Bespelled Part 4 A novel

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New York, 1983
In New York thirteen year old Bethany Gordon is now a teenage. As she is forced to grow up, since her Dad dies from a heart attack, she and her Mom leave their apartment, and go to another place in Manhattan. But, as she goes to school as usual, the new threat in the form of Annie, the Apprentice Witch, who works for the Dark Warlock, who is planning to wage a war in the city that never sleeps.
The fourth children's fantasy novel in the Bespelled series by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Tempers

___ This book is PG some coarse language, sex references, fantasy violence, fantasy scenes, adult themes ___ The shadows drif... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-German magic

__ Gerta stood near the Moorse Mirror.  'Someone is with the Dark Warlock. A girl'. 'Who is she?', Edward asked her.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-The Simple Man

Edward waited.  He was thinking about the time the Dark Warlocks. He looked at the Mirror, and sighed. He looked at the German w... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-New Students

Bethany was at her locker in the warm hallway.  She watched the new student with his parents.  He smiled at her. 'N... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Awdghohnjn

Bethany grabbed her spell book. 'We have to tap on the walls in the Library of Magic. It leads to the place where witches, and warloc... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Fated People

The Dark Warlock smiled. 'Death is the beginning, Anne. You can use magic to get rid of your enemies; you can kill them. Such things ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Fight

___ The whooshing sound came.  Bethany and Dennis saw Anne. 'Fight me', she said. Bethany waited.  She didn... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Family Matters...

'Mom. This is Dennis, my boyfriend', Bethany said. 'Hello, Dennis. You're from England', she said. 'Yes. But I am a US citizen si... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-Magical Greeting-Epilogue

The doorbell rang.  Dennis's parents arrived.  'Good evening. I'm Arch, and my wife, Karen'. 'Good evening. I'm Hal... Read Chapter

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