Bloodline - Becoming one [Actual challenges] Part 3

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There are a whole lot of things we learn in the beginning stages of this journey called Marriage. I've mentioned just a few key challenges we might experience as we keep growing and growing...

And when the two joins together as one, about to take on a journey that will be pretty new for the both of them. They are about to discover things they never did before. They are about to discover some hard but good changes. They will begin to uncover gifts and talents that has been laying dormant within. They will be pulled into versions of them they did not know exist. A new perspective on purpose unravels.
The couple will come to learn that selfish decisions won't benefit them, and they will discover the power of agreement and selfless decision-making. Because marriage is from GOD, it is only GODLY Wisdom that will help us steer marriage in the right direction. We cannot enter marriage and expect to run this race without GOD. The enemy is against marriage, and has you on close watch at all times.. waiting on something, any small opening to feed upon and thrive on.
Be alert!
There is another important factor to take into consideration apart from the couple growing, managing to overcome certain hurdles and breaking things in the spirit realm.
The location, the residence, more specifically the place they intend to call "home."  Because it's hard enough having to deal with each other's generational demons and background to still be adding more, unnecessary weight of demonic attachments, curses and/or alters they have absolutely no clue about simply because of ignorantly just moving into a home. Not knowing "who or what exactly" occupied this place before.
So the place and space you enter into and move into, is extremely crucial. You've gotta do House Cleansing, this is of utmost importance! Before you even call a place home get rid of whatever could be occupying it first. "Just to be safe" 
Back to husband and wife growing and shaping into the ultimate plan and purpose GOD has for them. You gotta understand that within the wife is the ability to pull out of her husband every quality, every characteric, every skill, every capability and power for him to become the best man and husband he ore to be and so will that ability reside withinn the man to pull out of his wife everything she needs to be her best. I think this can be the most challenging part because the "pull" could possibly be, dealing with strongholds, so it can be misinterpreted. Might be perceived as, "Oh I cannot be who you want me to be! You're mistaken! Accept me for who I am"
But I feel this occurs when, "someone who has been trained so well and for so long by a demon to live subdued, he's put those limits infront of you.  And as much as your partner is meant to challenge that very part of you that you may break free! If you cannot see beyond, and consider the bigger picture but choose to ponder on the lie, it stunts our growth and we delay getting to the greater purpose!
The key is, the quicker we can identify a demon be open and admit it, address it, renounce it and cast it to the pit, the more deeper we grow, the more we conquer, and the more solid we become. Pursuing Purpose in GOD!

Submitted: June 29, 2021

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