The Towers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Abandoned

Officer Edwards is grabbing a cup of coffee when a plane hits The World Trade Center.

I was just grabbing a cup of coffee when I heard it. I slapped my money down on the counter and ran outside. I turned to look at what everybody was staring at as I heard some guy.

“I swear to God it was a plane.”

There was a hole in the side of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I threw my cup of coffee into the street and began to jog towards the tower. I pulled the mic off my shoulder and keyed it.

“Dispatch this is Officer Edwards, a plane has just crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.”

“Say again.”

“A plane has crashed into the North Tower.”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“It is no joke, now get people moving. I’m five blocks away.”

I thought about my wife and daughter as I ran towards the towers. Facing a man with a gun is one thing but running into a building on fire was crazy. But I didn’t stop or slow down I had taken an oath and today I earned my pay.

I burst into the lobby as people rushed out. I spotted a security guard trying to keep the people calm.

“What is the situation?”

“Fuck if I know. I sent two guys up to try and help people get out, but this is a fucking madhouse.”

“Just stay calm you are doing great. If you are calm it will help them stay calm. I’m going up, when more police get here you send them up to check the floors.”

“Yes, officer.”

I tried to move quickly without running. I start running and everybody will panic. I got to the stairs and saw they were packed.

“Make way. Make way.” I started yelling and amazingly it worked the people moved off to the side so I could squeeze up the steps. I figured I would get as high as I could and work my way down, herding any stragglers ahead of me.

I sounded like a busted steam pipe by the twentieth floor. I hung onto the railing and tried to catch my breath when some pimply-faced kid grabs my arm.

“She's trapped you have to help please.”

“Lead the way kid.”

He led me into an office space filled with cubicles. The lights were flickering and dust filled the air as I followed the kid to the back of the office. A woman was laying on the floor with a filing cabinet on her left calf.

“I can’t lift it, it is too heavy.”

I bent down and grabbed the edge. I could feel it was pretty heavy.

“When I get it up you drag her out from under it and do it quickly.”

The kid nodded and I did a quick three count before lifting it an inch or two. Between the kid pulling and the woman crawling her leg was quickly out of the way and I let the cabinet fall.

I looked at her leg. “Give me your shirt kid.”

He pulled off and I wrapped it around her bloody calf.

“I’m going to help you to the steps and find somebody to help you down. You stay with her kid.”

“Thank you,” they both said.

“You can thank me when you are out of this building.” I lifted her so she could put her weight on her good leg and the three of us hobbled over to the stairs. I grabbed a couple of guys headed down. “Help her.”

They looked like they were going to protest until they saw my badge.


I was choking on the smoke and dust as I reach the forty-second floor. A man was begging people that passed by to help him.

“What do you need?”

“Ms. Harris, she is trapped in her office and she is pregnant.”

“Show me.”

The office door was open only a crack and I could see some kind of cabinet laying behind it. I put my shoulder against the door and pushed but it didn’t budge.

“Ms. Harris, can you hear me?”


“I’m Officer Edwards and I’m going to get you out of there, but I need you to get under your desk.”


I quickly looked around and found a mail cart. “Make yourself useful and empty that filing cabinet.”

The guy started dumping files on the floor as I tapped along the wall of the office. Once he had the filing cabinet empty we manhandled it up onto the mail cart.

“We are going to use this as a battering ram and bash a hole in that wall. Hopefully, it will only take a hit or two and then I’ll climb through and clear the door.”

It took four hits before we had a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. I got inside and dragged another filing cabinet out of the way. At the stairs, I called to let them know I was sending down a pregnant woman and I was told to come back down other officers were on their way up.

We hit the lobby when somebody started yelling it was collapsing. I looked at the guy who helped me save the pregnant woman and we just grabbed her arms lifting her feet off the ground as we ran.


A few months later some rookie came up to me.

“You were there that day weren’t you?”

I looked over at the guys watching the rookie with big smiles on their faces.

“Yeah, I was there. It was the scariest fucking thing I have ever faced. I shit myself. Do you know how scared you have to be to just drop a loaf in your pants? Let me tell you I thought I was going to die and when it is all over and done they hand me a medal and tell me I did a good job. That is fucking bullshit. A good job would have been getting everybody out.”

Submitted: June 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ian D. Mooby. All rights reserved.

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