Bespelled Part 3 A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

New York, 1982
Twelve year old Bethany Gordon, is a twelve year old witch who lives with her human parents in an apartment in New York. When she arrives at school, she uses magic to get into a Library of Magic, a place where girls, and boys of The Circle. When dark forces come there, Bethany, Edward, and Eden, must deal with the threat of warlocks who are intent to overthrow the place of safety.
The third children's fantasy novel in the series by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Reagan is unpopular

This book is PG for supernatural violence, fantasy scenes, adult themes 13 years and under ___ New York, 1982 Monday, March 3... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-The Warlock of Shadows

The Warlock of Shadows wore a red hood over his head. He changed into a black suit; he was thinking about The Circle; he was looking at... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Dreams

Bethany dreamed.  She looked at the window. For awhile, she dreamed of someone she didn't see before. It was the Warlock of Sh... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-Friends

Eden was sure that the time was wrong.  The strains of the violin's bow was strung the right way.  As she begun to... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Meeting

The man stood near the burning flames. He saw the elf. He was thinking about the Tuners; he was thinking about the families of magic. F... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-School, Magic, and books

Bethany ate her breakfast.  'I got to go to school, Mom. Where's Dad? At another meeting', she asked. 'Yes, Davison Wright w... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Darkness

'She beat up a human girl', Gerta Weiseel said. The West German witch stood near the warm fireplace. 'She was angry at ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Anne

'Bethany's a witch, Mom. She bespelled me', Anne said. 'She's not a witch', Anne's Mom said. 'How do you know?', Anne asked her.&... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-Unravelling

Anne waited.  She saw the walls.  It was near the water fountain.  In her notes she heard about the Library of... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten-Aemohghan-Epilogue

Annie fell downward.  'Aemorhghan', the Dark Warlock said. He took a long time to see her.  'Where am I?', Annie as... Read Chapter

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