Catcher In the Swamp

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Remember the refrain “Drain the swamp”? Whatever happened to that? . . . . Not only has the swamp not be drained, it’s gotten even bigger, murkier, deeper and more congested!


By Al Garcia

Remember the refrain “Drain the swamp”?  Whatever happened to that?

Not only has the swamp not be drained, it’s gotten even bigger, murkier, deeper and more congested!  

It now seems that you’re nobody in Washington, unless you’re up to your neck in the swamp!  

The thought that placing millionaires and billionaires in office would end the abuse, graft and greed in Washington didn’t turn out that way. Just the opposite.  The new faces, closed minds, and sticky hands in Washington just proved that even millionaires and billionaires can be “swamp things” too.  If these are the “best qualified” people to represent us, can you even imagine less qualified people in the same positions?

Every day, I wake up and have to deal with at least one scandal or new scandalous revelation about a Congressman or Senator, a Governor, or State Legislators.  Never in the history of this Nation have we seen or dealt with this type of incompetence and/or salacious behavior.  It is beyond a made for television sitcom, and beyond believability.  To imagine that the American people are allowing this melodrama to proceed, day-in and day-out, without outrage, is beyond belief.  Under normal circumstances, Americans would have put a stop to this long ago.  But then, these are not normal times, and these are not normal circumstances.

America and the world are dealing with the fact that the world’s once most prestigious country is now led by a band of grifters, liars and incompetents.  As you may already know, a “grifter” is someone who swindles you through deception or fraud.  In other words, a fraudster, con artist, cheater, confidence man, scammer, hustler or swindler - with their main goal being to find that one “big score” – in this case, the American public.

Politics and politicians have always been on the cutting edge of “grifterhood.”  They promise and pledge the impossible, based on the improbable and sometimes impossible, beguiling receptive hearts and minds with pomposity and spectacle, using well-chosen words and phrases to pierce the armor of common sense and even common decency.

The new era of politics has flung open the doors to men and women who once thrived in the shadows, and flourished on the decaying remnants of decency and morality.  These men and women are now blossoming and prospering in the light of day in the chambers of our Congress, with an audacity of a new brotherhood not seen before.  

When once the world was awed and inspired by the power of truth, an old and more powerful sentiment prevails among hate-stoked masses at rallies and in dark damp alleys, and Congressional hallways.  It is the visceral and primitive allure of abhorrence and aversion, that has brought down dynasties and cultures throughout the history of man.  And now, we are witness to the rise of the supremacy of unchecked greed, arrogance and egotism sitting at Congressional seats of power, like little wannabe Cesars.  Will we too be asked to give praise to our own self-anointed Cesars this time around?  

The grifters have overrun the gate and are inside our House.  They are tending to the swamp, feeding and nurturing the hate, the lies and the arrogance of power.  Not a good match for America or for democracy.  

America is not a “mark” to be robbed of its treasures and its dreams.  America is a way of life.  And the grifters in Congress and across State Legislatures, are not only stealing our money, our voice and our vote, they are stealing the very essence of us, our future, and our hope.

No catcher in the swamp.  No rainbows in the sky.  Just unhinged leaders, trying to stay alive, even if it mans sinking into the swamp, and taking us down with them. 

Submitted: June 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

In ancient Greece they already knew that politicians tend to show some despicable qualities very quickly after gaining influence and power.

Tue, June 29th, 2021 1:47pm

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