The Cult of Nobody

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Join the cult today and become a nobody

The problem with the world today is everybody wants to be somebody special. People want to find that one thing that will set them apart from the crowd, to get them a bit of recognition. But the problem is when everybody is someone special Nobody is. You try so hard to exceed at something and when you succeed you look around and see you are just part of another crowd.


You could spend your whole life looking to outshine others, but there will always be somebody that is just a little better than you. You want to find that one thing that makes you special, but does it really make you special? A runner is good at running, but there are thousands of people in the world that can run as fast and as far. A writer pens a masterpiece and sits back to watch it become a bestseller, but how many other books have reached that mark?


Except that you are just part of the crowd a lemming in a world of lemmings and you find you are happier. Stop wasting time attempting to be the best and revel in being average. As a Nobody, you may not stand out, but you will have more time to relax.


Let us look at Fred. Fred was a straight ‘A’ student in school and worked hard in college to maintain that grade. He graduated and found a job with a large corporation. He thought all his hard work would pay off with an executive position, maybe a private secretary. They gave Fred an entry-level position, and he worked long hours, but his need to be special drove him to succeed so Fred worked long hours. He ignored his wife and kids because he figured he would stand out for all his effort. Years pass, and Fred becomes worn down, dragging himself home after a ten-hour workday. Fred had long ago gained the position he wanted, but now he wanted a higher position, he needed a higher position to pay for all the stuff he had bought to get the position he was in.


It becomes a circle. Work hard, dress, and act like you have a position and you will get the position, but once you are in the position, you now realize the hours are long and the pay isn’t that much better. You remember when you had first started and the times you called off sick just to spend a day with your wife and kids. Now you cannot call off because you must be there to cover for the new guy as he calls off to be with his wife and kids.


A Nobody is somebody that realizes that working so hard to succeed only leads to having to work harder to keep your position. There is always that new guy coming up the ranks willing to work harder than you and the bosses know they can pay him a little less than what you make. The higher you climb the harder you must fight to maintain what you have. The Nobodies of the world are happy because we have realized that if you are at the bottom Nobody is out to take your position.


Once you realize that succeeding in life you don’t have to try, just be yourself, a Nobody, and have fun you will find you are content and happy. In closing, I would like to ask you all to join the cult of Nobody be a Nobody as well.

Submitted: July 01, 2021

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Al Ashcott

Hello Ian!
In High School and later on in college I was the best student with the best grades. After graduating I cherished the naive belief that life finally took a turn for the best, that it would be filled with great emotions and experiences ... And oh boy, was I wrong! The reality hit me hard when I started to look out for a job. Apparently, all my efforts and talents weren't good enough, I constantly had to prove I was better than the others. Everytime they found something else that wasn't 'sufficient' about me. I refused to play that game, so now I'm just an administrative employee. It does piss me off that I don't earn more with all my knowledge and skills, it frustrates me that I do a shit job in a shit company, but I don't think I would be any happier if I was more ambitious, trying to get a position in a big corporation, having a job that would suit the studies I followed. You're right, it's not worth it. All that stress and extra hours for nothing (and the money doesn't repay the precious time you've lost on that job). It's not like people are appreciated or respected for doing so much effort. I know, I sound bitter, but I'm just stating the obvious most people, for some reason, don't want to acknowledge. You call it the 'cult of Nobody', but I'd rather speak of 'us, the brave people, who always stay in the middle' :) Great article, I liked it.

Thu, July 1st, 2021 1:57pm


Thanks for reading, Al.

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 7:34am

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