Bespelled Part 2 A novel

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New York, 1981
Eleven year old Bethany Gordon still lives with her parents in her New York apartment. As she goes to school, she uses magic to go to the Library, where she meets her friend Edward, a young warlock. When she meets new people, she meets enemies who want power in the city that never sleeps.
The first children's fantasy sequel to Bespelled.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-More Faeries

This book is rated PG for supernatural themes, adult themes 13 and under New York, 1981 March 4 The faeries were eager to use... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-Back to the Library

'Mom'. 'Yes, Bethany'. 'Sometimes; sometimes no. I was your age when I had my teeth pulled, and they took them away. And I drank ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Edward

Edward waited. He sipped some Earl Grey tea, and relaxed by the warm fireplace. He was thinking of Bethany.  And he smil... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-Spells

Bethany saw glad to be at school.  As she reached the water fountain, she was drawn the the old wall. She touched it. Then she c... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Doubt

There was doubt in Bethany's mind. Eden was someone new. She walked to the Library; she saw the Circle members watching her. They s... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-The Circle

The sounds of the voices dimmed.  Fohler stood near the Ancient People.  He was sure the Goddess of Truth would give hi... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Wicca

The Wicca spell book was on the mahogany table. Bethany opened it, and saw the spells that were inside.  Written on page 1 w... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Following

'Where're we going?', Bethany asked Edward.  'To the Burning Flames of Yoreh', he answered. 'Where's that?'. 'In the oth... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-Obscurer

The witch looked at Bethany. 'You're a Obscurer, child. It's in your bloodline. I sense it from the first time I heard you swish thro... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten-Bespelled again

__ Bethany grabbed her spell book.  She cast a spell.  'Accto mirigh kommena drysof', she uttered.  ("Let ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven-Edward saves her

'She'll come to, Eden', Edward said. 'She is not one of us', Eden said. 'She used beginner magic. But she summoned the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve-And the time was 4PM

__ The time was 4 PM. Bethany's Mom was frantic.  'Where's my daughter?', she asked the Principal. 'She had a fall, Mr... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen-Home again-Epilogue

Bethany yawned.  After she had dinner, she went to sleep in her bedroom.  The day took a toll on her. By tomorrow, ... Read Chapter

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