A Message From Space

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A Message From Space

It was a clear night. The huge band of Milky Way was looking beautiful. Millions of stars were fostering the beauty of the night sky. 

Allerd, a guy from West Tuscon, was, as usual, lying on green grass in the backyard, looking at the beautiful view of stars, planets and comets up in the sky.

Suddenly he saw a bright object in the sky. It was much more brighter than stars or planets. But it disappeared in some minutes. He thought it was the International Space Station and started looking at beautiful pattern of stars again. After some time, the bright thing appeared again at the same position. He was shocked. “If this is ISS, it must change its position because International Space Station moves very fast. It has been around 2 hours and it’s still there. It must not be ISS”, he thought. To clarify his doubt, he looked the real time position of ISS on the internet. He was right ! It wasn’t ISS, nor any other satellite. He kept observing that bright object for hours. Though it wasn’t constantly bright, it appeared for a while (7-8 minutes) and then disappeared for the same time. The cycle went on. But, it was on the same position. He looked for the coordinates of that point and searched for it on real time sky simulation softwares like Stellarium, Sky Map, etc. But, he found no details about the thing. He soon realised that it was an undiscovered celestial body. He took out his small telescope and looked at that object. But, he couldn’t see anything any clear. It was just a powerful source of light, like a star, but much more brighter than stars. It was weird ! Allerd took some photographs of that object from his telescope.

The night passed. It was the time of dawn. The Sun rose up in the east and everything became invisible due to Sun’s light.

Allerd was extremely curious about that object. He ran to his astronomy professor without even having a breakfast. Maxwell McCarthy, his astronomy professor, was also super curious about space. Allerd told everything about last night to Max. Dr. Maxwell became too interested in the photographs Allerd took last night. He told Allerd that they will go to Mt. Lemmon Observatory this night and will observe the same co ordinates again.

Allerd couldn’t focus on anything that day, he was thinking about that object the whole day. Finally, the Sun sat. Allerd went to Mt. Lemmon observatory along with Dr. Max in his car. They waited for the astronomical twilight to end so that the sky can be really dakr. While they were waiting, Allerd asked Maxwell, “Max, if it is yet undiscovered object so near to Earth, what can it be ?” Maxwell replied that it could be an UFO from any other extraterrestrial world trying to contact us. It may also be sending radio signals to Earth and trying to contact humans. “How can we know what they are saying ?”, Allerd asked. Max replied that NASA has developed a technology by which they can convert radio signals to words that we understand.

By now, sky has became completely dark and the perfect time has came. In a full excitement, they pointed the telescope to the coordinates aaaaaaaaaaaaand ………….. “Nothing was there !” They, then thought that the object was disappeared and will appear after some time. As observed by Allerd. They waited ............. 5 minutes ............. 10 minutes ...................  20 minutes .......................…  

 30 minutes ......................................1 hour ........…..................... 3 Hours , but, nothing appeared. After waiting whole night, they returned with a huge disappointment. Allerd was shocked. But, he was sure about what he saw that night. He thought about it deeply. After 2 days, he finally decided to write a letter to NASA. He wrote everything he saw, with the images he took and sent it to NASA headquarters. Scientists at NASA gave attention to him and watched the recording of the sky of that period took by the 24x7 sky camera at NASA. Scientists were shocked after seeing that undiscovered object so close to Earth and emitting light. They did continuous work for a week and finally they concluded that it was an UFO, the same thing happened which Dr. Maxwell McCarthy has predicted. Scientists realized that the UFO sent some radio signals to Earth. Maxwell was being proved correct. But, the real shock was still left. Radio telescopes were examined and the signals were collected. Translators were given job to translate the signal to words. When the translation completed, the whole NASA was in a deep shock. The message was broadcast on national television which put everyone in a curiosity of existence of life somewhere else.


The message was

Help Us

- Kautilya Veer

Submitted: June 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kautilya v.. All rights reserved.

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A dramatic, well written, short Science Fiction story.

Thu, July 1st, 2021 11:17pm


Thank You Very Much !

Fri, July 2nd, 2021 10:56am

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