"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 9 "DEMONS"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Episode 9 of paranormal apocalypse season 7.












*The door slams shut leaving Jeremy in the dark. *Church bells can be heard in the distance.*

”I need to get out of hear.” Jeremy says out loud. *Suddenly a voice speaks out from the shadows.* “You’re trapped like a rat in a cage. This place consider it your final tomb. Soon you will be 6 feet under. Just like me.” The voice said. “No I won’t I will get out of here and I will kill Kramer My group will. I just need to get out first.

 “Fool there is no escape.” Suddenly one of the dim lit candles went out. And the room dropped to below zero degrees it felt like. *A women suddenly appeared in the room besides Jeremy.* *She was floating.* “What am I looking at?” Jeremy says to himself. “My name is Jasmin. I died within these walls. Now my soul is trapped beyond these walls and I cannot go anywhere so I spend my time finding people and warning them what’s to come.”

 *The women disappeared. *Suddenly the blade inside the guillotine slammed down.* Jeremy looked over at it as a man had appeared.

“Today is the day I die to the guillotine. I am ready.” *The man gets inside of the guillotine and waits. *Jeremy hears a bloody scream in the darkness following the sounds of a blade dropping. And he hears what sounds like a thud.* Jeremy looks around in the room. “I need to get out.” I need too. Jeremy says to himself. “Don’t you get it? Are you stupid?” a voice said sounding angry.

“There is No escape! You are trapped within these walls. You will die hear... die hear DIE HEAR!” The voice yelled shaking the building. “Maybe you died but this is not where I die.” Jeremy says. “Oh But it is. You think you are safe. But you are far from it. Right know your friend Joseph trainer who your people were so glad to see had no issues throwing you and your group to the wolves.” “What do you mean?” Jeremy asked. “I saw it. I was there He made a deal with Kramer. You all work for him do as he wishes and you stay alive. Stay alive…STAY ALIVE!” The voice said.

“No can’t be why would Joseph do that?” WHY?” You will die hear.” The voice whispered. “Who are you?” Jeremy asked the voice. “Please show yourself is it the women? Tell me.” Suddenly a figure appeared and Jeremy’s jaw dropped he was speaking with Himself. “You see Jeremy I am your spirit I tried to fight Kramer and I died in the progress. I know what will become of you if you don’t play ball with Kramer just surrender to everything.

Everything will be ok just surrender. Surrender or Die.” “You’re asking me to give up on everyone and everything? I can’t just do that and I won’t.” Jeremy says. “Jeremy this is no lie I am not telling you anything I am Warning you what happens if you argue.

You will die. It was not a pleasant death either. You die in front of all of your people. I died on a Saturday afternoon and the day after tomorrow is Saturday. You have to listen to my warnings If not you will Die.” “Then I die Trying.” Jeremy says. “I will not give up I will help Dexter see this through I will kill Kramer and when I get out of hear me and Joseph will talk and I will find out exactly what happened.”

 “I’m sorry Jeremy I cannot allow you to leave these walls. You will not escape and you will not defeat Kramer. Last chance tell me you will surrender do it make things easy on yourself.” “Or what?” Jeremy says. “You’re supposed to be me. So if you really are me then what will I do? Am I going to listen or am I going to do exactly what I want?” Jeremy says angrily. “Ok Fine but you asked for this.” The figure of Jeremy suddenly disappeared.* *suddenly the ground started to shake very violently as a growling sound entered the room. The door to the outside had slammed open and Nessie appeared.

*She had red eyes and looked angry. She growled. And showed her teeth. “Nessie?” Jeremy said. As he coughed. Nessie shook the room as she walked closer. “The Executers voice whispered in the building “Oh shit Jeremy Nessie is Hungry. She hasn’t had that sweet taste of human meat in a few days. Nessie is Hungry. You know what that means?” *Suddenly Executer appeared right in front of Jeremy* “GET HIM.!” *Nessie ran as fast as she could twitching and jumped at Jeremy devouring him in one sitting.*

*Jeremy woke up minutes later outside the walls of “Old City Jail.” “What? How did I get hear?” Jeremy hears a voice it was Kramer. “You dare challenge me? You will face death for this.” Then I’d rather die than stay here and work for a piece of shit like you.” Jeremy says to Kramer.

“The balls on this one. Ok You all heard him he wants to die. I can arrange that.” *The door opens up and Dexter, Nadine,Joseph, Marty,Miles,Tom and Executer along with Nessie where on their knees. As Kramer lit a fire in the fire pit. “Now we are all hear for one reason the death of Jeremy. He asked for this and we don’t want to disappoint him. We don’t want to disappoint anyone. So you are all cordially invited to witness Jeremy’s death.” With that Kramer shoves Jeremy into the fire and proceeds to burn him alive.

 *Jeremy is screaming as the fire is burning him alive. Jeremy manages to punch the guard who was holding him down and Jeremy managed to tackle Kramer and set him on fire as well.* “Son of a bitch.” Now.” Kramer yelled as his guards decided to open fire on Jeremy killing him in moments with about a hundred bullets. Jeremy fell on the ground dead. “NO! You bastards.” Dexter yelled as ran up to the body. Nadine started to grieve along with everyone else. “You have been a thorn on my side for too long Dexter. Let this be a lesson.

 To you and your people. You’re all alive breathing because I allow it.” *Dexter takes out his gun and shoots at Kramer.* the guards begin to open fire Not just on Dexter but on everybody. Nadine died to a headshot first. Dexter watched as all of his friends were dead before Kramer aimed his gun at Dexter and shot him dead. “No Kramer killed everyone. Shit. No No NNNOOOOO!” Jeremy yelled punching the ground over and over again.

“I will kill that son of a bitch. I will kill him your dead KRAMER. DO YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!” Jeremy shouted but nobody obviously heard him. *Suddenly the Executer appeared with Nessie. “See enough? You see one stupid thing you did made Dexter go off and get everyone killed.

You need to control yourself don’t get us all killed.” What are you the ghost of Christmas past? “I don’t know about that but I am just showing you what happens when you go off the chain with Kramer.”

“Now shall we go back or do you want to watch your friends die again? I can make popcorn this time also.” “Take me home.” Jeremy says. *The ground starts to shake violently and Jeremy ends up chained back to the wall. *Well do you understand yet? If you go off again you cause a chain reaction with Dexter that will result in every one of your friends getting killed.

 Do you really want that on your conscience? “No I don’t.” Jeremy says. “Good I think you understand what I showed you.” “Ok ok I won’t do anything Kramer is in charge I get it. I won’t do anything to get any of my friends killed or worse. “Good now then this is when we depart.” The voice said. *as the door opened up and two of Kramer’s guards appeared in the building.

“Are you ready to come back with us? Have you learned your lesson yet? “I have and I won’t challenge Kramer anymore.” “Good.”

*With that the guards unchained Jeremy and started to walk him outside of the Dungeon. Suddenly two gun shots went off and Jeremy closed his eyes and waited and when he opened his eyes the Executer and Nessie where standing next to him.*

 “Damn Jeremy you look like you’ve seen a ghost or some shit.” Executer said. “I have. I have.” Jeremy says as he starts shaking.

Submitted: June 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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