The Last Dragon part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part 2 


A preview of the last dragon part 1 Gabreal was bad and finally shows herself with her powers and tries to kill them all. Ariana finds out that she has powers and uses them to stop Gabreal. They find Simon in Mistica. The ice cyclops is working with them,and they live. 


19 years later, Ariana is now 31 years old and has mastered the art of controlling water. She went on her daily visit to Gabriel.

Ariana said “How DARE you trick me you were my best friend, I trusted you I helped you escape the ice cyclops, you almost killed me if you ever even liked me be good and be on our team” 

“NO I will never be on your team I don’t care if you are very mean to me I will NEVER in my life be good and on your team”  yelled Gabriel

Ariana left in anger and sadness not knowing why Gabreal wouldn't be on their team. Ariana knew that Gabreal would do anything to get out of the water bubble. So Ariana went to ask Simon 

“Why is Gabriel not saying yes to our ofer for her to be on our team”  asked Ariana 

“I think she has a plan like the longer she stays in there the stronger she gets” Answered Simon 

“No that is impossible” said Ariana 

“Ok” said Simon. But he still thought he was right, Ariana stayed away from Gabriel for a couple of weeks thinking that if she did she would forget about Gabriel and be happy. But that didn't work so Ariana went to Gabriel and took all her anger out on yelling at Gabriel 


you were my best friend I trusted you soooo much” 

She left but then she got sick they didn't know how it happened but all they know is that it started to happen when she went to see Gabriel. Ariana fainted and she was out for 5 hours.  When she woke up she just started to walk and wouldn't stop until she was at Gabriel's bubble, she started to open it Simon and the ice cyclops tried to stop her but

she used her water powers to stop them from stopping her and once the water bubble had exploded Gabriel got out and took Ariana with her. Simon and the ice cyclops didn't know how and why Ariana would do that.  Simon thought that it was mind control and so did the ice cyclops. 

“But Gabriel can’t use her powers in the bubble right?” Asked the ice cyclops 

“No she can’t use her ice powers, we never knew that she had powers to mind control” answered Simon. 

Meanwhile at Gabriel's layer Ariana is being controlled by Gabriel and has no clue of what is happening. 

“My master what do you want me to do for you” asked Ariana 

“I would like to test how strong you are, how good you are with your powers and how to control your powers” Answered Gabriel.  Ariana started her training in the ice castle there was a huge area for training but Ariana trained in the one corner that looks alot like her old training coart, Gabriel got mad but she tried not to show her anger. Then they started to train first Gabriel wanted to see if Ariana could properly control her powers and she passed that test but there were more and they weren't as easy as that one. She was so tired after all of the tests Gabrial had done she had to sleep. 

Gabriel said  “NO” 

“Yes, master,” Ariana said weakly. But then Gabriel decided to let her sleep and said 

“Sleep my child you have a dragon and an ice cyclops to defeat in the morning”

“Yes, thank you” said Ariana…


In the morning Ariana woke up and saw Gabrial practising her ice powers and tried to do the same hand movement and did it, Ariana went out and showed Gabrial what she can do. 2-3 hours later Ariana was ready to battle. Ariana and Gabrial approached Simon and the ice cyclop's den but they were nowhere to be seen.  Gabriel ordered Ariana to find the inside of the den, she didn't see them but she saw a map and there was a circle and that was where Simon and the ice cyclops were heading. So Ariana and Gabrial headed to where the circle on the map was. It didn't take long because Gabrial used her ice powers to make an ice path so they could get to where they needed to be.  There was a surprise, Simon and the ice cyclops weren't there but there was a huge trap, the trap got Ariana but Gabrial ran. Simon and the ice cyclops were hiding and came out, and saw Ariana in the trap. They were happy that the trap worked. They tried to remind her all about how important she was and how she was their best friend. She

started to remember and soon she was back to normal. Little did they know Ariana was faking and had a plan to mind control the ice cyclops and Simon to help Gabrial take over the world. 

2 months later Simon saw that Ariana has been going to where Gabriels old bubble was so he got suspicious and followed her the next day and saw her talking to Gabriel through the old bubble

“We are almost set. I just need them to trust me just a little more than I can lure them into the trap...” Ariana said.  Simon was scared he had to tell the ice cyclops and he did but the ice cyclops did not believe Simon 

The ice cyclops said  “I think you have been having too many nightmares” 

“No I saw Ariana go into the room where Gabriel's old bubble was and I saw and heard her talking to Gabriel and they are going to trap us”  said Simon 

“Ok” said the ice cyclops sarcastically.  Then Simon thought that the ice cyclops was right and that he did have a nightmare but just to be safe Simon stayed away from Ariana. Ariana went back to the bubble.

“Simon knows he knows what we are planning. Can I just freeze him and he will be out of our way?” Said Ariana to Gabrial

“NO, said Gabrial we need him to take over the world, just act normal and gain his trust. I have been watching him and he just thinks it’s a nightmare” 

“Ok” said Ariana “I will serve you and do whatever you need me to do” 

Gabrial told Aiana to hurry up and trap the ice cyclops and Simon ASAP. So she did and then Gabrial mind controlled them like she did with Ariana so that meant there was no one to stop her now because Gabrial has taken control of the 3 people who have a chance to stop her…  THE END


Part 3 on Booksie in a few weeks. 


Submitted: June 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 fantasy and adventurous. All rights reserved.

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