V The Invasion A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In 1983, aliens have arrived on Planet Earth.
When Mike Donovan finds evidence that they're lying to the humans, he decides to get rid of Diana, an alien-lizard hybrid creature who isn't human at all.
An original science fiction novel based on the cult 1980s TV Mini-Series by Kenneth Johnson.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-The Invasion

This book is PG for science fiction violence, sex references, mild coarse language, adult themes __ They came to America by space... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-Mike

___ Mike Donovan, twenty-seven, glanced at the Arrivals. He looked at them as if something was wrong; something that was off-the-mark... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Diana

__ The alien woman, Diana, stood near the group of humans. Her long, brunette hair glowed in the cold, Chicago air; her eyes was blue... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-The Bernstein Family

Abraham Bernstein was sixty. He had been in Chicago for a long time. There was rough areas of the city that he never went to, sin... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Tony Wah Chong Leonetti

___ Tony Wah Chong Leonetti, thirty, was an Asian-American businessman. He looked at the aliens and knew it was going to be an opport... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Doctor Ben Taylor

'We have a dead body of one of the alien reptilians', Dr. Ben Taylor, forty, said. The African-American man of medicine grabbed a knife. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Arthur Dupres

Arthur Dupres was a simple man of fifty-three. He wasn't married. He glanced at the space ship with awe, as if the comic books and movies... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Steven

Steven waited.  He was in his early forties. The aliens had arrived, and he was dismissive at first of their powers. He glan... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-John-Epilogue

Father John, or John as he wanted to be known, was carrying the rosery beads. He looked at the worshippers. 'This is not the time to be... Read Chapter

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