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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

An anthology collection of my poems

Table of Contents

innocence lost

She sits on the chatroom, late nights alone, Talking to strangers, on her new phone. If only her parents, knew what she'd done, ... Read Chapter

four eyes

“Four eyes, four eyes, you’ve got four eyes!”   It’s break time at school and the kids are all playing, Except f... Read Chapter

Mr Wrong

She downloaded the app, and filled in a bio, With pictures that showed the results of her plyo. Always worked out, six days a wee... Read Chapter

Taken For Granted

It’s Valentine’s Day, but he forgets, Consoling herself, she cuddles the pets. Says his memory, is just really bad, Kisse... Read Chapter

Fame’s Not All That

Growing up she, always wanted to sing, Thought she was, only good at one thing. Turned sixteen, and entered a show, Told h... Read Chapter

Just One Hit

She’s crying in her room, after being dumped, Her mates come in, about a party they’re pumped. “C’mon let’s go, you nee... Read Chapter

Fairytale Gone Wrong

Fills in her details, makes an account, The excitement now, begins to mount. This is her chance, to be a star, With millions ... Read Chapter

Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. They didn’t use a fist, or a slap, or a kick, But the th... Read Chapter

Not So Grim, Reaper

I’m the grim reaper, that’s what they say, Carrying a scythe, to work everyday. Not taking their souls, I’m just the one, ... Read Chapter

A Mother’s Love

Police are banging, hard on the door, Shout OPEN UP! She replies what for? Say they’re looking, for her son, But charged wi... Read Chapter


A boy came out, to his mum and dad, But they didn’t like it, and got really mad. “Get out of our house! You’re no son of mi... Read Chapter

The Dealer

The day is hot, it’s fifty degrees, Only shade left, is under the trees. But he’s in a suit, off to court, To hear the de... Read Chapter


What does she see, in that other guy? Everything he says, is clearly a lie! He tells her she’s pretty, not like the others, ... Read Chapter

(No) Love Island

At night she stacks shelves, for some dough, But dreams of winning, a reality show. Applies every year, without any luck, In ... Read Chapter

On The Run

He takes a bat, bludgeons her head, Doesn’t even stop, until she’s dead. Now his wife’s body, lay on the floor, And ... Read Chapter

No Way Out

She goes in the shop, with her mum, Can’t cope on her own, feels so numb. Gets overwhelmed, and starts screaming, But as a ... Read Chapter

First Love

She sits in her room, crying alone, Airplane mode, engaged on her phone. Doesn’t want to see, anyone today, Under the duvet... Read Chapter

Five Foot Eight

Goes to the bar, gets her a drink, Looks back at the girl, dressed in pink. She’s really cute, a ten out of ten, Attracts t... Read Chapter

Should Have Made Up

They’re fighting again, like every night, Arguing over, who’s in the right. Been together since, they were both young, Bu... Read Chapter

All In

Picks up his cards, knows he can’t fold, ‘Cos poker only, rewards the bold. He winces and sees, a six and four, Fights... Read Chapter

Man Of God

Our father who, art in heaven, Prayed the reverend, John Bevan. Not realising, he would be, With his maker, before tea. ... Read Chapter

The Player

A girl every night, is how he rolls, Wants their body’s, not their souls. He’s got so many, on the go, Doesn’t love any... Read Chapter

Society’s Bin

There’s been a mistake, I was falsely accused,   The confession I made, I was just so confused.  Now I’ve swap... Read Chapter

Family Man

Drives his car, to the spot, Where he’ll meet, someone hot. Married but it’s, not his wife, ‘Cos he lives, a double lif... Read Chapter


Barbie sits, in the shop, On the shelf, near the top. Gets picked up, by someone, Placed in the cart, with a water gun. &... Read Chapter

Carriage Three

Bex and Matt both, get on the train, Glad to finally be, out of the rain. Look like drowned rats, but they don't care, As soo... Read Chapter

baby’s first birthday

It’s baby’s first birthday, love fills the air, Balloons and presents can’t, express how much they care. Mummy holds a came... Read Chapter


Welcomes them in, please take a seat, I’m not like the other, financiers you’ll meet. Whatever you invest, I’ll grow it thr... Read Chapter

Nobody Cares

She gets home from school, runs straight upstairs, Knows they won’t greet her, ‘cos nobody cares. They’re far too busy, ... Read Chapter

First Time

Am I ready? I really don’t know, But my times almost up, he’s wanting to go. Come on baby, he says impatiently, No doubt ... Read Chapter

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