"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 10 "SOLD MY SOUL"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The 10th episode in season 7. sixteen total. hope you enjoy! episode 10 "Sold My Soul."












What did you do? You killed them. Jeremy says to Executer. “Yeah” they were coming to take me back. This isn’t good I needed them alive I need to show Kramer that I’m not going to cause him trouble.”

 “What? Excuse me for asking but why? You know Kramer is the enemy he needs to die he has everyone captured at the jail. He has Dexter and Nadine everyone why on earth would you want to listen to that guy?”

 “You wouldn’t understand.” Jeremy says as he starts to walk back to the jail. “Then enlighten me. Please tell me why is this some kind of betrayal on us? Excuse me for asking.” Executer says. *Jeremy turns around and stops walking and looks at Executer.* “You didn’t see what I saw in that dungeon. I saw a future I saw what happens to us if we don’t obey Kramer at least for the time.”

 “Oh so you’re saying some kind of hallucination screwed with your head? Well let me be the first to tell you you’re wrong. If we listen to Kramer we will die. In fact if we don’t we could die. But Dexter made it perfectly clear that he wants to kill Kramer and I will see it through.”

 “You will get us all killed if you do anything stupid I will kill you.” Jeremy says to Executer. “Kill me? Like you tried back at Purgatory? You couldn’t get the job done then what makes you think you can get it done now? Please enlighten me.

 In fact I will get on my knees.” *Executer gets down to his knees.* “Please kill me Jeremy do it.” *Jeremy stares at Executer.* “I don’t want too. Listen what I saw is on Saturday night I somehow attack Kramer and end up getting burned alive.

Dexter takes a shot at Kramer and his guards all open fire on us and he’s kills everyone. Including you.” “Well that seems to be your problem.

Be smarter obviously that vision whatever it was it was showing you being stupid you can take Kramer out but being smarter I can help you If you can get me a weapon something along the lines of a sniper rifle I can wait in a tree and snipe at Kramer before he is able to do anything. “His guards will kill everyone don’t you understand? Our best bet of staying alive right know is just surrendering.

 Just for the time being. “And how do you know when the time being is over? I am not just going to sit back and give everything I worked for up. I know Dexter wouldn’t want to either.

 Jeremy were not giving up. “Then consider this a final warning if you do anything at all to cause us trouble killing anybody at all making Kramer pissed I will kill you.” Jeremy says to Executer. “Ok I understand you have to do what you do just like I have to do what I do.”

 “Seriously don’t make this into something. I am going back to the jail now I suggest you don’t follow me.” “Look I know where in the shit now but I’m going to make sure you get to the jail safely sue me.” Executer says. “I can manage myself.” *Jeremy falls to the ground.* “Clearly.” *Executer offers his hand But Jeremy brushes him off.* “Look I’m serious don’t follow me.” *Jeremy starts to run away.* “Shit.” Executer says and begins to run after. “Jeremy should be on his way back here now. Nadine is feeling better she’s not as crazy as she was.”

“Good I’m still going to kill you.” Dexter says. “God I missed our chats.” Dexter you still think you can defeat me? I am sorry. But well you are damaged goods if you try and fight me you die. You give all of this up and you live to see another day a slow day but a day. Right know your group is making bullets for us. You would be there as well but you’re not. Now I do have news for you I have decided your fate and that is well let’s just say I am dying for you to hear about it.

But just hang around and you will find out soon I promise.” With that Kramer walked out of the room. “Joseph trainer you have shown to be very loyal. You may be the one who actually keeps this group alive.” Kramer says. “Thank you I am trying. However I still need to speak with Jeremy when is he arriving here?” “He should be here by now.

 Let me radio the guards. *Kramer to Jeremy’s guards come in where are you?” there was no response. *Jeremy is here.” A voice yelled from the entrance to the jail. *Jeremy approached the Jail.*

*Kramer opened up the door.* “Jeremy like a good dog you have returned now did my dungeon serve its purpose are you going to be a good little lap dog for me now?”

 *Jeremy hesitated for a moment.* “Yes there will be issues.” Jeremy says. “Good now come inside I believe Joseph would like a word.” *Jeremy walks inside of the jail and meets Joseph at a table.* “Jeremy how are you feeling? “I’m good and I have to tell you Joseph I’m in whatever your plan is with Kramer I want to keep the peace. I will not cause trouble.” “That’s very good to hear I’m glad you changed your mind and came around but why the change?”

 “In the dungeon I saw something a vision. We all die if I do anything. “Well we don’t want to die so I think you made the right decision.” *Kramer enters the room.*

“Ok everyone I have called for a meeting between Jeremy and Joseph and myself. In the meeting room now. *Jeremy and Joseph enter the meeting room followed by Kramer.* *Kramer sets up his space at the table.* “Sit please.” Kramer says. “Now I want to thank you for acknowledging me. And understanding you can’t stop me. Now your group are all safe and sound. However there is one problem

Dexter still thinks he is going to kill me. So I have to make sure he knows I mean business so your group knows it. Tomorrow Dexter will be put to death for not listening to me I gave him chance after chance but he doesn’t want to listen so tomorrow his death will be taking place.

And Jeremy here is going to be his executioner so to speak.” “I am Not.” Jeremy says. “Remember what you told me. Keep the peace. Your vison.” Joseph says to Jeremy. “You’re asking me to kill my best friend and I am not doing it I will have nothing to do with this you both hear me? Nothing. “How very disappointing.

 I really thought Jeremy you were beginning to change into a new leaf. I really thought you were going to be us.” “I will do anything else I am not going to kill Dexter I just won’t.” Jeremy says again.

 “Well how about this? You have no choice. You either kill Dexter or I will kill you.” This is your only chance right here and now Agree to kill Dexter tomorrow and all is forgiven If you don’t then consider this yours and Dexter’s last day on earth.

 “Jeremy it’s not worth it.” Joseph says. “Some friend you are you know you were a crappy president I didn’t even vote for you.” Jeremy says. “The answer is No.” Jeremy says. “Ok wow. Well I’m very sorry to hear this and now well I’m sorry for what is about to happen.” “What?” Jeremy says as he looks up *Kramer grabs his gun from his holster and aims it and Pulls the trigger.*

Submitted: June 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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