The difficulties of life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story about a girl who had to face many problems in her life but she never gave up.

Once upon a time there lived a six year old girl named Myra . She was very kind and was loved by everyone . She belonged to a wealthy family . Her father was a big business man . She lived a very happy life until one day an incident happened that changed her life for good . Her father had a big loss in his business . Now they would have to live in a small single storey house in a village and they would have less to eat and Myra would not go to school because the school fee was very high and their money was only enough for them to buy their daily bread . Her father would work in a house as a gardener . He worked from day to night and would earn very less money .

Then Myra went ill . His father has not had any money to buy medicines for her . But her mother had some savings of her for their bad times and so she used that money to buy medicines for her daughter . Soon after she got well . But soon after that her mother went ill . Now they did not have any money to buy medicines for her . She did not had any treatment or any medicines to cure her . One day when Myra's father got home , he straight went to his bedroom . There he saw his wife lying down . When he checked her pulse she was not breathing . She was dead . After knowing that his wife had left her he bagan to weep as he loved his wife dearly . He felt so sorry for himself and his daughter . Myra was also very sad at this news .

A whole year passed . One day when Myra was playing outside the house . She saw an old woman . She looked hungry and thirsty . Myra went inside her house and came out with some water and a bread in her hand . She then gave it to the old woman . The old woman then said that why are you giving your bread to me ? This is the only bread you have . Myra then said with a smile that " how do you know ? Anyway you need this bread more than I do . The old woman then said that " you may face problems in the present but your future will be a good one . Thank you for the bread . You have a heart of gold . Every good deed has its own reward . Your kindness will be rewarded as well . Saying this the old woman went on her way . Myra didn't understand what the old woman had said but she was happy in her heart that she had done a good deed .

Now lets talk about some old relatives . Myra's mother had one brother who was Myra"s uncle . Myra and her uncle were very attached . Her uncle had his own sons and one daughter of his but still his favourite child was still Myra . Now lets talk about Myra's uncle's sons . The oldest son Atif was a very intelligent boy and was three years older than Myra . The second son Aslam who was two years younger than Myra . He died because of a disease . And finally Myra's uncle daughter who was ten years younger than Myra was named Fizza . But Myra had to move because of Myra's father posting she had to leave her uncle .

Now lets talk about another close relative of Myra , Myra's grandmother . She was a very rich woman . Myra's father had only one brother , Myra's uncle . Now after Myra's grandmother died Myra's uncle took all the property of her mother and gave his brother nothing . That's why Myra's father started his own business in which he gained much profit but unfortunately that didn't go well .

Now as Myra was very kind hearted she was loved by everyone around her because of her kindness . Now she had a neighbour who was a widow and was a very jelous woman also . Her name was Bano . She had a daughter who was a fast friend of Myra . Her name was Amna . She was very sweet as Myra herself . She played with Myra every day . Amna and Myra were great friends . Now lets come to Bano . Now she was a great actor . Whenever she met Myra she would love her as her own child . This made Myra love Bano as her own mother although Bano was acting .

Now the point is that why she was acting . She was jelous of Myra because before Myra came to the village Amna was known as the kindest girl in the village but after Myra came to the village Myra was then known as the sweetest and kindest girl in the village . Myra was more sweet than Bano's daughter Amna and the villagers liked Myra more than Amna but Amna did not care about that because she believed that it does'nt matter that what people says about her what really matters is that how she acts . But Bano only wanted her daughter to be famous and not anybody else . So she planned to get rid of Myra .

Her plan was to let Myra sleep in her house for one night and then she would put her gold necklace under her pillow so that when Myra wakes up Bano could say that Myra stole her necklace and all the villagers will think that she is a thief . So the next day Bano asked Myra's father to give Myra the permission for staying at Bano's house for one night . As Bano's house was next to Myra's house Myra's father gave her permission to spend a night in Bano's house . Now Bano's daughter Amna new everything about her mother's plan and she also tried to stop her but it was of no use . She had already told her mother that she had no interest in being famous or become good infront of the villagers . She also tried to tell her mother that she did not wanted to help her mother in her evil plan . But Bano won't hear a word Amna said . And finally so unwillingly and feeling guilty in her heart that what she was going to do with her friend is wrong abd still she agreed to what her mother had said .

With a heavy heart she agreed to do so . Although she had to obey her mother . At night Myra came to Amna's house . Then the two girls played for some time and they had a wonderful time especially Myra who was starting to find her own mother in Bano . Then they all had dinner and they went to bed . At midnight Bano got up . She checked that Myra was in a deep sleep . She then put her hand into her purse which was on the sidetable of her bed . She then pulled out a gold chain and carefully placed it under Myra's pillow .

Then she went to sleep. When she get up Myra was still sleeping . She then went to Myra"s house and and said to her father that " your daughter has stolen my gold chain " . He did not believed her and said that " my daughter will never do something like this " . But then Bano said that  " how can i believe you ? You are very poor and i dont see any reason that why she won't do that ? I can give you proof come with me " .

She also took the villagers with her . When Bano and the villagers reached the bedroom Myra by that time was awake . She wondered that why all the villagers were circled around her . Bano then went towards Myra , put her hand under her pillow and then pulled out her gold chain . After that Bano said to Myra that " i loved you as you you were my own child but you what did you gave me you stole my gold chain . You dont deserved to be loved " . Myra understood that she has been betrayed by Bano . Myra's father came to her and said " I always prayed that everyone in this world should have a daughter like you . I trusted you with my eyes closed because i thought " that you would never let me down but I guess I was wrong . You"ve let me down today ".

