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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This person deserves the best this world could offer.
Have you ever found that person? Have you met?

Hello, this is Hart. Taking down notes.

I was in my last year in college when Trin was on her way to be a star.
On daily basis, I've been hearing her name everywhere. From the news, my classmates, from our neighbors, and by any chance. She was in newspapers and articles. The words 'very attractive' and 'promising actress' were the most occurring. A posted picture in a newspaper, that's where I first saw her. Having a school crush at that time, I didn't find myself attracted to her. Not yet.

Focused on my studies and rehearsals for school plays - this was the time I developed my love for acting and maybe directing - Trin continued to shine. She continued to make more movies. And I haven't watched any of them. I love movies. I consider myself a good critic. I remember in our class, we were tasked to critic one movie, my paper was posted in the school bulletin and was chosen to be a part of our school magazine. I remember, my classmates were inviting me to watch one of her movies, I have to declare a rain check because I wasn't feeling well. That movie was an all-time blockbuster.

Busy in my plays, so as Trin. Another movie was released that year. I said yes to their invitation but after class, my Mom called and requested me to help her prepare for dinner. So, I went home early. After that week, I have to prepare for our finals. And I did try. In any way possible and any chances there can be.

So, during the break, I binge-watched all of her movies that I missed. I even watched her past interviews. I read her articles and was angry reading some of the comments. If by chance, I happened to run through a piece of news about her, I read it. Some content was about how her movie was doing, who will she be working next, where will they celebrate the holidays, or who was she dating? There were times I was disappointed, saddened, or shocked by some news about her. But above all, her beautiful face and soft voice calm everything in me. Her wisdom was on point.

The way she talks, the way she handles situations, and her choice of words. I felt the emotions. I felt her kindness and the goodness in her. Her sincerity. I felt like I was getting to know her. I was looking past through her. I have a deep understanding of her personality. I don't know if it's a special power but I sometimes tend to feel or know what kind of person someone is.
Still doing theatre plays. Trin became this well-known actress. Everyone – that includes me - has a crush on her. Everyone – that includes me - loves her. She was in advertisements. I've seen her in billboards. She was everywhere.

There was this one time, I was in my last semester. It was a fine afternoon after our rehearsal. I was on my way home. Deep in thoughts and memorizing my lines, I was distracted by a running man who passes through me. I lifted my head and suddenly saw people running towards a hotel in the next block. That was an incredible group of people gathering outside. Almost covering half the road. Authorities were trying to control that mass of people so other cars can get through but I thought they were not making it any better. As I got nearer, it was a stressing cacophony of voices, shouting, engines, and long-held horns. I stopped at some point and decided to turn around. Later that day, I found out Trin was inside for an interview.

The images from the scene and the group of people came flashing back. I was just in awe. And right now, her fans were increasing. The people love her and the people accepted her while those inside the industry were still in doubt.

My classmates collect cutouts of her. They even have a poster of her in their rooms. I remember, one day, my classmates had to skip class because they went into a bookstore. They have to stay in a queue because her magazine was out. I'm cool with one picture of her on my phone that I can always stare at.

I believe I was never the stalker type. I was not on social media back then. I don't go to places where she was spotted. I don't send her flowers or letters during her birthdays like some of her fans, they even camp outside her house or sent her things through courier.

I was admiring her from the distance. I never bother her. Simply because, I thought, it will not make any changes, she was out of my league. And I was sure - maybe she'll be able to read it but she will not reply. I knew I shall remain hidden for there will be no chance of meeting her.

Just look where we were. I am preparing to work with her. I was amazed how Our Creator wrote this chapter of my life. I still can't believe it. I've been admiring this person even though I haven't seen her in person, and for a long time. Working with her, I am experiencing the real her. I wonder what could change.

Table of Contents

First Workshop

  Our director enrolled us to do a one-week workshop. Just to make us familiar with each other. Or to somehow break the ice and ... Read Chapter

Second Workshop

  Today was our second day.  Like yesterday, I arrived earlier. We waited for her. After 45 minutes, she arrived, in a ... Read Chapter

Third Workshop

Third-Day of our workshop. On my way to the studio, my team received a call informing us today's schedule was canceled. My team told ... Read Chapter

Fourth Workshop

The fourth day of our workshop. I was late. We were still on our way 30 minutes past the scheduled time but near the venue. We extend... Read Chapter

Fifth Workshop

The fifth day of our workshop. She arrived first. As I entered the studio, she was standing near the window, watching the sky. I was ... Read Chapter

Sixth Workshop

Today was our sixth day.  I arrived first today. Minutes later, she arrived.  I can smile at her now. And wave. Fist bo... Read Chapter

Seventh Workshop

Yesterday was fun. Today is our last day. Then we had to prepare to shoot. It has been a great week.    I arrived f... Read Chapter

They Broke up

They broke up. Trin and her boyfriend broke up. A five-year relationship.  This is a shocking story because both were huge actor... Read Chapter


Today, I woke up early to make some final look at my things. I locked my luggage and carried them down. After my breakfast, I spent t... Read Chapter


Today, my day went well.  I landed this morning. Went straight to our hotel, arranged my things, and took a shower.  'Har... Read Chapter


Today is ... Tuesday. I get up as soon as my alarm rings and started to prepare. After combing my hair, I sat down then I get up, dow... Read Chapter


Today, Trin spent most of her time inside her trailer. I just hoped she was doing fine.  We were waiting for... Read Chapter


Today, I tried to be distant. Just to give Trin the space I thought she needs.  I tried to stay inside my trailer as well. ... Read Chapter


Today, I was my extra cheerful self.  I jumped from one tent to another. I greet them, play with them, listen to their stories, ... Read Chapter


Today, I was silent. I talk when I was talked to. I don't initiate conversations. I arrived in the set without a word, I just nod,... Read Chapter


Today, I believed I was my normal self.  I woke up late than yesterday. I get up to open the curtains. This time I love the warm l... Read Chapter

More Normal

We were back at our hotel. Having dinner with everyone.  Everyone was happy. Everyone was enjoying it. She was sitting beside me... Read Chapter

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