I really dont know what to say anymore. I am looking at my whatsapp screen on his contact saved as " Dad ", maybe I should add question marks to " Dad " huh?? Dad??. Because it really does raise a lot of questions to my head if you're really my dad. So maybe if I mark these questions you'll hopefully notice them. I don't know much about that fatherly type of love for me to say how fathers are suppose to be like but I don't think they walk out on their kids like you did.

Perhaps! Misfortune makes us fortunate enough to experience misfortune. There's hard lessons behind hardship and the 1st one I got from my father, teaching me you can never rely on anyone not even your own blood.

You can live a long life but the duration does not matter because it is affected by time and time does not matter if it was not well manifested. We can be part of people's lives for a really long time but not help them grow in any way. We can also be part of peoples lives for a short period and be best thing that's ever happened to them. 

To a father who was present but never there

Submitted: June 30, 2021

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