After that all the villagers started saying bad things about Myra . She didn't said a word but ran away from the village with tears falling from her eyes . She  reached the dark forest . It was night . There were howls of wild animals everywhere . But she didn't stop . She ran continuously for three days without eating or drinking anything . Because she had no energy she fainted . When she woke up she found herself in a small bed . She got up and examined the house . Then the old lady whom she had helped appeared infront of her . The old woman said to her " Oh my child thank goodness your awake .

Your very weak . What were you doing in the forest all alone by yourself ? I hope you must be in trouble . You helped me in the time of need and now its time i help you in the time of your need . Make yourself comfortable . I'll bring something for you to eat ". Myra then said " oh thank you kind lady for keeping me in your house and yes you are right i was in trouble.I ran away from my village as i was punished for a crime that i never committed and you were right every good deed has its own reward . My kindness is rewarded ".

The old woman then said " thats not all my dear . I know somehow for sure that that is not even the half of your reward . You can stay with me as much time as you like . I'll be glad if you live with me as I'm alone . Tomorrow I will put you in a school so that you could study ". Myra then thanked the old woman and then the old woman went in the kitchen to cook something for Myra . Meanwhile on the other side Amna had an accident and could not walk for the rest of her life . Bano understood that why it all was happening. She went to Myra's father house to apologize to him .

When she got there she saw Myra's father weeping for Myra as he was missing her daughter . Seeing this sight Bano felt very guilty . She went inside the Myra's house and she told the truth to Myra's father .When Myra's father heard the truth he was very angry . He was also very upset as he had scold her beloved daughter for nothing . He did not forgave Bano and he went out in search for her daughter in the forest . But his fate has something else written in it . He searched everywhere for his daughter but he could not find her .

On his way he saw a little cottage in the forest . He went inside it . There he met a beautiful lady in the cottage . They spend some time together and they fell in love with each other and soon they got married . But he also did not forget about his daughter. He would went in the forest every day but could not find his daughter . Meanwhile his wife gave birth to a baby boy . One day when Myra's father was searching for her daughter in the forest a lion appeared in front of him and the lion killed him . Meanwhile Myra was living a peaceful life at the old woman's hut with the old woman . After seven years Myra became a doctor . Myra's stepmother died because of cancer .

Now Myra's brother was seven years old . His name was Rehan . His mother told him all about his lost step sister . He decided to go out and look for his sister as now he was alone . So the next day he packed his important stuff in his back-pack and went out in the forest to look for her sister .Now he was going here and there to see if he could find a girl in the forest . He went on for some days without eating or drinking anything . Then one day a tiger appeared infront of him . He ran as fast he could but the tiger was also fast so the tiger's claws even injured Rehan's back but still he managed to escape the tiger . When he stopped he saw a little hut infront of him .He knocked at the door . An old woman opened the door . As Rehan had not eaten anything for a couple of days and he was also injured he fainted infront of the old woman .

When he woke up he saw a young beautiful girl sitting beside him . The first thought that came to his mind was that this girl must be his sister . He asked her that "where am i and who are you ? ". She said "my name is Myra and you are at the old woman , Samina's little hut ". He said to her " i am Rehan , your brother . Your father loved you very much . When he was on his way to find you he met my mother and he married her . But still everyday he went in the forest to find you . After sometime i was born . One day he didn't returned . A lion killed him . After sometime my mother found out that she had cancer and in a short period of time she died . I then decided to go out and look for you and today i found you ". After hearing this tears fall out from Myra's eyes and she hugged Rehan .

They both were finally united . Myra then said to the old woman " dear kind lady you've helped me a lot in my tough times . All these years that have passed you loved me more than my own mother . I can't thank you enough . I had very pleasant time with you but now its time for me to go . I found my brother and now we wish to leave . I am so greatful to you . Because of you i was able to study and onlu because of you i am a doctor. You were the one who sent me to school . My father would never been able to afford the expenses of a school . Because of you i am a better person . Thank you so much for everything that you've done for me . Now please give us permission to leave ". The old woman gave them both permission to leave, packed some lunch for them to eat on their way and they both went out and started there journey .

Now Rehan asked Myra that where were they going . Myra said to him that "we are going to our grandmother's house where our uncle lives now". They both reached there uncle's house . When they reached there it was already night . They entered the house and went straight into there uncles bedroom where he was lying down on his bed about to die and wishing to see Myra . Myra went to her uncle . When her uncle saw her he said to her " Myra i have never given your father his true right . And i am glad that you are here before i die . As i never married i hearby announce that after i die you your father will have all my property ". Myra then told her all about her father that he had died . Myra"s uncle was very sorry to hear about his brother . She then told her uncle all about her brother .

His uncle then said that " alright Myra then as the property should be divided among you and your brother according to the religion Islam it will be divided . You and your brother will live in my house from now on . If possible then forgive me". Myra forgave her uncle and and she gave him courage that he will be alright in no time . But that was not true . Myra then started to live in her uncle's house along with her brother . The other day when Myra came to meet her uncle after saying her prayers she found her uncle dead . Myra started weeping . Rehan was also sad about Myra's uncle's death . After some days Myra told her brother about her mother's brother and her cousins . Then they both decided to go and meet Myra's uncle .

She started off for her uncle's house along with her brother . When they reached the uncle's house they met a gentleman . Myra asked the gentleman about her uncle . The gentlemen told Myra that her Uncle had died . She was very sorry to hear that her beloved uncle has already passed . She soon found out that the gentleman was her cousin Atif . Then she met her aunt and her cousin Fizza . Soon after Atif and Myra were married and Rehan and Fizza became best friends . And they all lived happily ever after.

Submitted: June 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sara Faisal. All rights reserved.

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