothing at all in your useless hands! What use, have you? Is all the love I bestowed upon you for these many years in vain?” said the god furiously.


But the doll could not answer, for it had a sewed mouth. It had never asked for nor complained about anything, yet had received everything and nothing at all.


Remembering what it had seen on the outside, the doll raised its hands, struggled and trembled, making its own mouth. Blood spurted thickly from its newly made lips, tears crisscrossing along the ripped threads that had bound its voice. But it felt no pain, for it had not known how to feel.


It tried to speak but was unfamiliar with speech. And as the blood crusted on its wide mouth, down its torn beautiful dress, its jewel-like eyes sparkling with wonder, it finally struggled to say:


..Your… Ma, majesty. What… is a How… d, does it l-look… like? Is it.. a creature tha..t has f-four, legs? Or one, with a s-single... eye? F-forgive me, o’ god! All I know... is what a.. glass c-case is… But I do not know..what, a healer is. Your Majesty… the w-world out-side is v-very.. wond-derful, can you… l-let me go outside, ag-again..?


Submitted: June 24, 2021

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L.E. Belle

Very interesting and intriguing story! Well-written too.

Thu, June 24th, 2021 2:26pm


Thank youu! :))

Thu, June 24th, 2021 8:57am

Ann Sepino

Sweet crackers, I did NOT know this would be so grim, lol! I thought this was gonna be a cute bedtime tale. The 'cherub, 'rabbit' and 'doll' really had me fooled there. Still, I'm honestly very intrigued by the symbolism you included. Neat story!

Thu, June 24th, 2021 2:43pm


Hahah yeah I also reflected that it's a really #notforchildren story. Thank you for your comment! :))

Thu, June 24th, 2021 8:56am

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